Unique Hair Care Traditions from All Over the World

Keeping one’s tresses healthy, shiny, and bouncy is a universal definition of hair health and beauty. However, the processes to achieve such results largely vary from one corner of the world to another. There are tons of factors at play here including the local climate, diet, genetics, and available ingredients among other things. This is why there are so many interesting hair care techniques that you can learn about from various parts of the globe.

If you’re curious about what other people from the different sides of the planet do to keep their locks in great shape, you’re in luck. While they may not be able to turn to Sally Hershberger or the Weave Shop for their hair woes, they have their own hair secrets that you might want to learn about. Here are a few that we think are really worth looking into.

In Japan and China, camellia oil is a popular hair care ingredient.

Also known as the Tsubaki oil or the tea seed oil, camellia oil is a well-known skin and hair treatment ingredient in Japan and China. Its absorption rate is pretty high so it’s preferred by many for its speedy and effective delivery of nutrients to the skin and hair. It’s also packed with antioxidants and various vitamins that guarantee hair and skin nourishment. 

You can find lots of camellia oil-infused products from Japan but you can also purchase just the oil and incorporate it to your routine. Most folks use it for scalp treatment while others use it as an ingredient in DIY hot oil treatments.

Brazilians treat their split-ends with fire.

Hair and fire are two things you don’t want next to each other. It’s a nasty combination but in Brazil, they actually cauterize their hair to get rid of split ends.

Velaterapia or candle hair cutting uses an actual flame from a candle to get rid of split ends and repair hair damage. How? The flame helps seal moisture into the strands, further preventing hair breakage. Often combined with a deep conditioning treatment, the process offers an accurate technique in removing damaged hair and in sealing the nourishing ingredients into your tresses.

Supermodels and celebrities have already tried this treatment and got exciting results. There are also some places in the US that offer such services, so you can try them if you want to. However, you should never try it at home if you don’t know how it works. Doing so will put your locks at a great risk.

Cactus oil is a popular Jamaican hair secret. 

If you’ve never heard of cactus oil just yet, you’re not alone. Not a lot of folks know about this natural oil variety possibly because it’s not so popular stateside just yet. However, it should be since it has several amazing benefits for the skin and hair.

Like camellia oil, cactus oil is very easily absorbed by the hair and the skin so it’s effective in delivering nourishment to them. It’s also packed with antioxidants, several times more than what Argan oil contains, so you can bet on it to help protect your locks from harmful free radicals.

Cactus oil is also said to be highly moisturizing, true to the plant’s excellent ability to retain moisture. It promises to keep your hair and skin hydrated for long periods of time.

West Africa’s black soap is a cure-all beauty item.

Black soap is a popular beauty product for folks of color that hail from the African continent. It may not look like other beauty products, it’s straightforward all-natural formula makes it a rockstar hair and skin care item, however. Since it’s made of natural oils and other components, it promises to be gentle and safe on your skin and hair.

You can use this item as a clarifying shampoo without having to worry about it drying your scalp or stripping your hair of natural oils.

Yucca is widely used as a cure-all by Native and Latin Americans.

The various parts of the yucca or cassava plant are also widely used for skin and hair care by ancient civilizations so you might also want to give it a closer look. The leaves and roots of the yucca plant are often grounded and used as a scalp treatment for hair loss and dandruff.

It’s also known to boost the volume of one’s locks as well as make the strands look shinier.


It’s very interesting that there are seriously lots of all-natural options for hair care. If you didn’t get the results you want from the expensive commercial products you tried, maybe these imported tricks will do the trick for you.

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