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Updated: February 21, 2024

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Sally Hershberger’s professional career in hair styling happened by accident. At 18, the most sensible thing to do is to get a job. Sally got employed at the Sunset Boulevard, an Arthur Johns’ salon. Arthur, during that time, was working as a stylist for renowned pop artist, Olivia Newton John.

Here is a list of the latest and up-to-date Sally Hershberger prices.


Salon Services

Hair Cut Starting Price$200.00
Styling Starting Price$20.00
Keratin Treatment Starting Price$450.00
K18 Combo Starting Price$25.00
Waxing Starting Price$75.00
Makeup Starting Price$150.00
Microblading Starting Price$900.00
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About Sally Hershberger

The start of Sally’s break came when Arthur Johns fell ill. Sally had to fill his place and serve as Olivia’s hairstylist during her “Let’s Get Physical LP” tour. This job led to another as Sally was introduced to Herb Ritts, a fashion photographer who adored her work enough to engage her services for his magazine editorial works.

Sally worked with many esteemed fashion photographers, and ultimately ventured into photography where her works were featured on different pages of Vanity Fair and Vogue. Likewise, she continued her professional career as a hair stylist in Los Angeles.

The Famous Meg Ryan Hairstyle

Sally built her very own hair-salon empire based on a widely-imitated shag cut which she gave Meg Ryan. This artist is a unique hairstylist who has achieved a lot with salons that totally stood out among the rest in New York and Los Angeles.

It was the snips on the celebrated blonde hair of Meg Ryan that ultimately launched Sally Hershberger as an up-and-coming new stylist. She gave Meg the choppy shag which was actually an emblematic coif for stylish gays in West-Coast. After this cut debuted on Meg in the “French Kiss,” a 1995 romantic comedy, the look finally became the second-most extensively imitated cut-of-the-decade, after Jennifer Aniston’s coif in “Rachel”.

Other celebrities who considered Sally as the go-to-individual for the new style were Tom Cruise and Michelle Pfeiffer. Sally also styled former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton who appeared on the Vogue cover. During a trip to India in 1990, Sally worked with John Frieda, a British-born hairdresser.

Sally and Frieda collaborated in developing the Beach Blonde lines and Sheer Blonde which became two of the best selling hair care items in the market during the 1990 launching. In 2000, Sally opened her very first salon in Los Angeles. Three years later, she established another salon in New York where people loved her quality and less expensive works.

Sally Hershberger, the Celebrity

High-end hairdressing has been a growing business in Manhattan and LA since the Vidal Sassoon days. But when Sally opened her salon which was nestled between Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney boutiques on the 14th Street, the going rate for the designer cut tripled. It also appeared that it was going for the overdrive.

Experts commented that Sally isn’t just a celebrity hairdresser. She’s a celebrity, herself. Sally, with her Da Silvano lifestyle and costly taste, is the latest model for the hairstylist. Sally is an artist. There were rumors that the Shane McCutcheon’s character on The L Word was modeled on Sally.

The Super Keratin Shampoo

Sally’s Super Keratin Shampoo contains protein that effectively strengthens the hair streaks to fight the pesky frizz naturally. The shampoo provides immediate smoothness and restoration. This sulfate-free formula has been supercharged with keratin, argan and amla oils. These ingredients repair and smoothen out stressed out locks.

Plump Up Volume Shampoo

Sally understands that women have applied collagen on their faces. Now, she brings the same on their hair. The plump up volume shampoo has been specifically formulated using Natural Marine Collagen that plumps and thickens hair in an instant. The client will surely have noticeably fuller and more polished hair.

Wave Shaper Frizz-Free Shampoo

This salon product has the best wave-enhancing formula that is packed with especially sourced, pure Jojoba Oil that naturally offers fast-acting smooth moves which brings about soft, bouncy, long-lasting and frizz-free waves. The African baobab tree extract and natural honey can effectively enhance hair waves and make it shine. In addition, brown algae extract, butter, shea and oil all work in a natural harmony, leaving waves that are bouncy hydrated, ultra soft and with no pesky flies.

Why People Love the Salon

Customers frequented the Sally Hershberger salon because of its sincere, nice and charming stylists. They’re considered magician when it comes to hair color. Everyone in the salon, receptionists and assistants, alike seem so happy and accommodating. This salon changed the manner by which other salons usually get their customers’ hair done.

There are many hairstylists out in the greater Los Angeles area, but this salon is definitely the best. Models and celebrities who are bound for magazine editorial shoots want to have their hair done in this salon. They know that Sally will bring out the best in their hair and they’ll surely look great in the picture.

Sally Hershberger’s line of skin-care items are the best in town, as well. When there’s a show, everybody would expect this salon to be serving the best models and celebrities in the industry.

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