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The eyebrows frame the face! For this reason, eyebrow threading and shaping are among the popular professional cosmetic services offered in beauty salons. With the right shape, size and color of eyebrows, the eyes become lovelier and the face prettier! Many of us even know men and women willing to skip on makeup for the lips and cheeks in favor of perfectly-shaped eyebrows.

But don’t just go to any professional salon for eyebrow-related services either. Keep in mind that growing back your eyebrows after a botched job will take weeks and eyebrows obviously drawn with eyeliners aren’t as beautiful as natural brows. Be sure to let only the brow specialists come anywhere near your eyebrows – and we’re taking about Brow Art 23!

The following Brow Art 23 prices are estimates only.

Item Price

Facial Threading

Eyebrows $11.00
Upper Lip $7.00
Chin $7.00
Forehead $8.00
Partial Face (Sides) $18.00
Full Face $38.00

Body Threading

1/2 Leg $35.00
Full Leg $68.00
Under Arm $25.00
1/2 Arm $27.00
Full Arm $50.00

Henna & Makeup

Henna (Temporary Tattoo) (Starting Price) $20.00
Makeup Application $26.00
Permanent Makeup (Prices Vary) $0.00

Eyelash Extension

Full Set $300.00
1/2 Set $200.00
Temporary & Lash Clusters $30.00
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The Services It Specializes In

Brow Art 23 specializes in eyebrow art obviously and it’s an art that combines steady hands, attention to detail, and an eye for symmetry as well as an understanding of the client’s face shape, personality, and preferences.  Due to the sensitivity of eyebrow shaping, no matter the technique used, the salon professionals handling eyebrow-related services have intensive training in it.

While shaving the eyebrows is the more common technique in eyebrow shaping, the chain of Brow Art 23 salons uses the threading technique for its safe, effective and long-lasting results. Threading is a depilation technique where a piece of thread, usually of cotton material, is twisted into a double strand that will then be used in removing the hair.

The thread basically picks up a line of hair and removes it with less pain than waxing; the latter usually involves artificial waxes and chemicals that increase the risk of allergic reactions. The hair is removed follicle by follicle so the results are also long-lasting although, like all hair removal hair techniques, follow-up maintenance sessions are required for best appearance. These follow-up sessions may be recommended two to four weeks after the first session.

The results are also precise down to the last hair follicle, too. But since the double-strand thread only targets each hair, the risk of irritation on the follicle and skin are significantly reduced.  Such safety makes it a highly recommended hair removal technique for people with sensitive skin, for people who experience allergic reactions to artificial waxes, and for people on skin medications (e.g., Acutane and Retin-A).

Threading isn’t just for the eyebrows either. The technique is also safe and effective for the removal of hair on the face, such as on the lips, chin and forehead as well as the neck, even on the body. The results are as beautiful as waxing and laser hair removal but less painful and less expensive, as well as requiring less downtime – as soon as you’re finished with your face or body threading session, you can immediately go back to your everyday activities.

The prices for threading services will vary depending on the location and area being threaded. For example, the lips, chin and neck threading services are more affordable than the eyebrow service. Ask your threading technician first since the actual price will vary on several factors, too.

Brow Art 23 also offers the following services:

Eyelash extensions

These are applied to create the appearance of fuller, longer and lusher eyelashes for a more beautiful look. The eyelash extensions may also be used to add a personal style to the eyes, such as those used for cosplay. These can be treated like natural eyelashes once applied, from washing your face with them on to applying mascara on them.

Henna makeup services

These are usually commissioned for special occasions, such as weddings and birth, and religious events like Diwali and Eid. The henna application is completely painless while the results are completely captivating, as well as lasts for one to three weeks.

Permanent makeup services

These are usually applied on the eyebrows so that these have permanent appearance. Clients request said service because it reduces prepping time, especially during the morning makeup routine.

Brow Art 23 also offers products. These include eyebrow cakes, angle brushes, stencils, growth tonic, and gel.

The Reasons for Coming Here

Brow Art 23 offers beauty salon services at reasonable prices. You will definitely get the best value for the money, especially in terms of perfectly-shaped eyebrows, hairless face and body, and permanent eyebrow tattoo. You may think that the prices are on the upscale side but when you consider that you’re spending for your beautiful face – and just once a month, too – you will agree that every dollar is worth it.

The salon professionals are both courteous and competent, a combination of qualities that make each visit enjoyable. As soon as you enter the salon’s door, you will be greeted by friendly staff and asked about your day. You may engage in small talk before proceeding to the order of the day – the type of services you want for the day.

The salon accepts credit card for payment.  While calling for appointments is appreciated, you may also just walk into the salon and your needs will be accommodated.

To set up an appointment with Brow Art 23, please visit their official site at

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