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4 Reasons Why You Can Opt Not to Bleach Your Roots

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Only 2% of the world’s population are blondes. So if you want to try out a very bright hair color, there’s a good chance that you have to bleach your hair first before you can achieve your desired look. This is the only way to get your hair look vibrant as dark pigments won’t easily let some hues come out.

Unfortunately, bleaching your locks isn’t highly recommended by experts. Stripping the color away from your hair can make them thin and brittle and not a lot of people are not okay with that. Bleaching the roots is an even bigger concern for many as it can be painful.

But did you know that you can still get a vibrant hair color without bleaching your roots? More and more celebrities are doing this so they can avoid completely damaging their locks. This is why it’s not exactly an out of this world idea anymore.

Sure, it won’t let you achieve certain looks but it can still be worth a try. There are some good benefits in opting for this look and some of them are the following:

It can help make a bold color look a bit more natural.

This might cause some eyebrows to raise but if you’ll think about it, unbleached roots can soften the boldness of a hair color. The dark roots can help anchor your look so you don’t look too out of this world. By balancing out the bright color with dark roots, the entire look won’t feel too foreign.

It can create a bold look in itself.

If you’re worried that you won’t look as flashy as you wanted to be, don’t. It will still look very bold since dark roots tend to be extra striking. Back in the day, people will think that you’re just too lazy to get a touch-up, but nowadays, they’re already a part of the look. It’s a great thing, really, as it broadens the horizon of how people can style their locks.

You can actually use your dark roots to achieve a nice contrast between the colors you want to wear on your head. You can either just skip bleaching the roots and wear a single bold color all over or just color the tips.

Both techniques will also help you achieve eye-catching hairstyles without a hitch. In fact, the latter might even create a bolder look since it the splash of color at the tips might come as a surprise.

It’s easier to maintain.

Maintenance is the biggest challenge when it comes to changing your hair color and touching up your roots is probably the most taxing part of it. In fact, you’ll most likely need to have your hair touched up every 4 to 8 weeks. It might not seem like a short time for some people but with the expenses and hassle that come with bleaching your hair, you’ll be surprised at how fast time passes when you need to book an appointment with your hairstylist again.

By opting not to bleach your roots, however, you can just skip all of these. You might even get away with growing your hair out completely without getting any touch ups. You’ll just end up with dip-dyed hair and that’s not a bad thing. It’s a good look on a lot of people, so you might just be able to get a lot out a single hair coloring session.

It can keep your scalp in good shape.

Last, but not the least, not bleaching your roots can help keep your hair healthy. Bleaching all of your hair can damage the roots and cause hair loss and breakage since the hair will grow out weak. By letting your roots skip the harsh procedure, you’ll still be able to keep most of your tresses away from harm.

Not bleaching your roots can also prevent your scalp from drying out and getting irritated. In all honesty, a lot of people can deal with fried and overly dry locks but having a dry and irritated scalp is another thing.

This can be very uncomfortable for one thing as it can get itchy and painful. It can also cause embarrassment as a dry scalp can cause flakiness as well. This can make you look like you have dandruff which can then take a hit on your confidence.

Finally, it can also throw your hair health in a loop. An unhealthy scalp can affect the well-being of your locks since it’s one of the first places where your hair gets its nourishment from. So if your scalp is dry, your tresses won’t be in its best shape as well.

While there’s nothing wrong with bleaching your hair, especially when professionally done at a Sola Salon or any other reputable salon near you, opting out of it is also not a bad idea. Hopefully, these points help you realize that.

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