Tips to Finding the Best Hair Products

When it comes to beauty regimen, the hair has always been a challenge for many. Apart from pricey hair salons, buying hair products can also be an overwhelming experience. Think about the hundreds of brands proliferating in the market, each giving you a promise to deliver the best hair care or styling experience for your hair. If you are on the verge of frustration over hair products that don’t deliver, here are some tips to help you:

Seek Advice from a Hairstylist

Do you have a favorite stylist? Why not ask him or her for recommendations? Hair stylists have wide knowledge about hair products and aside from their vast information on the most trusted brands in the market, your own stylist also knows your hair. So assume that they know the very products that will definitely deliver best results for your hair. It is such a shame if you will not take advantage of their expert advice.

Trusted Referral

Do you have a relative, a friend or a co-worker who always has amazing hair? Why not ask what she uses? There are certain people who always have awesome tresses but many actually rely on special hair products. So try to find out what her secret is.

Follow Hair Care Blogs and Reviews

If you are one who uses the internet a lot (who doesn’t?) then use this tool to get the info you need. Check out unbiased review sites as well as personal blogs from notable celebrities, hair stylists and fashion divas. This is one way for you to avoid products that might not work well for you as these individuals provide no-nonsense tips on hair care products which usually are taken from personal experiences or close encounters with other experts in the field. Some uber-popular bloggers even have a huge following online earning them the trust of many people in the industry. Be wary though as some bloggers and reviewers are getting paid for their opinion and recommendations. When checking, go for those who are notorious in giving both positive and negative reviews without batting an eyelash.

Check Out the Stores

Go to a department store and check out shops that provide samples or free hair treatments. Some brands are keen on building up actual customer trust by delivering both marketing strategies. This is one way for you to try a product and see if it can work with your hair. When it comes to free treatments though, it is highly recommended to go for products that do not leave a lasting impression to your hair.

Ask Family Members

Next to your hair stylist, there is no one who understands your hair better than your sister (or mother maybe?) who has the same hair type as you do. Whether you both have natural curls or straight as pin hair, fiery red or raven black, and all other quirkiness that run in the family, it would be one of the best and easiest way for you to know the best hair care products for you. If you have no sibling, a cousin or a family friend who shares the same hair type can also be a good source of information.

Use Social Media

The power of social media lies in the gamut of connections you get. Gone are the days when people have sleepovers or afternoon chit-chats gossiping over new hairstyles and other afternoon delights. You may want to create a group chat over Facebook, post an inquiry on Twitter or LinkedIn, post a question about a specific hair problem on Instagram. There are many ways to “talk” to your friends via social media that will allow them to share their experiences and secrets on caring for their hair.

Test the Products

If you know what type of hair you have, finding the right hair products can be easier to do. Simply visit a nearby store selling hair care products or go straight to a store’s hair product section and look for products that cater to your hair type. Choose the smallest size in the lot like a sachet for a shampoo or a hair conditioner. See its effects on your own hair and if it does not work, note it down so you can avoid buying them in the future.

Shopping for hair products does not always have to be a frustrating experience. You do not have to keep on guessing what will most likely deliver the best results on your hair. With these tips, you can finally maintain your tresses almost as well as going to a salon.

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