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Updated: February 20, 2024

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By: Julia Rutherford

There are nail salons and there is “the” nail salon. There are some businesses that are content with keeping up to standards and moving with the flow. And, there are those who want to excel, even on the simplest of things. Dashing Diva is one of those companies that chose to stand out and be recognized as the “it” in the nail industry.

The following Dashing Diva prices are estimates only.



Divaroma Manicure$40.00
Spoiled Diva Manicure$30.00
Diva Organic Day Spa Manicure$45.00
All Out Diva Manicure$50.00
Polish Change (Express Mani)$16.00
French Manicure Supplement$6.00


Divaroma Pedicure$42.00
Spoiled Diva Pedicure$60.00
Diva Jelly Bath Pedicure$68.00
Organic Day Spa Pedicure$75.00
All Out Diva Pedicure$85.00
Polished Changed (Express Pedi)$28.00
French Pedicure Supplement$6.00

Nail Enhancements

Gel Supplement$30.00
Gel Manicure$48.00
Gel French Manicure$60.00
Gel Pedicure$68.00
Gel French Pedicure$78.00
Dip Powder Manicure$55.00
Dip Powder Manicure With Tips$85.00
Soak Off$6.00


Full Arm$45.00
Half Arm$23.00
Under Arm$17.00
Full Leg$55.00
Half Leg$35.00

Waxing Combos (Monday to Wednesday)

Face wax (Eye, Lip, Chin E Cheeks)$45.00
Full Leg + Full Brazilian Bikini$100.00
Full Leg + Semi Brazilian Bikini$85.00
Full Leg + Bikini$70.00

Mani + Pedi Combo (Monday - Wednesday)

Divaroma Mani E Pedi Combo$56.00
Spoiled Diva Mani 8 Pedi Combo$80.00
Organic Day Spa Mani E Pedi Combo$105.00
All Out Diva Mani E Pedi Combo$120.00

Other Services

Chair Massage (10 Minutes)$15.00
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Dashing Diva stemmed from Mr. John Chang who owned the world’s largest artificial nails manufacturing company with a manufacturing plant located in Port Washington, New York.

Dashing Diva opened its doors to the public in October 2003 with its first branch at Greenwich Village, New York.

Through creative innovations and exemplary customer service, Dashing Diva has re-invented the nail salon experience and has expanded to 30 locations in 3 continents. Dashing diva currently operates in United States, Japan, Philippines, China and Kuwait.

The Experience

Dashing Diva has developed the simple business of nail care into an enterprise. While maintaining the friendly ambience of a typical neighborhood nail salon, Dashing Diva provided a new definition and meaning for excellent service.

Every customer is treated to quick and professional nail care services that are unmatched in terms of quality and creativity, employing only the newest techniques and customer handling.

Every Dashing Diva location is closely monitored to project a homey ambience that is not only relaxing but fun. Their store designers make sure that every trip for a nail pampering session in any Dashing Diva location is a pleasant one.

Without any hype or self-emulation, customers readily notice the company’s detailed attention to sanitation and cleanliness and they have these to say;

What Do Customers Like Dashing Diva?

  • Customers appreciate the fact that the salon takes the extra effort of sterilizing all metal implements that come in contact with clients.
  • They use branded nail lacquers that make manicures and pedicures last.
  • They use high quality signature lotions, scrubs and special treatments that work.
  • Their nail attendants give the most relaxing free-bee massages.
  • Their menu of services is so descriptive of the actual service.
  • They have a lot of promotional gimmicks.
  • Dashing Diva is active and up to date with the fashion and entertainment industry.

Services Offered

Dashing Diva is the ultimate one stop shop for all your nail care needs. They do manicures, nail extensions, pedicures, waxing and they can perform all these services for kids below 8 years old.

Aside from nail pampering, they also do massage and facials.

Dashing diva can provide professional manicuring and pedicuring services in combination with aromatherapy, massage and exfoliation. If it’s describable, they can do it to your nails.

For nail extensions, they can do it with silk wraps, overlay on natural nails, tips, extension with silk, glue & gel manicure and powder fill-ins

For waxing, they can do eyebrows, lips, full body, underarm, bikini, semi-Brazilian bikini, full leg, chin, cheeks, chest, back and shoulders.

They can provide 10-minute chair massage, 10-minute heavenly foot massage and 30-minute reflexology.

Why Choose Dashing Diva?

Dashing Diva is the ultimate nail pampering experience.

They have the most creative and best trained nail specialists in every location who are well versed and equipped to perform all the current nail design trends and tricks.

Since Dashing Diva is the “it” in the nail service industry, all the top nail experts are crowding the Dashing Diva locations as they all want to be part of the industry leader not only for the image but for personal growth. The company is always ahead in professional training and development.

Customers can take advantage of Dashing Diva’s well talented personnel. If you want the best manicure and pedicure designs and services, Dashing Diva is the most reliable place to get it.

Since Dashing Diva is very active in the fashion and entertainment industry, customers who are still shopping for the look that they want can best benefit from Dashing Diva’s familiarity and mastery of what’s “in” and “out” in the nail fashion scene.

Every Dashing Diva location is designed and groomed to give every customer the most relaxing and fun nail pampering experience.

Nail days are supposed to be relaxing. It is the time devoted to not only for the best and most fitting manicure and pedicure creation, but a time devoted for relaxation. It’s your day off and you only deserve the most relaxing experience.

Dashing Diva pays extra attention to sanitation and cleanliness. Every Dashing Diva Nail Salon practices their set sanitation standards to make sure that every customer will receive the safest and cleanest nail services.

There is no doubt that when it comes to nail pampering, Dashing Diva has set the new standard that every customer should demand for and enjoy.

If you want the best and most creative manicures and pedicures, there’s only one place to go, Dashing Diva where you will get the best from the best.

To set up an appointment with Dashing Diva, please visit their official site at www.dashingdiva.com.


Dashing Diva FAQ

How much is waxing at Dashing Diva?

Eyebrow – $9.00
Lip – $7.00
Chin/Cheek – $9.00

How much is lounge pedicure at Dashing Diva?

Lounge Pedicure – $23.00

How much is manicure at Dashing Diva?

All-Out Lounge Manicure – $35.00

How much is gel polish at Dashing Diva?

Gel Polish – $28.00