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Updated: February 20, 2024

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By: Julia Rutherford

Looking good is always synonymous to feeling good, the positive self-image that leads to confidence. There are establishments that thrive on this need but, there are only a few who really take the time to get their customers looking and feeling great. In the indoor tanning industry, here is one of the establishments that have left every client feeling great and have dominated the East Coast tanning scene.

The following Beach Bum Tanning prices are estimates only.


Beach Pass

Monthly Pricing
Bronze (Set Up Fee)$30.00
Any Bed Pass$79.00
Any Bed Pass (Set Up Fee)$99.00
Any Bed Pass with Sunless Booth$89.00
Infrared Sweat Pass$79.00
Infrared Sweat Pass (Set Up Fee)$20.00
Sunless Pass$89.00
Sunless Pass (Set Up Fee)$20.00
Sunless Pass (with 2 Add-Ons Per Visit)$109.00
Monthly Price (All Access)$109.00
Start-Up (All Access)$99.00

Upgrades Available

Sunless Booth Dark Solution$5.00
Sunless Booth Sessions$10.00
Airbrush Sessions$20.00


Bronze (30 Day Pass)$59.00
Bronze (Single Session)$10.00
Bronze (4+1 Free)$39.00
Bronze (7+3 Free)$69.00
Bronze (12+8 Free)$119.00
Platinum (30 Day Pass)$139.00
Platinum (Single Session)$23.00
Platinum (4+1 Free)$95.00
Platinum (7+3 Free)$159.00
Platinum (12+8 Free)$275.00
Titanium (30 Day Pass)$169.00
Titanium (Single Session)$28.00
Titanium (4+1 Free)$115.00
Titanium (7+3 Free)$199.00
Titanium (12+8 Free)$335.00
Diamond (30 Day Pass)$199.00
Diamond (Walk-In)$34.00
Diamond (4+1 Free)$135.00
Diamond (7+3 Free)$239.00
Diamond (12+8 Free)$409.00

Spa Services

Sunless Booth

Sunless Booth (Single Session)$29.00
Sunless Booth (4+1 Free)$115.00
Sunless Booth (7+3 Free)$205.00
Sunless Booth (12+8 Free)$349.00


Airbrush (Single Session)$39.00
Airbrush (4+1 Free)$159.00
Airbrush (7+3 Free)$275.00
Airbrush (12+8 Free)$469.00

Infrared Sweat

Infrared Sweat (Single Session)$25.00
Infrared Sweat (4+1 Free)$99.00
Infrared Sweat (7+3 Free)$175.00
Infrared Sweat (12+8 Free)$299.00

Monthly Membership

Spa Membership (30 Day Pass)$119.00

Face & Body Masks

Where Available
24K Gold Facial Masks$15.00
Honey Milk Crystal Mask$12.00
Red Wine Collagen Mask$12.00
Lavender Repair Mask$12.00
24K Gold Hand Mask$15.00
Neck Lift Collagen Mask$10.00
Wine Crystal Eye Slice$5.00
Lip Collagen Crystal Mask$10.00
Acne Collagen Crystal Mask$5.00
Diamond Illuminating Collagen Mask$18.00
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History and Background

Beach Bum Tanning was established in 1986 in Manhattan, NYC. Through their investment in the best equipment in the business, Beach Bum Tanning has established itself as one of the premier tanning and beauty salons on the East Coast with over 50 locations throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Virginia and West Virginia.

Services Offered

Beach Bum Tanning features the best selection of indoor tanning equipment in the market today. They have the latest tanning beds that include several amenities from facial to shoulder tanners, cooling fans and even aromatherapy. Then, they also have Sunless Booth Tanning and Airbrush tanning.

Sunless Spray Tanning is the spray/mist application of sunless tanning solution to desired areas of the body. When applied, DHA (The active ingredient in Sunless Tanning Solution) reacts with the proteins in the skin’s superficial layer to form a golden brown color. The skin begins to darken two to three hours after application and reaches its peak color within 24 hours. The color will gradually fade through natural exfoliation, just like a tan from the sun.

Airbrush Tanning is a Customized treatment where the airbrush artist uses a precise technique combined with a fine point and wide point to provide the skin with a flawless, natural looking tan. Beach Bum Tanning perfected the Airbrush experience by developing a custom solution that is Organic and Vegan with a Pre and Post Care Regimen.

Services may be availed in single sessions or through the Beach Pass package. Though the Beach Pass provides the most savings, all individual sessions are offered in best value Beach Bum Tanning prices.

Why Choose Beach Bum Tanning?

Beach Bum Tanning offers custom tailored memberships, packages, and beach pass programs. Each is designed for your specific tanning needs with flexible payment options.

Beach Bum tanning consultants and airbrush artists are Smart Tan certified and possess a thorough and up-to-date knowledge or indoor products & trends.

Beach Bum Tanning treats every client individually. Their tanning experts emphasize that no two skin tones are the same. So, Beach Bum Tanning takes the time to mix over 150 different color combinations to give your skin the perfect color in less than 20 minutes, all at an affordable Beach Bum Tanning cost.

Beach Bum Tanning is not only in business to provide you with a tan. Every Beach Bum tanning session is focused on giving you the tan that you like so if you don’t just want to have a tan, but to have the perfect tan that will make you look and feel good, let the experts take care of you at Beach Bum Tanning.


Beach Bum Tannin FAQ

How much is bronze at Beach Bum Tannin?

Bronze – $25.00

How much one session Sunless Booth at Beach Bum Tannin?

Sunless Booth (Single Session) – $29.00

How much is spa membership at Beach Bum Tannin?

Spa Membership (30 Day Pass) – $119.00

How much is Airbrush at Beach Bum Tannin?

Airbrush (Single Session) – $39.00


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