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Summer days call for fun relaxing times at the beach and shopping for a new bathing suit. And if you’re planning to look hot this season, there’s always one big rule to rocking bikinis – get a wax!

Imagine your legs all silky and your arm pits just perfectly bare, none of the bumps or the little prickly spines that come out after shaving. By far, waxing is your best hair removal option, works well on any hairy part of your body, starting from your eyebrows down to your legs. Though not the gentlest choice, you can however enjoy being smooth and hair-free for as long as a month. Unlike shaving, that can leave you with chicken-like pores on the surface, professionally done waxes pull body hair out from under the roots.

The following European Wax Salon prices are estimates only.


Yearly Unlimited Wax Pass

Bikini Line$429.00
Bikini Full$520.00
Bikini Brazilian$611.00
Full Face Package$637.00

Returning Guests

Buy 6 Get 1 Free

Arms Half (Buy 6 Get 1 Free)$192.00
Arms Full (Buy 6 Get 1 Free)$228.00
Bikini Line (Buy 6 Get 1 Free)$198.00
Bikini Full (Buy 6 Get 1 Free)$240.00
Bikini Brazilian (Buy 6 Get 1 Free)$282.00
Eyebrows (Buy 6 Get 1 Free)$108.00
Legs Lower (Buy 6 Get 1 Free)$216.00
Legs Upper (Buy 6 Get 1 Free)$228.00
Legs Full (Buy 6 Get 1 Free)$408.00
Underarms (Buy 6 Get 1 Free)$108.00

Buy 9 Get 2 Free

Arms Half (Buy 9 Get 2 Free)$288.00
Arms Full (Buy 9 Get 2 Free)$342.00
Bikini Line (Buy 9 Get 2 Free)$297.00
Bikini Full (Buy 9 Get 2 Free)$360.00
Bikini Brazilian (Buy 9 Get 2 Free)$423.00
Eyebrows (Buy 9 Get 2 Free)$162.00
Legs Lower (Buy 9 Get 2 Free)$324.00
Legs Upper (Buy 9 Get 2 Free)$342.00
Legs Full (Buy 9 Get 2 Free)$612.00
Underarms (Buy 9 Get 2 Free)$162.00

First-Time Guests

Buy 9 Get 3 Free

Arms Half (First-Time Guests)$288.00
Arms Full (First-Time Guests)$342.00
Bikini Line (First-Time Guests)$297.00
Bikini Full (First-Time Guests)$360.00
Bikini Brazilian (First-Time Guests)$423.00
Eyebrows (First-Time Guests)$162.00
Legs Lower (First-Time Guests)$324.00
Legs Upper (First-Time Guests)$342.00
Legs Full (First-Time Guests)$612.00
Underarms (First-Time Guests)$162.00

Student Wax Pass

Buy 3 Get 1 Free

Arms Half (Student Wax Pass)$96.00
Arms Full (Student Wax Pass)$114.00
Bikini Line (Student Wax Pass)$99.00
Bikini Full (Student Wax Pass)$120.00
Bikini Brazilian (Student Wax Pass)$141.00
Eyebrows (Student Wax Pass)$54.00
Legs Lower (Student Wax Pass)$108.00
Legs Upper (Student Wax Pass)$114.00
Legs Full (Student Wax Pass)$204.00
Underarms (Student Wax Pass)$54.00

One Time Price


Arms Half (Body)$32.00
Arms Full (Body)$38.00
Back Upper (Body)$22.00
Back Mid (Body)$22.00
Back Lower (Body)$17.00
Back Full (Body)$58.00
Bikini Line (Body)$33.00
Bikini Full (Body)$40.00
Bikini Brazilian (Body)$47.00
Chest Strip (Body)$19.00
Chest Full (Body)$28.00
Hands (Body)$12.00
Legs Lower (Body)$36.00
Legs Upper (Body)$38.00
Legs Full (Body)$68.00
Shoulders (Body)$22.00
Stomach Strip (Body)$14.00
Stomach Full (Body)$28.00
Toes (Body)$12.00
Underarms (Body)$18.00


Cheeks (Face)$12.00
Chin (Face)$10.00
Ears (Face)$12.00
Eyebrows (Face)$18.00
Lip (Face)$10.00
Neck (Face)$12.00
Nose (Face)$12.00
Sideburns (Face)$12.00
Full Face (Face)$49.00
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Waxing your own body is kind of tricky and tedious though. Particularly when not done right, it can leave you with uneven bikini lines or stray left-over hair follicles. The overall result would an unsightly mess of hair and bare skin.

Fortunately, it’s easier to book an appointment and trust a professional such as an esthetician to do the work. If you feel like pampering yourself, why not enjoy a full-on wax service at the European Wax Center.

European Wax Center

Staying hair-free doesn’t have to be a vexing routine the European Wax Center specializes in professional wax services and body treatments. Started a decade ago, the European Wax Center believes that anyone who walks in for a beauty treatment justly deserves beautiful, gorgeous skin. First timers are automatically treated to a complimentary wax.

Women can avail of a free bikini line, underarm or eyebrow wax while rugged men can get a complimentary wax in the ear, nose or brow. Setting an appointment at the European Wax Center is pretty much a hassle free affair, once you arrive at the center, the wax specialists will take care of everything you need and run you through the process, which they’ve aptly named – 4 Steps To Gorgeous. But the key here is to arrive on time for your appointment.

Prep Your Skin

After you book your first bikini wax appointment at the European Wax Center, it wouldn’t hurt to prep a little. Here are some tips to get your body wax ready; these are techniques that will help you get the best out of your professional wax treatment:

Have enough hair.

Yes, grow your bush a bit or leave parts untouched before going to your wax appointment. Some women resort to trimming before going to the salon, this practice will hurt more than help. Hair should be about one-quarter-of-an-inch in length in order to be effectively snatched by the wax when the strips are removed.

Provide crucial information.

If you have allergies, or if you are taking any medications such as blood thinners or steroids, or that you are pregnant, it is important you let the staff know. Waxing is not allowed for those using certain dermatological products, such as Accutane or Retinol, because the result is a reaction that can easily burn or scar the skin.

Stay off the Creams.

On wax day, take a shower, but don’t apply any lotions, perfumes, creams, toners, oils, or astringents on your intended wax areas. Moisturizers and thick lotions can stop the wax from holding onto the hair correctly, and astringents can constrict the pores, making it more painful once they yank off the strips.


Here’s one bath routine that’s really encourage by estheticians, the day or the night before your wax treatment, exfoliate thoroughly. This will remove all your dead skin cells, allowing the wax to fully adhere to the hair.

Remember, if you have any questions or concerns; don’t hesitate to ask the European Wax Center staff, they are there to make your experience as relaxing as possible.

A Bit Shy

No one can blame you; it’s quite understandable to feel a bit embarrassed or apprehensive about taking your clothes off especially for a full Brazilian wax. Don’t worry these are professionals who are mindful and sensitive of their clients, and since they do beauty wax treatments for a living, they are quite used to seeing people naked. Yes, the reality is, you will need to disrobe or reveal the area intended for waxing. You will most likely wear your own underwear or paper panties. A good esthetician will guide you through the process until you are quite comfortable.

Is Waxing Painful?

There’s no beauty without pain, though that old saying might hold true for wax treatments. There are things you can do to minimize the discomfort. In truth, waxing doesn’t have to hurt so much.

Schedule your wax treatments after your period.

You’re a lot less sensitive to pain a week after your period. Though you can have a wax during your period days, your lady bits and hormones might not be feeling up to the task.


Speak up if it’s too painful, a good esthetician will work you through your pain tolerance and make sure you’re comfy as can be.

Don’t go overboard the first time.

Just like getting a haircut, you don’t go to a salon and choose the first extreme hairstyle on the fly. Sure you’ve heard great things about it, but it’s better to take things slow and start with the basics. For wax newbies, a Brazilian or a bare Hollywood is not advisable for a first bikini wax experience. But if you think you’re brave enough then go for it! It’s like earning a beauty badge of honor.

One thing wax experts will tell you – the pain comes fast and short-lived. Waxing is quite worth it especially when you see smooth, flawless results on skin. At the European Wax Center, expect nothing less than a luxuriously nourishing experience when it comes to professional wax treatments.

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