DIY Hair Dyeing: What You Need to Know About Coloring Your Hair at Home Without Bleach

It’s an undeniable fact that dyeing your hair is one of the best ways to change up your look. It’s also an exciting thing to try since you can now pretty much dye your hair any color under the sun.

While it would be better to head to Magicuts or Fiesta Salon to have it professionally done, our unique times might not allow it. Some might have to resort to dyeing their hair on their own. 

Before you get yourself a box hair dye and have a go at your locks, you should know a few important things:

Don’t expect to get salon-grade results.

No matter what the box says, most commercially available hair dyes will not provide the exact same results as what your favorite hair colorist from Salon Lofts or Sally Hershberger can provide. 

Why? There’s a science to hair coloring and a one-size fits all approach will not cut it. A professional colorist will know how to handle your hair and how to formulate their dye to make sure that it will work on your locks, so the results from a box dye will hardly ever be as satisfying as something made by a professional.

Not all box dyes are the same.

Box dyes are designed with ‘normal’ hair types in mind. This means that they’re not necessarily made for those with thin or coarse hair. If you have any of the two, don’t expect these products to work wonders on you.

However, there are professionally formulated to-go kits that you can order and use at home. Like box dyes, they’re made for home use but they’re better since they’re concocted by hair colorists. Some can even be customized according to your exact needs if your hair colorist offers such a service. With these, you can get the closest thing to a salon hair color treatment, except you actually need to do the dirty work at home.

Not all colors can be done at home without bleach.

This should be a given, especially if you have dark hair and you want a permanent color. If you want to err on the side of caution and not bleach your locks at home, you might want to settle with hues that won’t require lightening your locks in order to show up. You can easily go a few shades lighter without needing to bleach your locks or opt for dark violets, greens, or blues if you don’t want to use bleach.

Temporary hair dyes can be your option if you want to dye your hair a bright shade.

There are 4 kinds of hair dyes available in the market: permanent, semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and temporary. Permanent hair color lasts the longest but box dyes don’t always offer the same longevity as the ones used in salons. Semi-permanent dyes last for about 6 weeks while demi-permanent dyes last for about 24 washes.

Temporary hair dyes, a.k.a. hair makeup, are exactly what their name suggests. They can be washed out easily so they don’t require the same amount of effort or commitment as other kinds of hair dyes. They also do not require your locks to be bleached before taking full effect. This is why it’s a great option if you want to try an unconventional hair color without committing fully to it.

The best part about these hair dyes is the fact that they are very easy to apply. Many are available in spray form so you just really have to spray it on evenly on your head. Others work like hair masks so you just need to work them on your hair, let it sit for about 30 minutes or as the label indicates, and then rinse them off. It’s fuss-free, no-bleach dyeing system that will transform your look in a flash.

Opt for wigs.

If you don’t want to damage your locks by bleaching it yourself, you can also just fake it entirely by donning on some wigs. This trick is not a new technique but not many are giving it a try. It’s also not so simple since you have to shop around for nice wigs and you have to perfect the techniques required in putting them on. Maintaining fake hair can also require a lot of work and the really good-looking ones can cost a lot.

On the flip side, however, they can easily change up your hair color and style in a flash. You also don’t have to worry about getting bored or committing to one look since you can change it up very easily. Of course, it also won’t damage your hair the way dyes will, allowing you to maintain healthy tresses. So, for some, its perks outweigh its drawbacks.


Dyeing your hair at home is not recommended, especially if you wish to use bleach to achieve the color that you want. However, there are alternatives that might suit the purpose you have in mind. Take our examples into consideration and you might just be able to find the perfect technique for you.

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