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Women’s Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes

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When it comes to choosing the perfect hairstyle for women, several factors come to play. You can base your choice on the latest trend, your profession and lifestyle, as well as convenience. But aside from these things, one of the most important factors to consider is the shape of your face. Professional hairstylists in great salons like Supercuts know that suitability of hairstyles should also be based on the face shape of their clients.

The hair stylists at Supercuts can help you decide on your next haircut by providing suggestions based on the current trends and can even copy and apply styles from fashion magazines. More importantly, they can base their suggestions on the shape of your face and recommend what will look good on you.

If you have no idea about the shape of your face as well as the hairstyle that is best for you, one way is to look at yourself in the mirror or at a photo with your hair off your face and match the image with the description below.

Oval Face

An oval face can be characterized by a curvilinear shape and are said to be the ideal shape and the epitome of perfection. If you have an oval shape, your face has slim proportions with a forehead and a chin of almost exactly the same width. Also, you most likely have prominent cheekbones.

When it comes to hairstyles, the oval face shape is said to be the ideal because almost any hairstyle can suit this shape. If this is your shape, you can rock both short and long styles, whether bobbed, layered, curly, crimped, and even with or without fringe.

Round Face

If you have a circular shaped face with the length approximately equal to width, then you have a round face. Some characterize the round face as full cheeked, slightly chubby, and childlike.

The most suitable hairstyles are those with side partings and hair sleek at the sides but with volume on top. If you want to slim your face a little, go for feathered or layered styles with parts of your hair falling onto your face. Soft waves also work well for round shaped faces. If you are going to wear your hair up in a ponytail or up-do, keep some loose strands around the hairline and the sides of your face.

Square Face

The square face is characterized by slightly masculine features such as an angular jaw and a strong and broad forehead. A person with a square face has a strong bone structure and has the advantage of not having a double chin, ever.

To slim down the wide, angular jaw, it is best for women with square shaped face to sport a long hairstyle with chin length layers. The hair partition should be in the middle  or slightly off center. Also, experts suggest that in order to disguise the widest point of the face, those with a square shaped face can also wear their hair with relaxed waves or textured bobs which fall onto the face.

Heart Face

If your forehead and cheekbones are wide, but your jaw line is narrow, you have a heart shaped face. It is somewhat similar to oval, but the heart has a smaller and more defined and pointed chin.

When it comes to hairstyles, you should create an illusion of balance through curls and waves around the cheekbone area. You can also wear a fringe but it is best worn either short and choppy or longer and sliced. Hairstyles with fullness directed away from the face can also widen the chin’s appearance, making the overall look more proportional.

Long Face

The typical features of a long face are a high forehead, a narrow bone structure, as well as a defined chin.

If you have a long shaped face, you can shorten your face by sporting a layered hairstyle on the eye and cheekbone level to create texture. A curly bob can also work as well as a side partition to create an illusion of width. You can also play with fringes, curls, and flicks, as these styles work well with the long face.

Once you have determined what your face shape is, it would be easier for you to decide what type of hairstyle you want to have next as you know that it will suit your face if nicely done. That is why, you can leave it to your hair stylist to style your hair and give you the new fantastic look that you want.

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