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How to Have Salon-Styled Hair at Home

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Have you ever been stuck in a time where you are too busy to visit a salon yet, your hair looks like a hurricane just passed through it? Well, there are actually certain ways for you to apply salon techniques without wasting a lot of time and money for it. If you are like most women—or men—the idea can be quite daunting. You might think of yourself incapable and your tools, inadequate. But did you know that there are some steps you can take to easily recreate your fave salon hairstyle without the hassle? Here are some tips to help you out:


Take pictures or, perhaps, a video of how your stylist works on your hair. One of the best ways to recreate an expertly styled hair is to have a clear picture of the said hairstyle on the very day it was done. If taking pictures is not allowed (or when the stylist attending to you finds it uncomfortable), try to take a photo of your new hairstyle from front to back and to the sides as well as on top. Record it on your smartphone or tablet. This image will be your point of reference when recreating the said hairstyle on your own.

Take Notes

All it takes is for you to take note of everything the stylist is doing with your hair. Stay focused on the actual styling process and make sure such info is clearly jotted down. Keying in the steps and techniques to your phone is not that hard. Simply save them for reading and review at a later time.

Write Down The “Ingredients”

In the same way as cooking a great meal (assuming that you can cook), you need to list down the complete ingredients down to a “pinch of salt” to ensure that everything turns out just right. The same can also be said when recreating your favorite hairstyle, that is, take note of the products being used. It does not really matter what brand of hair gel or spray but only the fact that you will need either one in doing so. Ask your stylist politely regarding what products she can best recommend for your hair type. Some hair salons sell these products thus, saving you time and effort.

You Need Tools

It takes more than a brush to create a satisfying hairstyle. A hair dryer can really come handy when thinking of getting salon-like hair day in and day out. You might need hot rollers, curling iron, flat iron or a paddle brush to make a difference. Be extra observant on what tools are being used by your stylist when doing magic to your hair and mimic them accordingly when using these tools at home.


You may want to request a private tutorial session with your preferred hairstylist at home. Some stylists do provide private teaching sessions for extra income. This, however, must be done with utmost discretion particularly in high-end hair salons where such arrangements are prohibited. If you want a hairstyling course, it is highly recommended that you enroll in a short course to learn basic and advance hairstyling techniques.

Or you can use video-sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. Hundreds of hairstylists share their creations online complete with techniques and life hacks that can help greatly in recreating a hairstyle that fits your facial structure. You can follow channels solely dedicated to hair styling like Kayley Melissa, Cute Girls Hairstyles, Luxy Hair, Lilith Moon, Claire Ashley, Cinthia Truong, Imogen for Foxy Locks, and many more. Experiment with various hairstyles and see which ones fit you best.  The good thing about video tutorials is that these can be done on your free time and at your own pace. You can rewind to instructions that seem not to make sense at first. The best thing is that—it’s completely free!


When it comes to learning how to learn salon-quality hairstyles, it never hurts to ask questions from the experts. Aside from asking your stylist, you can also make good use of online forums, discussions and websites that cater to such topics. Never be afraid to ask questions that will make hairstyling much clearer and more achievable. When it comes to mastery, however, practice and more practice is the only way to go.

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