What Women are Looking for in a Hair Salon?

Hair Day is a very important day, not only for women but the entire family. It is that day when mom is given the freedom to attend to herself and her needs as a woman who has to sustain her confidence through being the best she can be.

Women and hair salons establish lasting relationships through a dynamic interplay of trust, familiarity and practicality.

These words may appear to be very profound but, they are just simple terms that can be described by the following 10 qualities.

1. Cozy

Women spend an enormous amount of time in hair salons. It may only be a “once a month” affair but, they spend a whole afternoon there from shampooing all the way to styling which usually takes hours to accomplish.

The salon must therefore be a cozy place where women can relax and be stress-free. Hair day is a day for relaxation. Everything must be perfect from the availability of parking space to the right setting of the thermostat.

Comfort starts from the seat and extends all the way to the personality of the staff in attendance.

2. Friendly

Women always go to hair salons in a good mood. This is a very special day for them so it is only befitting that they receive friendly treatment from the salon staff and hair stylists.

A greeting and sincere smile is all it takes to create a good impression.

The warm delivery of salon services is what forges long lasting relationships.

And, a sincere waving of bye-bye as a simple gesture of being happy to be of service is all that’s needed for a customer to keep coming back.

3. Clean

Customers deserve a clean and sanitary environment.

Cut hair on the floor should be swept as often as possible and delicate salon equipment like scissors and combs should be sanitized from one customer to another after every usage.

The hair washing area should always be kept clean and the flooring should constantly be dried with a mop so as to prevent slipping and other possible accidents.

4. Competent

Hair stylists should have undergone training on all aspects of the salon services which includes cutting, texturing, coloring and styling.

Where certification is required such as in the administration of the Brazilian Blowout, the stylists should be ready to show proof of it.

Hair stylists should be well versed with the traditional and trending hairstyles because a lot of women who go to hair salons are looking for new alternatives to try.

Every stylist should be a repository of knowledge concerning hair health and styles.

5. Good Listener

Though the hairstylists may know more about the hair trends than the customer, it is important for the hairstylists to listen carefully to what the customer wants. It is only through careful listening, can a hairstylist provide the best and most satisfying service possible. Comments and opinion about the request must be reserved unless asked for.

In the event that the stylist’s view on the matter is requested, the hairstylist should be able to declare his honest opinion and provide practical and aesthetical suggestions.

In cases where the customer’s requests go beyond what is possible, the stylist should be able to explain the limitations and offer alternatives.

6. Updated

Hairstylists should be updated with the latest fashion trends because women are always on the lookout for new styles and trends that will create another dimension in their personality.

Though a customer is most likely to stick to her usual style, she will always be curious about the latest and the current trends in the hair fashion scene.

A hairstylist should be able to volunteer suggestions that may fit the customer.

A hair salon should always be a place for options.

7. Fair Price

There is no denying that most people are working on a tight budget. Women would appreciate salon services that fall within the market’s reasonable pricing scheme.

8. Quality Mirrors

For most part of the customer’s stay in the salon, they will be looking at themselves in the mirrors.

Hair salons should invest on quality mirrors that accurately reflect their customer’s image, not the ones that stretch their image vertically, horizontally and worst of all distortingly.

Besides, quality mirrors are vital in the hairstylist’s work for providing accurate and creative cuts and styles.

9. Professional

Though customers are always looking for a homey atmosphere, one can go overboard by crossing the borderline of professionalism.

Women who go to salons welcome a lot of discussion but most of them are more interested in significant information about hair care and hairstyles than gossips.

10. Discount

Nobody saves of loses money on a discount but, it creates the impression of importance and great regard.

Customers will appreciate discount cards and special membership cards.

It is a very difficult task for a mom to convince her family to give her an afternoon off to go to a hair salon. If this mom chooses a salon to spend this most precious time in, she deserves nothing but the best.

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