Brazilian Wax Prices – Your Guide to Stylish Affordability

Updated: February 20, 2024

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By: Julia Rutherford

Brazilian Wax by Andreia is a salon that provides authentic Brazilian wax and one of the most competent and most professional waxing salons in the United States. Founded by Andreia Guilmet in 2000 in Atlanta, this waxing salon offers neat and cheap waxing services for both men and women. Many patrons have given positive reviews on the quality waxing services of Brazilian Wax by Andreia. They all expressed satisfaction with how professional the work was done and for a low price compared to other waxing salons.

The following Brazilian Wax prices are estimates only.


Services For Her

Brazilian Wax (Women)$45.00
Full Body Combo (upper lip, underarm, full leg, and Brazilian wax)$75.00
Bikini Line (Women)$35.00
Eyebrows (Women)$15.00
Upper Lip (Women)$7.00
Chin (Women)$7.00
Underarms (Women)$12.00
Half Arms (Women)$25.00
Full Arms (Women)$35.00
Half Legs (Women)$28.00
Full Legs (Women)$50.00
Half Back (Women)$15.00
Full Back (Women)$30.00
Full Stomach (Women)$20.00
Belly Strip$10.00
Full Vajacial$50.00
Express Vajacial$30.00
Inner Thighs$15.00
Feet / Toes$12.00
Buttocks (Women)$15.00

Services For Him

Bikini Line (Men)$40.00
Brazilian Wax (Men)$65.00
Back Brazilian (Men)$25.00
Full Body Special (Excludes Face)$235.00
Nose (Men)$15.00
Ears (Men)$13.00
Shoulders (Men)$15.00
Half Arms (Men)$25.00
Full Arms (Men)$40.00
Chest / Stomach (Men)$60.00
Half Back (Men)$20.00
Full Back (Men)$40.00
Buttocks (Men)$30.00
Half Legs (Men)$30.00
Full Legs (Men)$50.00
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What is a Brazilian wax?

A Brazilian wax is a type of hair removal procedure done in the bikini area. With the use of cold wax and strips of cloth, hair in the bikini area is removed completely from front to back.

This type of waxing originated in Brazil and became famous there as many people in the country would want to wear thong bikinis. Men would also want to go to the beach in their swimming trunks and would go for waxing salons because they would want to be completely hairless when in swim gear.

Many people who just began having a Brazilian later on enjoyed sporting a hairless bikini area. This is why they would get themselves waxed every month.

Brazilian Wax by Andreia, the procedure is done in half an hour. The customer will only feel pain for a few seconds. Hair removal is performed at the front and back.

Aside from a Brazilian wax, both men and women choose to have waxing done in the underarms, arms, eyebrows, legs, buttocks and bikini area at Brazilian Wax by Andreia.

What are the services offered by Brazilian Wax by Andreia?

Brazilian Wax by Andreia offers waxing for women for eyebrows, upper lip, chin, underarm, half leg, full leg, stomach, Brazilian, bikini, stomach, back, back Brazilian, buttocks and nose. They also have a full body wax package which includes waxing of the Upper Lip, Underarm, Full Leg, and Brazilian Wax.

For men, waxing is available for nose, ears, shoulders, chest, stomach, underarms, Wax by Andreia offers waxing for women for eyebrows, upper lip, chin, underarm, half leg, full leg, stomach, Brazilian, bikini, stomach, back, back Brazilian, and buttocks.

Things to Remember When Getting Waxed

When a customer is getting a wax, Brazilian Wax by Andreia has a few reminders for them before and after the procedure. The waxing salon is an expert on clean and healthy waxing, and they encourage their clients to take care when availing of a waxing service.

First, this waxing salon discourages women from getting a wax right and before their period. This is because the bikini area is tender when a woman is approaching her menstruation days and even a couple of days after.

The technicians also recommend that patrons do not use tight underwear. Customers who do this will experience irritation and redness will occur. Exfoliation of the waxed areas is also discouraged. The clients are also told not to engage in sexual activity for the next two days after getting a Brazilian wax.

This waxing salon also suggests that patrons should have at least a quarter of hair growth in the area to be waxed. Coming back to the salon three weeks after the client’s last Brazilian is the best time.

For first time customers, the spa suggests that clients take a pain killer to ease the pain that they will encounter during the waxing session.

What are customers saying about Brazilian Wax?

This waxing salon received many positive reviews for their expert services. Many are happy with the price of the Brazilian wax, which is half of what other waxing salons offer. There were customers who were happy with the fast service and that they did not have to wait long for their turn.

Many customers who had a Brazilian wax for the first time said that their technicians were very helpful and friendly, making their first time a comfortable experience. The clients also said that the pain was minimal and only lasted a few seconds, and taking a pain killer was unnecessary.

There was a client who came to Brazilian Wax and an eyebrow wax during their lunch break and was done in half an hour. She was very happy to be served promptly and even got a complimentary drink when she arrived.

For more information about Brazilian Wax, visit their official website.