Stuck at Home? Maybe It’s Time to Revive Your Hair

With the current health crisis making it more ideal for most of us to stay home, many of us might not even need to leave the house for days on end. This has definitely thrown lots of people’s routines for a loop as some things just don’t feel necessary to do anymore. 

Beauty routines have certainly changed for most folks as some may not feel like they need to put on a full face of makeup every single day. Some took up skin care instead, since the need to wear makeup is gone, they can now focus on testing skincare products and truly see how well they work. 

The same thing can be said for hair care. A lot of us did not have the time to focus on caring for our strands with our hectic lifestyles, so now that we’re forced to stay at home, some things can be crossed off our schedules giving us time to work on our locks instead.

If you’re thinking of trying new things to rejuvenate your hair. Here are a few things that you can try that will surely help out your hair:

Less washes

Lots of people aren’t too keen on not washing their hair every day because it feels wrong to go out with unwashed hair. But did you know that frequent washing could be the very reason why your hair is stringy, brittle, and dry? Your natural oils tend to be some of the best moisturizing agents for your hair so if you wash them off every day, you leave your locks with no nourishment and moisture. 

But since you’ll be staying at home and won’t be in close proximity to others, there’s no more reason to worry about getting your hair a bit oily. This is why this can be the best time to try washing your hair less frequently. You can start by washing every other day for the first couple of weeks then to every two days when you feel like it already. After a while, you’ll really see the difference it will do on your locks.

Switch to air drying

If you’re heavily reliant on your hair blower to dry your hair, this is also the best time to kick the habit to the curb. Heat styling can be quite damaging to your locks, especially when done very frequently. But since you’re probably always in a rush to step out of the house, there’s no other choice but to plug in your hair dryer.

Now that you probably don’t have to rush having to get ready to go out, you may be able to just air dry your locks instead. It will take longer than blow drying but since you don’t really have to do much for this task, it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

It should be noted, however, that this process should still involve a small amount of hair dryer use. As it’s not ideal to leave your hair soaking wet for long periods as doing so can be damaging to your locks, too, you should still blow dry your hair a little bit until your locks are only damp and not wet. From here, you can then air dry your locks to completely dry. Don’t forget to use the cold setting, too, so you can completely avoid using heat on your locks.

Deep conditioning

If you have very dry hair, you should also do some DIY deep conditioning treatments at home. You can just leave your choice of hair mask or coconut or argan oil on your hair while you putter in the kitchen or during work hours then wash it off hours later. Doing this will help your hair soak in as much moisture as it needs.

Get a trim at home, if possible

To add a flourish to your hair care regimen, you should also make sure to see your hairstylist to let them have a look at your tresses’ progress. Most salons are allowed to operate now but if you’re not too keen on that, you might also book for a house call with your stylist if they offer such services. 

This way, you don’t have to go to a public place if you don’t want to. We all know that popular places like Salon Lofts and Supercuts can attract a lot of customers on a regular basis, so it might be better to seek alternative ways to get their experts to help you out.

Living in these weird times can be tough but don’t let it get you down. You may be stuck at home but if you follow our tips, you can at least get amazing hair from keeping yourself safe and staying home

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