Guide to Brazilian Blowouts for the Uninitiated

Brazilian blowouts are among the most popular salon treatments for women for several reasons. You can have your treatment customized to your unique needs, be it for a sleek, straight and smooth hair or for a wavy hairstyle with no frizz despite the heat and humidity. You will also appreciate that it significantly reduces the number of hours spent on drying and styling your hair for up to 12 weeks – truly, money well spent for career women, students, and housewives who want one less beauty routine to perform daily.

But before setting your appointment for a Brazilian blowout, you should read this guide first. You will find that it always pays to know exactly what you should be getting in your beauty treatments, not only because you are paying for them but also because your physical appearance and mental health (i.e., confidence) are at stake. You don’t want to be in a bad haircut as much as you want to avoid a bad blowout.

Know Your Hair Type

While every woman may want to have a Brazilian blowout because of the gorgeous results, not everybody has the suitable hair type for it. Hairstylists usually recommend the procedure on women with frizzy or curly, processed or damaged, and fine or coarse hair; the tresses can also have been permed, lengthened with extensions, and straightened using the Japanese method.

If your hair has been chemically-treated, such as with strengtheners and relaxers, you will love the Brazilian blowout because it involves the application of essential amino acids. These beneficial precursors of protein fortifies each strand and, thus, improve your hair’s condition from the roots to the tips.

In terms of a relaxer applied on your hair, your stylist will apply the relaxer first followed by the Brazilian blowout. At the end of each treatment, your stylist will apply a neutralizer for best results. If you want to transition away from Japanese straighteners and relaxers, your Brazilian blowout treatment will put movement back into your tresses, too.

Your stylist will also recommend the hair treatment even when you have colored or dyed hair, including lowlights and highlights. This is because the Brazilian blowout involves the application of a conditioner, which seals in the color into the cuticle while increasing luster and decreasing frizz.

But women who have straight, especially tresses with fly-away tips, and wavy hair should discuss their suitability for the treatment with their stylists. Keep in mind that being honest about the overall condition of your hair will likely mean the best results – beautiful and bouncy hair that you will be proud to wear as your crowning glory.

If you have wavy hair, your stylist can make it appear straighter with little to no frizz and fly-away. In case of very curly tresses, the treatment can enhance the appearance of your natural waves while also reducing frizz. With straight and frizzy hair, you will appreciate the radiant shine and frizz-free appearance of your hair.

You can have your hair colored on the same day as your Brazilian blowout, too, but your stylist will dye your hair first and then perform the treatment. You have to wait for 2 weeks in between your Brazilian blowout and color service in case you want to postpone the latter for a future date.

Look for a Certified Stylist

Not every hairstylist is also qualified to perform Brazilian blow-outs. You have to ask about the training (i.e., certification) of the salon’s hairstylist who will be assigned to your treatment – and if the salon cannot show any proof, then you may want to look for another place.

The importance of only letting a certified stylist handle your tresses for a Brazilian blowout cannot be overemphasized. The treatment, for one thing, involves the use of chemicals that can have side effects and complications when improperly handled.  Let’s just say that while a Brazilian blowout is not dangerous when performed properly, it has its share of risks in the hands of an inexperienced stylist.

Time Frames of the Treatment

Basically, the treatment involves the use of the right mix of chemicals to nourish the hair proteins, known as keratins. These chemicals change the proteins so that you will have straightener, shinier, and bouncier locks than even before.

When setting your appointment, you have to remember that a Brazilian blowout will take longer to finish than your usual haircut. You have to make allowances for it since the treatment cannot be rushed, if and when you want the best possible results in terms of lush, lustrous, and frizz-free hair.

You will enjoy the fact that the results last for 10 to 12 weeks after which you have to come back for a repeat treatment. The good news: The more treatments you receive, the healthier your hair will likely be although you should discuss the risks of too frequent Brazilian blowouts (i.e., spaced too soon) with your stylist.

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