The Pros and Cons of Braving a Bold Hair Makeover

Aside from mastering various makeup techniques, changing your hair can also be a good way to drastically change how you look. You can just cut it short, grow it long, or color it. If you want to look really different from how you once looked like, a bold hair makeover is also possible.

The bigger question, however, is should you do it. Doing a significant change in your hair is a commitment. Once you do it, you’re stuck with it for a good amount of time. This is why you should carefully consider your options before booking an appointment at Bubbles Salon.

This can be tougher than choosing the actual hairstyle or color you’ll switch to. So to help you out, we’ve rounded up a few pros and cons that might help you decide whether to go for it or not.

Pro: You’ll Look Very Different

Even if you already have a bold look before you decide to have a makeover, you’ll still look very different from what you looked like before. That’s the whole point of getting bold hair, it’s supposed to change your appearance.

If that’s exactly what you’re gunning for, then getting a bold hair makeover is for you. It can let you explore a whole new side of you, even if it’s just in terms of appearance.

Con: You Have to Think Long and Hard Before Making the Jump

Honestly, because of the drastic change a hair makeover can do to you, you have to really think about it before taking the leap. Doing such on a whim might leave you reeling and regretting your decision later on.

Hair makeover tends to have an emotional effect on people. A change can leave them feeling exposed or vulnerable. It can even affect one’s self-esteem if they end up hating the look. These make it all the more important to consider the change carefully before going for it.

Pro: It’s a Good Way to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Change isn’t always bad, though. Sure, a bold hair makeover can leave you feeling vulnerable and naked if it goes wrong but it can also be empowering. Your hair is one of the few things you have total control over, so the ability to change it up according to your whim can give you a breath of fresh air when life leaves you reeling.

Some people also see it as a good challenge. When faced with a major undertaking, a bold hair makeover can also signify their readiness for the change. And if you can take on a change in your appearance with grace, then you can practically take on anything life throws at you.

Con: It can Take a While to Get Used To

While you can be brave in taking the leap and altering your hair in a major way, it doesn’t mean that you will have no qualms about the change. You might still feel awkward and unsure about it before you get really confident about how your new hair turned out.

Pro: You can Stand Out

Bold hair choices will always let you stand out in a crowd. So if you like that, then you should get the makeover.

There’s a very good chance that a lot of people around you are sporting their locks long and luscious. If you want to break from the mold and let your individuality shine, a bold hairstyle can do the trick.

Con: Not Everyone Will Like Your New Look

This will probably be the biggest drawback of sporting a bold new hairstyle. Not everyone will like it and there’s a chance that you’re included in the list.

A lot of people don’t like the change, so expect that a bold hairstyle will shock some people around you. You’ll get asked why you changed your hair when it’s so pretty before. You might even get a few disappointed responses which can be a bit disheartening.

If you don’t really like your new look to begin with, your self-esteem might even take a hit from all of these. There’s a good chance that you’ll regret getting the new hairstyle if you actually value the opinion of whoever said that they didn’t like your new look.

If you like the change, though, other people’s opinions might not matter much to you. And, really, they shouldn’t, if you’re happy with your new hairstyle. As long as you’re happy and confident about your hair makeover, it will shine through and make you look even better.

A bold hair makeover isn’t called such if it won’t bring a significant change in your look. This is why you have to be absolutely certain that you’re ready for such before getting it done. We hope these points help you decide whether you’re ready for one or not so you can take on this challenge without any hesitation.

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