Massage Envy Prices

The massage, spa and wellness industry has come a long way from its humble beginnings. It has become a steady and significant industry, attracting a lot of investors and patrons alike.

The success of the industry can be much attributed to the pioneering efforts of those who dare venture into it. Massage Envy Spa is one of the pioneers that have taken the industry to its present lucrative state.

The following Massage Envy prices are estimates only.


Monthly Membership - $59.99/mo

One 1-Hour Massage per MonthFree
One 1-Hour Healthy Skin Facial per Month$10.00


Massage Sessions

1-Hour Massage$39.99
1-Hour Healthy Skin Facial$49.99
1.5-Hour Massage$59.99
2-Hour Massage$79.99
Hot Stone Envy$79.99

Enhanced Therapies

Sugar Foot Scrub Therapy$10.00
Deep Muscle Therapy$12.00


Massage Sessions

1-Hour Massage$99.99
1-Hour Healthy Skin Facial$109.99
1.5-Hour Massage$149.99
2-Hour Massage$199.99
Hot Stone Envy$199.99

Enhanced Therapies

Sugar Foot Scrub Therapy$15.00
Deep Muscle Therapy$18.00

History and Growth

Nearly a decade ago, Massage Envy Spa pioneered the affordable massage and spa industry. The intention was to completely create a new category in the wellness industry that promotes the healthy lifestyle through affordable massage and spa services.

Aside from the professional massage services and affordable Massage Envy prices, its person to person relationship with its clients have contributed to its steady growth that from its initial set-up in 2009, Massage Envy Spa already has over 1,000 locations in the United States.

3 million facials and 75 million massages later, Massage Envy Spa still remains loyal to its commitment of providing professional, convenient and affordable massage therapy and spa services.

Services Offered

Massage Envy offers a wide array of massage services and facials.

Massage services include; trigger point therapy, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, reflexology, cranial sacral therapy, prenatal massage and geriatric massage with packages ranging from 1 hour, 1 ½ hours and 2 hours.

Enhanced therapeutic services are also available; aromatherapy, deep muscle therapy and sugar foot scrub therapy.

Plus, there’s Massage Envy’s signature service; Hot Stone Envy which melts away tension and stiffness like no other service.

Facial services include; environmental shield vitamin C facial, clarifying acne enzyme facial, anti-aging facial and sensitive skin facial. All facial treatments use Murad high performance skincare formulas that cater to specific skin concerns.

All these wellness services were formulated and administered by professionally educated estheticians who meet all state and local requirements and are highly trained in Murad skincare products.

Why Choose Massage Envy?

The longest running spa in the business is likely to be the one that has delivered consistent satisfactory services. Being the pioneer, there is no doubt that Massage Envy can provide the best and most relaxing massage and the most effective skincare treatments.

The list of services and facials are comprehensive enough to fit any therapeutic and relaxation needs. They are using topnotch quality formulations for their facial care and treatment line. Every session is run and every facial treatment is administered by competent personnel who have done it countless number of times, had been trained by the best and have passed all government regulatory requirements.

And, with Massage Envy cost as one of the most affordable and reasonable in the market, there is no reason why anybody will not consider choosing the services of the pioneering spa and one of the industry leaders.

Three million facials and seventy five million massage, how can so many people be so wrong as to go back again and again to Massage Envy Spa? It only means that they were all satisfied and so will you.

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