How to Make a Hair Stylist Your Ally

If there is someone who knows your hair better than you do, it has to be your stylist. For this reason, it is only fitting that you maintain a harmonious relationship with him or her. Developing a better relationship with your stylist, however, requires a little TLC. Like any relationship, it requires trust and honesty to ensure that he or she can deliver the hair treatment you need. Here are some of the things you need to do:

Keep Your Word

Always stick to your appointment. Stylists or hairdressers cater to a lot of customers and normally find it hard to balance their appointments. So, make sure to cancel in advance if you need to. Tardiness is another factor that usually puts a wedge between client-stylist relationships. Being late for a few minutes due to traffic or an emergency is forgivable especially when you have sent out a word by calling the hair salon. When you are late, all other clients who have an appointment with your stylist will have to adjust their schedule to accommodate you.

Be Generous

Want to keep a stylist’s love? Be generous in giving a tip. On average, hair salon stylists receive between $10 and $20 as a tip, depending on the services done. When there are special considerations for you (particularly, when you came in late or have previously canceled an appointment due to unforeseen circumstances), you might want to give a bit more. Think about having your son’s first haircut. With all the whining and crying, you might want to consider giving your stylist more for the patience. Don’t forget special occasions, too. Being extra generous on Christmas is not really a bad thing.

Provide Clear Instructions

Telling a stylist to do what she needs to do can be nerve-wracking for him or her. You need to clearly communicate what you want especially when this is the first or second time you’ve transacted with the stylist Do not let a stylist second-guess your needs. If you want a darker mane, make sure to tell your stylist about it. If there’s a new haircut or color you like, consider bringing a picture of it. To get their attention, ask for their suggestion or opinion on such choices, too.


When thinking of gaining a stylist’s trust, consider the old adage “honesty is the best policy.” Most, if not all, hairdressers appreciate an honest client. These hardworking individuals would rather be told personally about their failings so it can be remedied right away rather than be criticized on social media by an unhappy client. Be reminded that these people do this for a living and can also feel hurt. Unless, of course, the service is not only dismal but the stylist is just plain condescending. In the same light, do remember to also give appreciation where it’s due.

Be Ms. Congeniality

A haircut can take at least an hour complete with shampoo, conditioner and blow-dry. Hair color and other hair treatments definitely take much longer. So, it will be a waste of time to simply sit like a gargoyle while your hair’s being attended to. It may seem awkward to talk about current events on your first visit but it will definitely open a floodgate of connection between you and your preferred stylist. Be chatty while keeping things polite and lively by talking about inconsequential stuff like the Kardashians latest scandal or an accident that happened in Route 49. Steer clear of personal gossips though as this is often headed for trouble.

Drop Those Thingamajigs

When on a chair and being treated like the Queen of England, the least you can do is pay attention to what a stylist is doing or at the very least, make the efforts easier for her. Put your calls on voicemail and stop taking pictures or footages as if you are giving a tutorial. The more you move, the more errors can happen. This will also demand more efforts from a stylist as your unnecessary movements can easily distract them. For emergency calls, however, be polite in asking to be excused for a while.

Be Thoughtful

Last but not least, be thoughtful by remembering special occasions. This is quite apt for those who have been with their stylists for a long time. A gift basket on Christmas, a movie pass on her birthday, or a baby gift when she’s expecting will make great presents to a stylist and will definitely go a long way. These may seem non-consequential to you but to a stylist, these little gestures only show how much you treasure his or her services.

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