Hair Salon Etiquette You Should Be Aware Of

Do you often get the feeling that your hair stylist doesn’t particularly like you? Do you feel like an unwelcome client the moment you step inside a salon? Sometimes, it is not so much how we look but how we act that make people like or dislike us. Perhaps, a quick look on how you actually conduct yourself during those salon visits will give you the answer.

Many hair salon clients feel like the salon should be grateful for their business. This could be due to the notion that hair salons, being a volatile service industry, must always put their clients’ satisfaction first. However, as a paying customer, getting the best experience from a salon visit and winning the heart of a stylist begin with knowing and following certain etiquette. Just take a look below:

1. Use Gadgets Sparingly

In an era where it’s almost impossible for people not to have a smartphone or a tablet, maintaining proper decorum while getting a perm or some highlights can be a challenge. When visiting a hair salon, chatting loudly on your phone can disturb other’s sense of relaxation and peace. It is a no-no to use your phone when being shampoo-ed or if your hair is placed in a heating cap as this could damage your phone. Though hair salons have no actual rule prohibiting the use of gadgets during hair treatment, your insensitive action can make a stylist’s or an aide’s job pretty tough. If there is an important call that you need to take, consider informing your stylist beforehand.

2. Ask But Be Nice

There are many ways not to sound and act like a diva in a salon. Do not be afraid to tell your hairdresser what you want but make sure to also ask for his or her suggestion or opinion on the matter. These experts know a lot about hair, and they can tell you if a particular hairstyle or treatment is good or bad for you. Just tell the stylist what you want and do not repeat yourself over and over again.

3. Of Food and Drinks

Bringing in foods and drinks to a salon is not a problem, that is, if these are given as gifts or token of goodwill to the stylist and staff therein. But even if there is no clear prohibition, eating your lunch while having a hair treatment is a definite no-no. This is even more so when you are munching on a smelly delicacy or slushing on an alcoholic beverage. When thinking of getting a hair rebond or other treatments that will take much time, do carry a sandwich or any finger foods which do not emit any foul smell when taken. Most top-rated salons offer complimentary drinks like bottled water, green tea or ginger ale, too.

4. Be Visual

Do you have something in mind but have a hard time explaining it to the stylist? Why not bring a photograph of this style instead? If you are not confident about what you want, a photo will help deliver a clear message to your stylist. Be reminded that perception of color, texture, length and so on can vary greatly from person to person. By bringing a picture, you can give the stylist a clear visual of what you want.

5. Tips

It is proper to give a tip when visiting a hair salon. A shampoo assistant’s tip can be around $5 to $8 while a stylist can be given around $10 to $20 depending on what type of service you requested. The next time you visit, make sure to have some cash handy as most salons only accept cash as tips.

6. Changing Stylists

There will be times when you simply do not make an appointment and to your disappointment, your preferred hairstylist is not available for the day. Of course, he or she can always refer you to another stylist. So to avoid this, it is imperative to book in advance.

7. Retreatment

Always ask your stylist how often you should return for retreatment and book an appointment beforehand. Some people require retreatment every month while others, every 6 months. Some people need a hair cut every few weeks while others need a haircut every few months. Return appointments can vary greatly so, it is only fitting to ask and book in advance.

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