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Updated: February 20, 2024

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A great tan is just about as good as any other accessory, no matter what season it is. There is nothing like having a good dose of color on your skin for that summer look. A good tan is also a good way to look warm and toasty during the colder seasons. For those who find that a tan is an essential need throughout the year, the problem is often how to get it.

The following Darque Tan prices are estimates only.


Membership Pricing

Price Per Month

Level 1 Only$18.88
Levels 1, 2, and 3 Standup$28.88
All Beds$58.88
All Access$98.88
Add Unlimited Spray Tanning to a UV-Only Membership$40.00

Individual Session Pricing

Spray Tan Session$34.00
Tanning Bed Session$10.00
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About Darque Tan

Truth of the matter is that not everyone lives close enough to the beach to get some sun loving. Not to mention that the sun isn’t always out during all seasons. Of course, there is also no forgetting that being overly exposed to sunlight can have bad effects on the skin.

This does not mean though that having a tan all year round is impossible. Darque Tan makes it possible to have the perfect tan all the time thanks to their various sunless tanning services.

Company Background

Darque Tan is not just another chain of tanning salons around. This luxury tanning salon is the largest among all 5-star chains, and offers only the best for their clients. At Darque Tan it is their mission to be a world leader in luxury tanning. Each store aims to build long-term and successful relationships with both their clients and staff.

They aim to provide superior service within the communities that they do business in. By offering unparalleled service they make the tanning experience of every client memorable from the very beginning until the end.

Services Offered

Customers can expect two major services from Darque Tan in the form of UV Tanning and Sunless Tanning.

UV tanning consists of classic tanning with the use of UV light bulbs. There is a wide range of equipment that can be used including tanning beds and a stand-up UV machine. Beds range from Level one to Level five tanning and the stand-up UV machine is at Level three so clients can choose which one suits their needs.

Each of the different levels provides various degrees of tanning as well as varying tanning times. Clients who have enough time can opt for level one and two machines that take about 20 minutes. Those who need to be tanned in less time can go for levels three to five equipment that take only 12 to 15 minutes to use.

Spray Tanning is also available for clients who needs something even faster and prefer a sunless treatment. This process involves the use of spay on tanning solutions. Darque tan provides not just one type of machine, but three different ones to suit the needs of clients.

The Mystic Man is the most trusted sunless tanning machine in the industry today. This machine revolutionized the spray tan experience and produces flawless, even tans all the time.

Versa Spa is a newer spray tanning machine that does more than just offer a tan. Clients who opt to use this can also get the benefits of hydrating fine lines while getting an airbrush look.

Darque Tan also carries the latest in sunless tanning with their Norvell machines. More than just offering custom airbrush tans, it is also fully automated for ease of use.

Why Choose Darque Tan

Many customers vouch for Darque Tan for a good reason. For starters, there are not many companies which offer such a wide range of variety in terms of service and equipment. No matter what type of sunless tanning you are looking for, they are sure to have what you need.

Secondly, at Darque Tan customers can be sure that they will always get the best service. Being a luxury tanning salon, it is their goal to make your tanning experience the best. This starts off with their excellent customer service. Staff is always accommodating and friendly as they answer questions and help clients figure out what type of service is suited for them.

Their service also extends to the premises. It is part of their policy to have a clean and comfortable environment for clients as they tan. All equipment, whether tanning beds or stand-up machines are thoroughly cleaned before each client uses it. They pay attention to details by providing customers with clean towels and treats. Radios are also available inside some machines to help clients relax better as they tan.

Lastly, Darque Tan also considers the budget of their clients. They provide single walk in sessions for those who simply need tanning occasionally. At the same time, they also offer a variety of packages to help customers make the most of what they pay for. Whether you want an all-in package or a limited membership, they will have it. Avid Darque Tan clients can also look forward to regular deals and discounts.

To set up an appointment with Darque Tan, please visit their official site at www.darquetan.com.


Darque Tan FAQ

How much is spray tan session at Darque Tan?

Spray Tan Session – $34.00 (per person)

How much is tanning bed session at Darque Tan?

Tanning Bed Session – $10.00 (per person)

How much is all access membership at Darque Tan?

All Access – $98.88 (per person) (per month)

How much does level 1 cost at Darque Tan?

Level 1 Only – $18.88 (per person) (per month)


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