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Updated: February 21, 2024

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By: Julia Rutherford

LA Nails is a full service establishment which offers care for nails, hair and skin.  They have services such as manicure, pedicure, hand and body massage, hair styling and treatments, waxing and eyelash extensions. They are found in various areas in the United States. This is a nail salon that has clean facilities and customers feel relaxed and rejuvenated after their manicure and pedicure session. Services at LA Nails are cheaper than other nail spas. LA Nails also offer foot and hand spas which go as a package with manicure and pedicure. Hand spas come with a paraffin soak which is free of charge.

The following LA Nails prices are estimates only.


Spa Services

Gift Certificates Available

Traditional Manicure$12.00
Traditional Manicure (with Paraffin)$15.00
Spa Manicure$18.00
Spa Manicure (with Paraffin)$18.00
Traditional Pedicure$20.00
Traditional Pedicure (with Paraffin)$25.00
Spa Pedicure$30.00
Spa Pedicure (with Paraffin)$35.00
Traditional Combo$30.00
Spa Combo$45.00

Nail Services

Full Sets$22.00
Sculpture Nails$35.00
Gel Power Nails$30.00
Gel Fills$18.00
With Gel coating & French$23.00
Pink and White$35.00
Permanent American Nails$35.00
Pink Fill$18.00
Pink & White Fill$25.00
Buffing Cream for a Lasting ShineFree
French or American Tips (Hands)$3.00
French or American Tips (Toes)$5.00
Nail Designs$3.00
Gel Coating$5.00
Gel Coating with French$8.00
Nail Removal$10.00
Nail Removal with Full Set$5.00
Nail Removal with Manicure$5.00
Polish Change (Hands)$5.00
Polish Change (Toes)$7.00
Nails Cut Down with Any ServiceFree
Nails Cut Down and Polish$7.00
Paraffin (Hands)$5.00

Waxing Services

Upper Lip$5.00
Upper Forehead$10.00

Why is it important to care for nails?

Nails protect the fingers and toes. They are known to grow 0.1 millimeter a day. The cuticles also grow and they thicken as the nails increase in length.

It is important to take care of nails because without them, the fingers and toes are unprotected. People with broken nails have a limited capacity for dexterity and the fingers will hurt. Nail biting is also not encouraged as they create groves and increases the chance of it chipping off.

Unhealthy nails are usually discolored and are splitting. This means that the nails are not moisturized well, or that the nails are unhealthy. LA Nails, aside from manicure and pedicure, can do nail repair. They can give clients’ nails the necessary moisture boost as well as proper cleaning and filing to make the nails healthy again.

The best way to take care of nails is cleaned with soap and water. By brushing the nails and keeping it short, bacteria are washed off. People with short nails have a lesser chance of transferring bacteria to others and themselves. 

What are the services of LA Nails?

LA Nails offers the classic manicure and pedicure as well as the non-traditional hand and foot spa services. The pedicure spa comes in a package that includes scrub, massage, and pedicure. The manicure, spa service is composed of a massage and the hand is wrapped in hot towels.

This nail spa can also sculpt nails without putting extensions with the use of glue and nail tips. They offer nail art and acrylic fill-ins, which protect the nails from breaking. LA Nails also offers a service called Gel Power Nails, where the gel is applied to the nails to strengthen it.

La Nails offers the NU Pedicure, a treatment where the feet are pampered and relaxed from a foot soak, scrub and massage using an elite line of spa products.

Customers can also have their children enjoy a manicure and pedicure. The nail technicians in this spa are capable in dealing with clients of all ages. Children will enjoy the nail art and choose a design with the help of the nail technician.

Waxing in the areas of the eyebrow, upper lip and chin are also provided by LA Nails.

The atmosphere in the nail spa is basic and surroundings are neat. The chairs are relaxing and the nail technicians are trained to provide clients with services that are affordable and of good quality.

How do LA Nails make nails healthy?

LA Nails ensures that clients’ nails are clean, trimmed and filed to maintain healthy nails in the hands and feet. This spa soaks hands and feet in warm water to remove the dirt and massages with warm oil to keep the skin and nails moisturized. Moisturizing the nails is important to keep it healthy and to prevent splitting.

Aside from providing their clients with relaxation, LA Nails also makes sure that their technicians use sanitized tools. Clean nail cutters, pushers, files and brushes are used for every client to prevent infection and spread of bacteria. 

What are people saying about LA Nails?

Patrons are happy with their experience at LA Nails. Most reviews are positive and frequently mentioned that the service as well and the price was affordable. They commented on how clean the spa was. They cited the chairs as comfortable and neat.

Many patrons also mentioned that their nails, hands and feet were in better shape after their session at LA Nails. They said that the technicians were friendly and did not push patrons for more unneeded services.

There was a customer who had a manicure, and who said that her nails were cleaned and polished well, and that her nails looked like she had nail tips attached. After three days, the customer said that her nails still looked fresh.

Another customer from California was looking for pink and white service. She came in LA Nails and was very pleased at the outcome because the nail technicians did a proper application. Her pink and white nails were still intact after a week.

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