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Updated: February 21, 2024

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Gone are the days when indoor tanning was considered dangerous and unhealthy. Through extensive research and product innovation, the tanning industry has proven that indoor tanning is not only safe but beneficial in providing the skin with natural protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays.

The following LA Tan prices are estimates only.


Daily Specials

Monday Spray Tan$15.00
Tuesday Tan Level I & II$5.00
Thursday Cocktail Tan (Sun Tan and Spray Tan combination)$25.00
Sunday Upgrade Any Level Bed$5.00


Price Per Month

Platinum II$39.99
Platinum III$59.99
Platinum IV$99.99
Versaspa I (4 Free Versaspa Sessions)$39.99
Versaspa II (7 Free Versaspa Sessions)$59.99

Price Per Minute

Stand Up

Level I (Per Person)$0.88
Level II (Per Person)$1.32
Level III (Per Person)$1.76
Level IV (Per Person)$3.30


Level I (Per Individual)$0.66
Level II (Per Individual$1.10
Level III (Per Individual$1.43
Level IV (Per Individual$2.20
Level V (Per Individual$2.75

Versaspa Skin Care System

Price Per Session

Level I$26.00
Level II$30.00
Level III$35.00

Custom Airbrush

Full Body$45.00
Legs Only$20.00
Face Only$15.00
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History and Growth

L.A. Tan has been around since the early 1990s. But the current tanning chain was established by Nick Patel in 2001. Nick started out with only 4 chains. Through the passion of servicing customers to full satisfaction combined with the application of the convenience and benefits of modern technology, Nick has expanded his operations and already has over 180 locations in 6 different states. L.A. Tan is the fastest growing tanning salon chain in the Midwest region.

Services Offered

L.A. Tan makes their salons as the one stop shop for all your beauty and health needs. They carry wide range of products and services. Whether you want a glowing tan or a brighter smile, L.A. Tan salon carries the products that will satisfy your needs for the best value L.A. Tan Prices.

L.A. Tan offers tanning via Custom Air Brush which brings you the world’s only multi-treatment skincare systems based upon High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) turbine engineering. Their proprietary technology atomizes various treatment lotions into very fine mists, delivering highly customized, high quality skincare and sunless tanning elixirs for the ultimate beautifying experience.

Treat yourself to one or all of L.A. TAN’s nourishing skin treatments, including anti-aging sunless tanning, Ph Balance normalization, anti-aging or shimmer treatments and watch your skin be transformed. L.A. TAN’s multi-treatment system is an all-natural sunless tanner made with anti-oxidants and pure botanicals that will leave your skin radiant with a natural looking golden brown glow.

L.A. Tan also offers Teeth Whitening services which are one of the easiest and most cost effective procedures you can do to improve your appearance while you Tan. Now you can obtain the bright results that only dentists could achieve, as well as save time and Money. Then, pamper yourself in their Hydration stations and have your body bathed in radiant heat and drenched in rejuvenating liquid vitamins. Hydration Treatment will immerse you in a rainbow of colors to revive and re-balance the mind, body and spirit. This treatment will help accelerate your UV results.

Why Choose L.A. Tan?

L.A. Tan is convenient. All of the L.A. Tan locations are networked through a computer interface that allows L.A. Tan patrons to tan at any L.A. Tan salon nationwide. L.A TAN’s state of the art tanning salons are managed by highly trained and certified skin care professionals.  Skin care professionals who can provide complete skin care consultation with customized packages, best suited for individual skin types.

Each Salon offers over 5 different levels of tanning. L.A. Tan salons carry specially selected, top-of-the-line lotions to help you achieve a deeper, faster and longer-lasting tan. L.A. Tan’s skin care professionals will guide you in selecting the best combination of lotion and tanning level to suit your personal needs. Visit your nearest L.A. Tan salon. The overall experience you’ll get at L.A Tan is far beyond expectation and imagination and all for a reasonable prices.

For more information about LA Tan, visit their official website.

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How much is platinum membership at LA tan?

Platinum – $29.99 (per month)

How much is full body airbrush at LA tan?

Full Body – $45.00 (per person)

How much are legs only airbrush at LA tan?

Legs Only – $20.00 (per person)

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