What’s There to Know About Demi-Permanent Dye?

If you’re the type who come into your neighborhood SmartStyle salon for the usual haircut, then you will be curious about the demi-permanent dye services on its menu. You have likely heard about permanent and semi-permanent coloring services from your family and friends but not demi-permanent. You’re likely curious about it now, too. 

Here are a few questions and their answers that will help you understand it better. You may even ask your regular hairstylist for it because of its numerous benefits.  

What Is Demi-permanent Color? 

Like semi-permanent hair dye, demi-permanent dye doesn’t contain ammonia, an ingredient in permanent dye. As such, it isn’t a permanent color and it will wash out over time, especially with frequent washings. 

Since there’s no ammonia in it, it also causes less damage on the hair. It can even act as a conditioning treatment for the hair although it isn’t recommended to get demi-permanent dyes within a short interval. It still contains chemicals that can damage hair if and when applied one time too many, even by a salon professional. 

Demi-permanent dyes, however, contain peroxide albeit in lower quantities than in permanent dyes. (Semi-permanent dyes don’t contain peroxide) Peroxide is necessary in developing the hair – it slightly opens up the cuticle, thus, allowing the dye to better penetrate the hair. It then allows the color to last longer and to achieve more contrast than with semi-permanent dye. (The latter is usually applied to the cuticle’s exterior while the demi-permanent dye should penetrate the cuticle for it to work) 

What Are the Benefits of Demi-permanent Dye? 

If you want dyed hair that will last longer than with a semi-permanent dye, then a demi-permanent color is your best bet. Since it will gradually wash off, you won’t have to worry about making the time commitment. You may not like the color, for example, but that’s okay because it will wash off sooner than later. 

You won’t have to worry about tell-tale signs that you’ve had your hair dyed, too. This is because demi-permanent dye has a translucent quality to it. You will love that it’s also low maintenance, a must when you’re a busy career woman or full-time housewife or a working mother.  

You can also have your hair colored with demi-permanent dye and then have it treated with permanent dye. Then, just because you like it, you can have it colored with demi-permanent dye again. The multiple transitions are possible but you have to ask your colorist about the risks and rewards for doing them. 

How Do You Care for Demi-permanent Color? 

Since your hair has been chemically treated, you have to treat it with more care than usual. But don’t worry as these at-home care measures won’t eat up your time too much that your daily schedule is thrown for a loop.  

Use a deep conditioner for moisture and shine to your dyed hair. Wet your hair, work the deep conditioner into it but avoid massaging it into your scalp, and then leave it on for 8-10 minutes. Rinse your hair well with tap water and pat dry afterwards; avoid rubbing with a towel. You can also leave the deep conditioner for an hour or two, wrap it in a shower cap or warm towel, and then rinse, if your hair feels extra-dry. 

The deep conditioning treatments are a must since hair dyes can make your strands drier than before. You can do the deep conditioning treatment at least once a week. 

Use shampoo less than before. While shampoo can clean hair of its buildup of dirt, dust and dead skin cells, it can also strip the hair strands of its natural oils. Plus, it can remove the color molecules that can fade the demi-permanent dye faster than normal. 

You can shampoo every other day. Be sure to use a gentle shampoo, too, so that your hair’s natural oil will remain. You can use a dry shampoo on days that you’re not using a wet shampoo, especially if you have oily hair or after your workout.  

Use gentle products, too. Check the labels of shampoos and conditioners, and choose the ones without sulfates; these are chemicals added to shampoo for their heavy-duty cleansing property but these can also remove moisture and color molecules. 

Use products that stretch your hair color, so to speak. A neutralizer works for brassy hair since it counteracts unwanted warm tones. A color enhancing treatment is suitable for kicking up warm or neutral shades, such as reds, giving them a vibrant quality. 

Disguise gray hair by using root concealing products. You have two choices, namely: a root concealer spray for fine hair and a root concealer wand for coarser hair. 

Limit your use of heat-based tools like flat irons, curling irons and blow-dryers since heat opens up the hair cuticles. This means faster fading of your demi-permanent color. 

And when your hair color has faded, you should think about going for another demi-permanent session!  You will like that your hair always has that shiny, smooth and sleek look that comes from being taken care of by professionals.

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