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Updated: February 21, 2024

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A natural sun-kissed glow is something that most people would love to have all the time. Unfortunately, hitting the beach on a regular basis is just not an option for everyone. Unless you live by the beach it can be a hassle, not to mention costly, to keep making regular trips out to tan. Aside from this, it’s no secret that excess sun exposure can also be unhealthy for the skin. Fortunately, there are other options available, and Zoom Tan is one of this.

Here is a list of the latest and up-to-date Zoom Tan prices.


Pricing and Specials

Sun Booth Tanning

Monthly Sun Membership (price per month)$39.00
Yearly Sun Membership$399.00
Sun Package (6 sessions up to 12 minutes per session)$79.00
Single Sun Tan (per minute)$1.50

Sunless Spray Tanning

Monthly Sunless Membership (price per month)$49.99
Yearly Sunless Membership$499.00
Sunless Package (6 sessions up to level 3 each)$149.00
Single Sunless Spray Tan (Starting Price)$30.00
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Where It All Began

Generally, the advent of fake tanning started earlier than most people realize. The first tanning machines were built in 1906 for medical purposes. It was quite a while before people realized that these could be used for tanning the skin. In the 1980’s people began using tanning beds for aesthetic purposes. Although effective, it did not always deliver the best results.

In 2008 businessman Thomas Golisano moved from New York to Florida. It was here that he decided to open a tanning salon that made use of a completely different method. Rather than the traditional tanning bed, Zoom Tan makes use of a stand up tan to meet the needs of clients.

Despite the many competitors, the company has remained strong. With 50 branches all over Florida, New York and Georgia, expansion plans continue.

Services Offered

Zoom Tan offers spray tanning with the most up to date technology in the market today. Their stand up tanning equipment makes use of high quality machines that provide the perfect tan with each use.

Clients can opt for the classic UV tan where they receive head to toe tanning with the use of UV bulbs. Since Zoom Tan endorses stand-up tanning, even this classic method is done in a booth without the use of a tanning bed, and even better results than a tanning bed.

A more popular option offered by Zoom Tan for clients who are on the go but want a natural looking tan is the spray tan. Like the former, it also uses a tanning booth for a stand-up tan. However, rather than using UV lighting clients get a quick spray of quality color mist all over their body through specialized nozzles in the booth.

The process lasts less than three minutes and clients are ready to go afterwards. This quick and easy alternative has made spray tanning a top choice since it can be done even during lunch breaks. Color does not rub off or onto clothing because clients are thoroughly dried throughout the two and a half minute process. At the same time, there are no special requirements prior to tanning. Clients can go about with the usual shower and exfoliation, and nothing more. In short, clients don’t need to plan their whole day around their tanning session.

For both of these services clients have the option to go in for a single session with no membership, contract or commitment needed. Choices for single pay monthly and yearly visits are also available. More avid users on the other hand can choose to go for unlimited sessions for both UV and spray tanning with a two month minimum.

Why Pick Zoom Tan

As mentioned earlier, competition is stiff in the tanning industry, but there are lots of different reasons why Zoom Tan is the way to go. In every Zoom Tan salon clients can expect to find only the best technology with their stand up tanning machines. The same goes for the tanning solutions used. This ensures that each tanning session will give the desired results without burns or streaking.

More than just using top of the line technology, Zoom Tan also looks out for the health of their customers. This is why they firmly believe in using only stand up tanning systems which are more hygienic. This does not require skin contact and can be quickly cleaned after each use.

All machines also feature an open air system so users don’t need to worry about ventilation as they tan. This also means that there is no need to hold your breath each time that you get a spray tan. Additionally, spray solutions used at Zoom Tan do not carry any strong or bad odor that most sunless tanning products have.

Over and above all these, there is also the guarantee that clients will always get what they are looking for. Stand up tans, whether by spray or UV, ensures that tanning is even, natural and without streaking. Results last anywhere from five to ten days giving users the most out of what they pay for.

Those looking to get a natural looking tan without worrying about hygiene and quality can always turn to Zoom Tan.

For exact pricing and service availability, visit www.zoomtan.com.

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