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4 of the Weirdest Hair Care Techniques that Might Just Help Improve Your Locks

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Sometimes, hair care can be a struggle. All those years of using the wrong products, over-washing and over processing your locks can really take a toll on your crowning glory. These can result in fried, brittle, and lifeless tresses that can easily cramp your style.

Reversing years of hair abuse is possible, however. There are tons of effective techniques and treatments that can help you do this. Working with an expert hair stylist can also help you get your locks in better shape. Professional services from reputable salons like Holiday Hair and Sally Hershberger can also do wonders for your tresses.

However, finding one that works can take a while. Sometimes, you might even end up trying all of the traditional techniques and still not see any improvement in your hair. What else can you do then?

If you think you’re all out of options, you can still try some of the weirdest techniques that some folks vouch for. What are these unusual techniques that might just give your locks a new lease on life? Check them out below.

Avoid stress.

Let’s start with something that’s not too out there but is still an unusual tip for hair care: stop stressing out. Did you know that stress can really take a toll on your locks?

This shouldn’t be too surprising since stress can do a number of things on your health. Some people still get surprised, however, that all those worrying can be causing their hair to look lifeless.

Stress affects your locks in various ways. For one, it can cause a good amount of fall out. The mind can actually disrupt your hair cycle. This can lead to hair follicles stopping hair growth entirely until they eventually fall out after a few months.

In other cases, it could be your reaction to stress and anxiety that can cause your hair loss. Some people tend to pull out their hair during stressful times.

If you think stress could be causing your hair to thin out and lose its bounce and shine, then the best way to fix it is by managing your stress levels.

Dry your locks with a tee instead of a towel.

The best bath towels are made to be highly absorbent, so they should be able to dry your hair effectively. While this is true, they can also cause a lot of friction due to their design and texture. This can be the very reason why your hair frizzes.

A relatively unusual but easy way to tame your locks would be by using cotton t-shirts when drying your hair. Their material can absorb the moisture out of your locks effectively without causing friction, so they’re better options for those who struggle with frizz.

You can speed up the process by squeezing the water out of your locks before wrapping them up with the t-shirt. Don’t rub your locks, though, as that can also create friction and lead to frizzing.

Say nice things to your hair.

Yes, you’ve read that right. Some people believe that saying nice things to your hair can help improve its shine, luster, and overall health. Jonathan Van Ness, also known as the grooming guy in the hit Netflix series, Queer Eye, suggests doing this. His theory is based on the study done by Dr. Masaru Emoto that showcased how water physically reacted to the things said to it.

This study notes that the water reacted according to the energy around it. So when positive things were said to it, it reacts positively. When negative things were said, it also reacted negatively.

Van Ness believes that your hair can be reacting the same way as well. It’s really an interesting concept once you think about it.

Some stinky washes can be nourishing to your locks.

Using stuff from the pantry isn’t exactly a novel concept when it comes to skin and hair care anymore. What’s weird, however, is that people are becoming bolder in experimenting with different food items just to improve their skin and hair. Some folks don’t even care about how they smell anymore if their locks can be shinier, stronger, and healthier.

This is why you’ll find regular folks and celebrities alike who are recommending using beer, vinegar, cranberry juice, champagne, and other smelly items to rinse your locks with. A lot of them make sense when you get to the chemistry part. This explains why more and more people are ditching commercial conditioners for the stuff from their kitchen.

Trying Weird Techniques for Better Hair

With so many different products, experts, and services that can transform your hair from drab to fab, you might not really need to give these weird techniques a try if you don’t want to. However, they all barely cost anything and they’re not so hard to do, so there’s not much to lose if you give them a shot. They might even surprise you at how effective they can be, so maybe they are worth considering if you want to go all out in caring for your tresses.

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