JCPenney Salon Prices

There are two ways of entering the hairstyling industry. One can start from humble beginnings and grow into a giant. Or, one could be a giant and simply diversify into the industry with a credible name and a strong capital base.

JCPenney had a dream of providing everything you need under one roof. With the advantage of size, they can service your traditional hair care needs plus a little more.

The following JCPenny Salon prices are estimates only.



Haircut & Blowdry$32.00-$42.00
Express Cut$22.00-$32.00
Kid's Haircut (12 and Under)$14.00
Complimentary Bang TrimFREE

Men's Services

Signature Experience (Scalp Massage, Hot Towel, Haircut, and Facial Hair Trim)$23.00
Complimentary Neck TrimFREE

Signature Blowouts

Includes: Signature Shampoo Service, Scalp Massage, Hot Towel, and Styling

The City Sleeker (Sleek and Shiny)$30.00-$40.00
The Cosmopolitan (A Tousled Look with Movement and Volume)$30.00-$40.00
The Sexy Beach (Beachy Waves to Frame The Face.)$30.00-$40.00
The French Quarter (Cascading Curls)$30.00-$40.00

Finishing Touches

Basic Blowout (Shampoo and Blowdry with a Brush)$22.00-$32.00
Formal Up-Do (Braiding, Up-Styles, and Curls)$50.00-$60.00
Shampoo & Set$26.00
Shampoo & Set with Haircut$36.00


Single-Process with Haircut$70.00-$80.00
Double-Process (Bleach & Tone)$80.00-$90.00
Double-Process with Haircut$95.00-$105.00
Glossing (Performed Following Chemical Service to Add Intense Shine)$15.00
Temporary Color Rinse$5.00
Corrective Color$70.00-$80.00

Color Highlights

Foil with Haircut$90.00-$100.00
Partial Foil (Up to 12 Foils)$45.00-$55.00
Partial Foil with Haircut (Up to 12 Foils)$60.00-$70.00
Accent Foil (Up to 4 Foils)$20.00-$30.00
Cap Highlight$65.00-$75.00
Cap Highlight with Haircut$80.00-$90.00
Dimensional Color (Two or More Colors to Create a Unique, Multi-Dimesnional Look)$90.00-$100.00
Dimensional Color with Haircut$105.00-$115.00
Ombre (Hair Coloring Technique Where a Gradual Fading of Color from Dark to Light, or Vice Versa is Achieved)$90.00-$100.00
Ombre with Haircut$105.00-$115.00
Balyage (Free Hand Technique of Applying Highlights, or Lowlights, with Select Pieces of Hair Receiving The Color Enhancement)$90.00-$100.00
Balyage with Haircut$105.00-$115.00

Hair Treatments

Moisture Loss (Mizani Custom Blend)$15.00
Moisture Loss (Humecto Deep Conditioning)$15.00
Breakage & Strength Loss (Collectives Penatraitt Deep)$15.00
Breakage & Strength Loss (Mizani Custom Blend)$15.00
Color Treated (Hair Recovery by Redken)$15.00
Dry Scalp & Dandruff (Mizani Custom Blend & Scalp Tonic)$25.00
Dry Scalp & Dandruff (Dry Scalp Tonic)$15.00
Clarifying (Malibu Wellness Intensive Clarifying)$15.00

Straightening Servicess

Chi Ultimate Blowout (Eliminates up to 95% of Frizz from Color-Treated Hair While Smoothing and Adding Shine)$150.00
Chi Ultimate Blowout with Haircut$165.00
Chi Thermal Straightening (Transform Frizzy, Curly, Wavy or Coarse, Straight, Hair into Smooth, Controlled, Straighter Hair)$300.00
Chi Thermal Straightening with Haircut$315.00
Retouch with Haircut$260.00


Relaxer with Haircut$75.00-$85.00
Relaxer with Color$90.00-$100.00
Relaxer with Haircut & Color$105.00-$115.00
Retouch up to 1"$45.00-$55.00
Retouch with Haircut up to 1"$60.00-$70.00


Basic Wave$60.00-$70.00
Basic Wave with Haircut$75.00-$85.00
Specialty Wave$75.00-$85.00
Specialty Wave with Haircut$90.00-$100.00

Natural Styling

Shampoo & Diffuse$25.00-$35.00
Basic Corn Row$30.00-$40.00
Corn Row with Design$50.00-$60.00
Bantu Knots$50.00-$60.00


Loc Maintenance$50.00-$60.00
Loc Styling$50.00-$60.00

Specialty with Extensions

Kinky Twist$120.00
Rope Twist$150.00
Micro Braids$200.00

Sets & Twists

Press & Curl$60.00-$70.00
Shampoo Services with Two-Strang Twist$60.00-$70.00
Shampoo Services with Flat Twist Set$60.00-$70.00
Single Twist (Comb Twist)$60.00-$70.00
Double Twist (Two Strand)$60.00-$70.00
Straw Set$60.00-$70.00
Rod Set$60.00-$70.00

History and Growth

J. C. Penney and Company, Inc., known as JCPenney is one of the largest mid-range department store chains in America. Aside from selling conventional merchandise, JCPenney offers other services, hair care and treatments included.

Though JCPenney is one of the newest entrees to the hairstyling industry, the whole business entity, founded in 1902, is one of the oldest in the retail industry.

JCPenney has 900 full-service salons across the country with more than 18,000 skilled salon associates who serve as their trusted partners in providing, not only satisfaction, but inspiration.

Services Offered

JCPenney offers the latest trends in cuts, coloring, texture and finishing services. JCPenney salons use top brand hair products such as Matrix and Paul Mitchell for their hairstyling services. All their salons cater to male and female customers of all ages. Haircuts could include blow dry for very competitive JCPenney Salon prices.

Finishing design work could include braiding, specialty set, wrap, twist, upstyles, spiral or pencil curl. They can do basic wave or specialty wave for texture curls services. With preliminary consultation, hair extension services could also be provided. Other services include hair curling and relaxing. Hair coloring services are also available; single process, double process, glossing, corrective color and color highlights, foil, partial foil, caramelizing and cap highlights.

Add silkiness and shine to your hair with Chi Ultimate blowout. Or, transform frizzy hair into silky, controlled straight hair with Chi thermal straightening. Side services include; manicures, nail extensions, nail polish & repair, nail embellishment, pedicures and hair removal.

Why Choose JCPenney?

Simply put, their range of services is enormous. If you are the type who would like to go to a salon with an open mind and ponder on site about what you feel like doing with your hair, then a JCPenney hair salon is the place to be because they can practically do everything you feel like having done.

It is a classic business strategy for a giant like JCPenney to anticipate all the variety of needs and trends in the hairstyling industry and offer all them under one roof. And speaking of competence, JCPenney is big enough to provide the best training and incentives and collect the best talents, hairstylists, in the market. Each JCPenney hair salon is sure to have competent and talented hairstylists that are up to date with the trends and fashion with the flexibility to adopt and deliver every client’s desired look.

Salons are conveniently located in JCPenney malls providing you with that extra convenience of getting several things done across one parking lot. For your next “hair day” try out any of the JCPenney Salons. The JCPenney Salons cost will outweigh the convenience of having everything you need under one roof.

To set up an appointment with JCPenny Salon, please visit their official website here.