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Why Do Families Love Fantastic Sams?

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There are hair salons and then, there’s Fantastic Sams. Many people across North America flock to its chain of salons scattered all over the Northern hemisphere out of loyalty and sheer love for its top-rated customer service and quality results. From simple haircuts to styling, and hair treatments, Fantastic Sams has earned the trust and preference of many loyal patrons. If you have just moved to the area or thinking of trying their services, here are some important points that will explain why this salon chain has been growing and thriving all these years.


Fantastic Sams hair salons are often located in areas that are convenient to its clients. The full-service hair care company makes sure that clients do not have to drive for hours to have their hair done by a professional stylist. It is their goal to bring affordable quality services closer to home for many locals for their convenience. All of their franchised establishments come with ample parking space too.

Professional Stylists

If there is one thing that the chain of hair salons can feel very proud of, it’s the professional stylists that they have in each and every salon that bears its brand name. Stylists have to be certified and re-trained to be qualified for a job at Fantastic Sams. They also need to go through regular re-trainings and reassessments to ensure that they uphold the standard and degree of excellence the hair salon chain wishes to uphold.

In line with this, their stylists’ appearance is also highly structured by the company. Each franchise must ensure that all staff come in professional and tidy clothing. Proper hair care must also be provided to them to maintain a certain standard.

Interior and Sanitation

Another important aspect of Fantastic Sams lies in its sanitation and appearance. No matter how big or small its hair salon franchise, it is always designed with flair and style. Sanitation is also its defining element. A floor manager ensures that hair are immediately collected. Color bowls, combs, brushes, and other tools should not be kept lying around when not being used and must be kept in a cart for easy pull-out of a stylist. Capes, towels, and linens must also be spick-and-span.

Quality Service

Though Fantastic Sams charges affordable prices for their services, you can always expect them to deliver topnotch results. Apart from their experience, stylists are trained to be adept with the current trend and technology in the market. All products used in all its hair salons are known to possess higher concentrations of salient ingredients to deliver a completely from-the-salon-look that lasts not just for a few days but for much longer. Its exclusive Fantastic Sams hair care has been proven to enrich and protect hair making it one of the most saleable products in the market, too. But what makes it unique though is the consultation done by professionals prior to any treatment. From simple haircut to a more complex color or styling, a client gets his or her hair checked to ensure that the right products will be applied.


Fantastic Sams is not Fantastic Sams without the stamp of quality on all its after-treatment products. Apart from giving you quality hair results, it also has a complete line of quality products for customers to use after every treatment. Unlike products bought in pharmacies, the Fantastic Sams products are made with superior ingredients with no unhealthy fillers. From moisturizing to volumizing and clarifying formulas as well as color protect formulas, this is one hair salon that offers the best of everything whether inside or outside its walls.

Customer First

When it comes to customer satisfaction, the hair salon chain ensures that each and every establishment it opens to the general public provides the best services possible. It ensures that all customers’ requirements are met. Complaints are acted upon accordingly and no customer is left hanging with their issues. Membership perks and seasonal promos are also made available to give customers more value for their money.


When it comes to pricing, Fantastic Sams is known for affordable rates. Compared to other hair salons, FS offers a more affordable price range for everyone to enjoy. Many clients are happy with this salon chain not just for its affordable pricing though but also for the quality care it delivers.


The most defining element of the Fantastic Sams hair salons, however, lies in their family-oriented services. Each and every franchise does not only cater to adult men and women but also to children as well as those with special needs. From your little tot to Grandma Jane and Grandpa Joe, the hair salon comes with professional hairstylists and accommodating staff to ensure that everyone in the family gets a relaxing and satisfying time in a salon.

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