Battle of Hair Salons: Great Clips vs. Fantastic Sams

What are you looking for in a hair salon? Some will base their decision on the actual number of dollars that will leave their wallets and be handed over to the salon. Some will base their decision on the value of the dollar versus the value of the services they will be getting.

In case what you are after is both what you have to spend and the personality if the hair salon, here are some valuable information about two of the most popular family hair salons in the market.

Great Clips

Great Clips Salon was conceived to fit the modern fast-phase lifestyle. A friendly and comfortable salon that’s open to serve you on evenings and weekends. Always ready to provide professional high quality haircuts for men, women and children at affordable prices.

Great Clips started operating their first salons in 1982. Great Clips has been very successful in franchising and have taken their salon chain to mega status. From their humble beginnings, Great Clips Chain already has 3,000 salons operating.

Fantastic Sams

Fantastic Sams hair salon chain was founded by Sam Ross who opened his first hair salon in Memphis, Tennessee in 1974. Sam’s venture proved to be a big success. And with much motivation and inspiration from his satisfied customers, Sam went into franchising his brand 2 years later.

Today Fantastic Sams has over 1100 salons throughout North America. Fantastic Sam has earned the reputation of providing high quality hair care services for the entire family. Sam Ross has one simple goal; to provide unexpected quality, service and style for an unbelievably reasonable Fantastic Sams price.

Services Offered

Great Clips does cutting, styling and perming while Fantastic Sams does all three plus coloring.

Fantastic Sams has that very clear advantage over Great Clips in the hair coloring department. For people who are looking for an entirely new look, those who want to change their hair color, they will definitely prefer Fantastic Sams over Great Clips.


If your intention in going into a salon is solely for having a trim then price-wise, it is better to go to Great Clips where a cut is only for $14 whereas in fantastic Sams a cut will always go with a style at $25.

However, if what you want is both cut and style, it is better to go to Fantastic Sams where the combination only costs $25 while in Great clips you’ll have to pay separately; $14 for the cut and $20 to $40 for the style depending on whether its regular, long or formal styling. Great clips prices for a haircut and style combo could either be $45, $55 or $65.

Perming for both hair salons start at $70.

Great Clips has a slight advantage because they have a lower price for partial perming at $49. Fantastic Sams will consider all perms as a complete perm at $70.

On the other hand, Fantastic Sams has an advantage for long hair full perming because they still charge the same $70 for it while great Clips will be charging $89 for perming that long hair.

Kid’s hair cut prices are the same for both hair salons with both charging $14 for it. But, seniors will be better off at Great Clips because they have a special rate of $12 for customers over 65 years old who come to their salons for a haircut. People over 65 years old will not be getting that benefit in a Fantastic Sams salon.

Where to Go (Summary)

If you are going to have a trim, Great Clips is more practical.

If you are going to have a trim and style, it is better to go to Fantastic Sams.

If you are going to have a perm for a regular length hair, you can either choose great Clips or fantastic Sams because they are offering the same price for it.

If you are going to have a partial perm, then it is better to go to Great Clips.

If you a long hair to be permed the, your best option is Fantastic Sam.

If you are going to have your kids who are under 10 years old a haircut you can go either way, Great Clips or Fantastic Sams.

If you kid is under 12 years old, take him to fantastic Sams because the7y still have a special rate for ages 11 and 10 and charge you only $17. In Great Clips kids aged 10 and 11 will be included in the adult’s rate.

If what you want is to change the color of your hair then you have to go to Fantastic Sams because Great Clips is not offering that.


Except for hair coloring where availability is the main consideration, there is really not much difference the pricing scheme of Great Clips and Fantastic Sams but a few dollars.

Unless one is really working on a very tight budget, a client will still value the quality of service versus a few dollars difference.

This is good as saying that the advantage of either great Clips or Fantastic Sams depend on their personnel in every location. After all, it is all about that unique relationship between customer and hairstylist.

It will always be that perfect blend of customer relationships that makes a client comfortable and hair cutting and styling skills that makes a client satisfied.

Hair salons are all about people.

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