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Updated: February 21, 2024

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When the TV show “Sex and the City” featured the Brazilian wax in one of its episodes, achieving the perfect bikini line suddenly became every woman’s goal. This kind of hair removal requires a highly-skilled and well-trained aesthetician, good quality wax, and the appropriate cloth. If it’s your first time to go for a procedure like this, let a professional like The Pretty Kitty do it for you.

Here is a list of the latest and up-to-date Pretty Kitty prices.


Waxing Services

Brazilian (Includes Full Front, Belly Trail, Inner Thighs, & Backstrip)$65.00
Ext Bikini (front, belly trail, inside thigh, back strip)$50.00
Bikini (Includes Belly Trail & Inner Thighs)$35.00
Brow Design$25.00
Face (Sides)$15.00
Full Face$50.00
Full Face with Brow$51.00
Full Leg (Includes Toes)$80.00
Half Leg$50.00
Full Arm$50.00
Full Arm (with Hands)$70.00
Half Arm$35.00
Under Arm$22.00
Inner Thigh$20.00
Nape of Neck$21.00
Tummy Trail$10.00
Outer Tush$19.00
Half Back$35.00

Waxing Packages

Half Leg w/ Brazilian$108.00
Half Leg w/ Extended Bikini$93.00
Half Leg with Bikini$78.00
Full Leg with Brazilian$140.00
Full Leg w/ Extended Bikini$125.00
Full Leg with Bikini$110.00
Buy 4 Brazilians ($40 Savings)$220.00
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About Pretty Kitty

The Pretty Kitty is a wax boutique that specializes in Brazilian wax done by duly certified and licensed aestheticians who are considered professionals in this kind of body art. From spray tans to chin waxing, The Pretty Kitty can do it for you efficiently, professionally, hygienically, and safely. Unlike other waxing salons, The Pretty Kitty uses a proprietary technique of waxing that is clean and fast with minimal pain.


The Pretty Kitty opened its doors to the public, particularly female customers, in December 2012 in Montclair, New Jersey. According to proprietress Tricia Hetherington, the women of New Jersey have the sensibilities and urban lifestyle of a metropolis bustling with energy and activity. New Jersey women are the type who will employ a positive approach to wellness and beauty which describe The Pretty Kitty experience.

With current locations in three states – California, Nevada, and Texas – the salon is reaching far more women than those residing in the East Coast. The waxes they use are all infused with argan oil to moisturize the skin while the waxing is done. Argan oil, extracted from kernels of the argan tree indigenous to Morocco, is richer than olive oil because of its high content of fatty acids renowned for hydrating the skin.


Unlike other wax preparations, The Pretty Kitty waxes smell fragrantly delicious. And unlike most Brazilian waxes, those used by The Pretty Kitty are the soft variety. Moreover, these stick waxes are never reused as per their strict “no double dipping” policy on hygiene. Their waxing beds are disinfected after each use and disposable, fresh bed paper changed after a client has been serviced.

The Pretty Kitty also provides their customers with premium aftercare products like the Chocolate, Fudge, and Bubblegum scented waxes, all infused with argon oil, to maintain the softness and silkiness of skin to alleviate even the most minimal of pain normal and common to a waxing experience. They also have aftercare products in scents of Vanilla, Cotton Candy, and Strawberry Shortcake.

Each salon uses The Pretty Kitty proprietary wax formulation that can be used on even the most sensitive skin. Additionally, each salon provides the “PFB Vanish” to minimize the in-grown hairs from developing in between waxing appointments. The Pretty Kitty emphasizes their use of soft wax since this type requires more skill, technique, and training to work on.


A Brazilian wax at The Pretty Kitty takes just between ten and 15 minutes, meaning you can have it done when you take a lunch break from work and be back at the office in a jiffy with more than half an hour to spare. According to The Pretty Kitty’s training director Liza Lazzara, their “practically painless” waxing technique involves using their specially-formulated Italian crème wax.

This results not only in greater comfort for the client before as well as after the waxing procedure but is less likely to cause any skin reactions such as allergies. This special formulation also provides completeness of hair removal in the area that was waxed. The Pretty Kitty’s Brazilian wax service may also be applied to excessive hair growth in the areas of eyebrows, legs, and upper lips.


Although they accept walk-in clients, The Pretty Kitty will not entertain online appointments. The company, in fact, recommends that you schedule your appointment in advance to avoid waiting for an extended period of time since Brazilian wax and eyebrow appointments are set every 15 minutes. The Pretty Kitty advises prospective clients to be on time or early for their appointments to avoid losing them.

You will be charged only if you fail to call them to cancel your appointment within a 24-hour period after booking it. Your credit card number will be requested if your chosen service takes 30 minutes or longer to hold the appointment. And while The Pretty Kitty’s services are available to all clients under 18, they require a form to be filled out for parental consent; those who are 15 and under must be accompanied by a parent.

The company recommends that you avoid caffeine around five hours prior to your wax job to reduce sensitivity. This is because caffeine has been known to restrict the blood flow in the skin’s blood vessels which, in turn, increases sensitivity in that area. They also carry a PFB anesthetic in topical form that you can purchase right in the salon 15 to 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

The Pretty Kitty also provides a full suite of waxing for male clients with the same cleanliness and comfort including sideburns, lower leg, chin, half arm, full leg, eyebrows, back, ears, upper leg, nostrils, half back, buttocks, full arm, and chest. Check out The Pretty Kitty’s official website to learn more details about their Brazilian waxing and other services for both women and men.

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