European Wax Center Salon Prices – Your Ultimate Guide

Updated: February 20, 2024

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By: Julia Rutherford

People have been removing unwanted hair since the ancient times. This is why it’s quite surprising that professional services are a relatively young concept in the US. Many mostly preferred to do it themselves for the longest time until people decided that they needed a bikini wax. Since a wax promises smoother and longer-lasting results with less bumps, it became apparent that folks need Wax Specialists to do it for them. And so salons and spas started offering bikini waxes. European Wax Center (EWC) Salon traces its roots to one of these early adopters.

Here is a list of the latest and up-to-date European Wax Center Salon prices.


Yearly Unlimited Wax Pass

Bikini Line (Wax Pass price per visit)$37.50
Bikini Full (Wax Pass price per visit)$45.00
Bikini Brazilian (Wax Pass price per visit)$56.25
Eyebrows (Wax Pass price per visit)$21.75
Lower Lip (Wax Pass price per visit)$13.50
Upper Lip (Wax Pass price per visit)$12.00
Underarms (Wax Pass price per visit)$22.50

Single Service Pricing


Arms - Half$45.00
Arms - Full$55.00
Bikini - Line$50.00
Bikini - Full$50.00
Bikini - Brazilian$75.00
Back - Full$79.00
Back - Lower$33.00
Back - Mid$33.00
Back - Upper$10.00
Legs - Lower$55.00
Legs - Upper$55.00
Legs - Full$86.00
Chest - Full$38.00
Chest - Strip$30.00
Inner Thigh$23.00
Stomach - Full$39.00
Stomach - Strip$20.00


Full Face$64.00
Lip - Lower$18.00
Lip - Upper$16.00
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About European Wax Center Salon

After discovering how straightforward and lucrative waxing services can be, the family behind EWC decided to stick with it instead of just offering it on the side in their salons. So when they opened their doors in 2004, all they needed was the knowledge in franchising to grow into its current size of about 900 locations all over the US.

What makes EWC stand out is their more clinical approach to hair removal. They embraced the idea that waxing is more straightforward and less fussy than hair and beauty salons and embodied its simplicity and practicality all throughout. This is very obvious with their overall appeal and offers that are designed to provide great convenience to their clients.

While they did add speedy facials to their services, EWC is still primarily a waxing salon, offering a wide range of different waxing services. They can expertly remove hair from your face, nether regions, and other parts of the body. They can also nicely clean up your brows with great ease. Combined with their fantastic prices and attractive deals, EWC makes a great case for professional waxing. 

How much does waxing cost at European Wax Center Salon?

One of the biggest draws of the European Wax Center is its attractive pricing. This is often attributed to their roots as the founders, Dave and Josh Coba, used to help run their father’s salon that offered waxing as an additional service to stand out from the competition. Back in the day, their prices were exceptionally low that they dubbed it as the ‘Going Out of Business special’.

However, they re-calibrated the entire process and turned the tables with their determination to innovate their salon’s services. They successfully managed to create a proprietary wax known as the Comfort Wax™ that is effective and nourishing to the skin while keeping their prices friendly. So when you check the EWC prices for waxing, you’ll find that they’re well within the national average for the same services. 

For example, the average salon price for half-leg waxing is around $30 to $55 while at EWC, the one time price is up to $46. For the bikini area, it can range from $35 to $60 while it’s $55 at EWC. For a Brazilian, the average rate is around $45-$80 but it’s only around $65 at EWC. While the prices still vary depending on the location and the kind of service you need, it can still be said that European Wax Center’s rates are very friendly. 

With their pricing, maintenance can be more manageable as the regular visits won’t break the bank. In fact, with their Unlimited Passes, you can even get more out of your initial spending if you choose to stay hair-free. These can start from $330 to $800 depending on the type of pass you get and as they provide unlimited access to services, you can easily get lots of savings the more frequent you opt to get waxed.

It really helps that the chain is transparent with their prices. They give a good ballpark figure of how much their services go for even if they vary from one center to another, unlike other chains. This will give you a good idea on how much value you can get from them.

How much should I tip at European Wax Center?

Lots of people find themselves confused if they should tip at bargain wellness and beauty service chains. Since the professionals at these places get a regular wage, some might think that they don’t have to tip anymore. However, that’s not the case. Tipping is still highly appreciated and encouraged, especially at EWC.

So how much should you tip, you must be wondering? For grooming services, it’s typically recommended to give at least 15 to 25% of the rate of the service. Unless, of course, the service was horrible, this is the recommended amount.

However, those who get Brazilian waxes often recommend giving bigger tips – at least $20 for services that cost around $50. Brazilian waxes, for one, are trickier to perform, so if your esthetician is particularly skilled, they definitely deserve to get more, right? Some also like to tip bigger for such services since they are subjecting other people to their private areas which is quite a thoughtful gesture. 

All in all, however, there are no minimum required amounts for tips at EWC. It’s up to you how much you’d want to give but if you’ve been pleased with the experience and results, please don’t hesitate to tip well. 

Does European Wax Center have coupons or discounts?

While EWC’s prices are already very competitive and attractive, it won’t hurt if you can get more discounts, right? It makes sense since their target market can include a good number of budget hunters who want to get great deals when spending a decent amount of money. So if you want to know if the chain offers coupons, discounts, and other kinds of bargains, you’re in luck, because you’ll certainly find a lot.

For starters, coupons can be found online or from local publications. Some locations might also mail deals to you under certain circumstances. Make sure to read the fine print, however, as even though some of their offers can be enjoyed in any participating center, there’s still a chance that coupons and some promotions may only be accepted at select areas and locations. 

More notable are the other offers that make it possible for lots of people to frequently come back to EWC for regular waxing. They have Pre-Paid Wax Passes and an Unlimited Wax Pass that will give you more bang for your buck. The Pre-Paid Wax Passes offer bundle prices for multiple waxing sessions, making them way cheaper than one-time sessions. 

If you’re willing to commit, however, and you want to stay hair-free, you can get the Unlimited Wax Pass that will give you unlimited waxing sessions. The more you use this pass, the more you’ll save, so if you want to make time for grooming and to make the most out of EWC’s professional services, this can be a solid investment.

These passes, however, are area-specific. So if you bought a pass for your armpits, you can only use it for armpit hair removal. You can, of course, get multiple passes so you can get the most out of your visits. 

While these passes are non-transferable from one guest to another, it can be transferred from one package to another. They can also be used at most centers, so you don’t have to worry about not getting to take full advantage of their services if you travel a lot. 

In addition to these two kinds of passes, they also have the Student Wax Pass which will give students one free wax service if they purchase three and present their school ID. The availability of this deal is limited, however, so it’s best to check with your local salon to see if you can get it there. 

On top of these, you can also enjoy a number of special deals at the European Wax Center Salon. They usually have markdowns on their skincare products as well as free shipping deals. So if you’d rather order their stuff online instead of getting them at their locations, you can conveniently do so with discounts.

You can also get your first wax for free at EWC. To welcome and show new guests of what the chain can do for them, their very first waxing session is free. First-time visitors can choose from a free brow, nose, ear, or underarm waxing session to try out EWC’s services. 

If you want to try a Brazilian or full Bikini wax for the first time, you can also do so at a discounted price. EWC slashed Brazilian and full Bikini prices at 50% off for newbies so it might give you more reason to give it a go. It might not help with the nervousness and reluctance brought by your shyness of showing your private parts to a total stranger but it’s such a compelling deal, don’t you think?

Since hair removal is a continuous and repeated process, there’s a very good chance that you’ll need to get waxed again after a while. If you chose to have it done at the European Wax Center Salon again, you should consider racking up Strut Points as well. This is their loyalty program where you can turn your points into credit for services and products. They don’t expire and earning them is perfectly easy, so you can definitely get more out of your patronage of EWC with their help.

How do you earn Strut Points? You can get them from pre-booking appointments (10 points), booking appointments online (25 points), referring friends (1000 points), and buying gift cards (twice the gift card value so the bigger value you purchase, the bigger the points you’ll earn). They’re valid at all participating centers and can be redeemed as soon as you rack up 500 points.

Another easy way to get a discount at EWC is by signing up for their newsletter. They give $10 off for the service of your choice to subscribers on their birthdays as a treat. So if you want to stay updated with EWC anyway, this will be an excellent way to save more money for waxing services.

How long does waxing take at European Wax Center?

If you’re planning your first waxing session at EWC, an important thing to look into is the duration of the session. This will help you with scheduling, especially if you can only squeeze it into your busy day.

Unfortunately, the answer to this question varies greatly depending on the area that you want to work on and the amount of hair that you have there. Larger areas like legs, especially if you want to wax the entire length, might take about 30 minutes to an hour, again, depending on the density of the hair growth. Brazilian waxes can take less than 15 minutes in many instances.

The esthetician’s skill level and the client’s preparation can also affect the duration of a waxing session. Since EWC’s Wax Specialists are highly trained and with reliable experience, you can count on them to perform efficiently and effectively. However, if you’re a bit apprehensive and shy and require a bit to warm up and prepare yourself for the session, especially for work on your bikini area, the waxing time can take longer since dallying can also eat up some time.

What time is European Wax Center open for business?

Like with other salon chains, EWC’s operation hours vary. Some open as early as 9 am while others start accepting guests at 11 am. It also depends on the day as some centers open late on certain days of the week.

Closing hours also vary as some close at 6 pm while others at 9 pm. The same factors apply, so it’s best to check directly with the centers near you to get the actual information on their operating hours.

Should I do a Walk-in or schedule an appointment when getting a massage at European Wax Center?

Which technique will benefit you better if you wish to get waxed at EWC? Walk-ins are definitely welcome at this chain but as the points above may have given you some idea, they greatly encourage booking an appointment in advance.

While they can accommodate walk-ins, the conditions will be completely unpredictable. You wouldn’t be guaranteed if you can be attended to right away as the center you’ll head to might be busy at the exact day and time of your visit. This might require you to wait for an opening which might not be guaranteed all the time.

Another major drawback to being a walk-in guest is that this might unnecessarily expose you to others. With the current health crisis we’re facing, it’s best to avoid sharing a space and interacting face to face with others in order to minimize the chances of spreading the virus. If you opt to show up unannounced at a center, you’ll have to go through all of these when you could’ve completely avoided it.

Walking in may be the most convenient way for many to get to a waxing session but it might not be the best idea nowadays. Besides, booking an appointment at EWC is perfectly easy, especially since there are several ways to do it. You can pre-book your appointment the traditional way by calling the center of your choice or by using their website. You can choose an available schedule in advance with great ease through these two methods. 

Another alternative to being a walk-in guest is using EWC’s Mobile Check-in program. This is more like calling ahead to tell the center that you plan on coming in so if they can hold a place in line for you. But instead of ringing the center, you just need to send them a text containing a location-specific code and your name. They will then reply to you to confirm your check-in.

Depending on how busy the store is, you might still need to wait for your turn. If you’re checked in, you can wait outside the EWC center, either inside your car or while running other errands in the area. They will just text you when your Wax Specialist is ready for you. 

EWC recommends checking in and booking an appointment in advance as an additional safety measure and so guests can manage their time better. Idly waiting for your turn isn’t a great way to start a grooming session, especially if you’re a bit anxious about it. It will also guarantee that you’ll actually get some service and that you won’t be wasting your trip to the center because they’re too busy to accommodate you on the time of your visit.

The added bonus of Strut Points might also help convince you to schedule an appointment in advance. If you frequent EWC’s salons anyway, this extra step will prove to be beneficial to your efforts of saving more money in the long run.

What are the conditions that will cause European Wax Center to refuse service?

While European Wax Center will do its best to accommodate the requests and needs of their guests, they also take great pride in putting their clients’ safety first. This is why there are some instances that they have to turn some people away because they deem that they are not fit for a waxing session at the moment.

When exactly are these occasions. For one, if the skin of the guest is sunburned, irritated, or unhealthy at the time of their visit. Even with the brand’s proprietary Comfort Wax that is specially formulated to be kind on the skin, waxing can be quite damaging to the skin in itself. It will exfoliate the skin as it removes unwanted hair. 

So if your skin is already damaged and not in great shape, you’ll be subjecting it to more serious issues if you push for a waxing session. Once the skin is healed, however, EWC will be more than happy to work on your problem areas.

Those who are on Accutane will not be accommodated by EWC. This medication makes the skin very fragile so if you try to remove hair by waxing, it might also take off layers of skin as well. Those who are on Retin-A and Differin will be entertained but only if they stopped taking the said prescription drugs 7 days before the appointment.

Medical-grade facial treatments and exfoliating facials will also temporarily disqualify you for a waxing session. It’s best to wait 7 days in between these treatments. However, if you had a basic facial, you can still get waxed.

A guest’s age will not be a ground for refusal of service as long as the client is prepared for the experience. If they’re too apprehensive, nervous, or reluctant about it, their Wax Specialist might recommend that they try at another time instead.

If you’re on your period and you still wish to get waxed, EWC will still accommodate you as long as you’re aware that it can get extra painful during your time of the month. You can still get services on your bikini area as well but you’ll be required to wear a tampon during the session.

What are the health and safety protocols observed at European Wax Center Salon locations?

The European Wax Center takes health and safety precautions against the coronavirus very seriously. They make sure to follow the CDC guidelines in all of their locations and take heed of local mandates to guarantee the safety of guests and employees.

This is also why the contactless Mobile Check-in service has been rolled out already in several centers. This helps minimize the face to face interaction of guests and employees. This is in addition to the online appointment booking services.

Guests are also required to stay in their cars or outside the center instead while they wait for their appointment. As it’s safer to be in open air and non-shared enclosed spaces than cramped, air-conditioned lobbies, this can help minimize the transmission of the virus.

The chain also increased safety training among their team members as a way to make their employees more capable in handling the challenges of these unprecedented times. This includes heightened hygiene efforts and measures which is quite a feat since the chain has already high standards in this area.

Aside from having stricter implementation of their hygiene and health measures, they also added more steps to protect guests and employees alike. They now do regular deep cleaning and sanitation in their centers more regularly and more frequent deep cleaning of touchpoints all day long. They also eliminated product testers and other non-essential items that can create touchpoints inside the centers. 

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