5 Bold Hair Accessories Worth Trying Out

For the most part, looking good has a lot to do with visual trickery. The best styling techniques are designed to create illusions. Like how wearing nude pumps elongates the legs or wearing low cut necklines can make you look leaner, bold hair accessories can let you skip the tedious process of seriously styling your hair.

With a bold hair accessory, there’s a good chance that your combed out hair can already look like you’ve made an effort. Of course, it will still depend on the occasion, but in most cases, these pieces will already let your minimal effort look well put together since you added something fancy.

What are the accessories that you should add to your hair styling arsenal? Here are five good examples.


Hats have always served as lifesavers on bad hair days. They have always been very useful in hiding your bedhead, bird’s nest, or even an awful haircut or dye job for decades. This is why they’re indispensable pieces for everyday life.

The good old baseball cap is practically a staple in most wardrobes. Its upgraded version, the snapback, is currently making waves and is a certified hit among the younger crowd. Beanies are also excellent choices as they’re not only cute, but they’re also very warm which makes them perfect for the colder months.

For the warmer seasons, there are bucket hats and straw hats. Fedoras and bowler hats also had a comeback in the recent years and they can be worn year round.

If you’re feeling fancy, however, there are also lots of hats that can work with formal wear. While it’s not exactly a big thing in the US, except during the Kentucky Derby, they’re still worth a shot. You can even opt for designer pieces as milliners offer wonderful luxury pieces.


Bows are classic accessories that young girls used to wear back in the day. It’s a very romantic and feminine addition to any hairstyle and will instantly jazz up any ‘do. It might seem too old school for some, but it’s also making a comeback with more and more designer brands adding them to their runway looks.

Chanel, for one, offered these adorable accessories a few years back. Marchesa also styled their models with oversized bows in their 2017 Fall runway.

Copping this look is very easy. There are tons of available hair bows in the market and you can also make your own. The more luxurious the fabric, the better, if you’re going to do the latter.

Oversized Flowers

Even if you’re one of the many people who share the opinion that flower crowns have already overextended their welcome, there’s no denying that flowers still look good in one’s hair.

If you don’t want to look like you’re going to a music festival out in the desert, headbands with oversized flowers are great alternatives. You can find ones made with fabric, stones, or metallic materials, giving you enough options to style your locks nicely.


Like hats, scarves are also classic hair accessories that you can use for all kinds of occasions. The scarf’s material, design, and styling offer so many ways to wear it. These give you all the freedom in wearing. It will also let your creativity shine.

As it can also cover your hair completely, it can also be an excellent solution for bad hair days. So if hats are too obvious for you, scarves are certainly some of the best alternatives.

Metallic and Oversized Clips

Barrettes, clips, and all sorts of hair accessories are also some of the best purchases for those who want to cop out of styling their locks but still want to look well put together. If you want to take things up a notch, opting for metallic and oversized options is a route worth exploring. These pieces can add visual interest to your look without you having to spend more than five minutes on your hair. There are also tons of options to choose from so getting some can be exciting.

Tiaras, Crowns, or Metallic Headbands

Want to go the extra mile? Why not sport an actual tiara or crown on your next fancy outing? It doesn’t have to be worth thousands of dollars as long as you have the right attitude to go with it. Of course, the appropriate occasion may also help you blend in nicely even with such a bold accessory, but if you want to go all out on a daily basis, there’s also no problem with you doing you.

If you don’t want to be too extra on regular days, you can also just swap your tiara out with a pretty metallic headband. These accessories come in various sizes and designs, so you can be as low key as possible.

No matter what the accessory you choose, though, a healthy head of hair is still the most important part. Make sure to use the right hair care products to get the job done.

You have tons of great brands to count on. From the most reliable drugstore names like Pantene to the most popular professional-grade brands like Tigi, there’s no shortage of great hair care products to choose from.

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