6 Curly Hair Care Tips that You’ll Be Thankful For

Some people tend to think that because curly locks are big and all over the place folks who have them can get away with not taking any measures to tame them. This can’t be further from the truth because curly locks need a lot more care than straight ones. So when curly-haired folks say that their natural tresses are high-maintenance, you better believe that they are.

How Demanding Curly Locks Can Get

There are four things that you absolutely have to know about your curly hair:

  1. They’re fragile. The coiling tends to cause some areas of your hair strands to have a thinner diameter. This makes them more prone to breakage.
  2. They’re often dry and dehydrated. Because natural oils cannot travel down the shaft of coiling hair strands, they don’t get to absorb as much moisture as they need.
  3. They’re highly prone to frizz. The dehydration combined with the unsealed cuticles make curly hair highly absorbent of the moisture in the air. This makes it prone to frizzing.
  4. Your curls can get blown out of shape and look unruly because of it. Even if you have tight curls, they can still get blown out of shape and look unruly. This is why they’re best kept defined so they’ll look tamed and nicely styled.

And on top of all of these, you still have a great volume of hair to work with. This is why it’s not surprising that a lot of people opt to just suppress and straighten them. It just seems simpler to do so, right?

While this may be true for a lot of folks, caring for your curly locks is also not that complicated if you know what to do. In fact, there are a few tricks that you can try that can make your hair care routine simpler. Listed below are some of them.

Curly Hair Hacks You Need to Know About

Get to know your hair better.

Did you know that there are different types of curly locks? They’re categorized according to the definition of the waves, curls, or coils they make. Each also has their own care requirements, so it’s crucial that you get to know what your hair type is before anything else.

Once you know what your hair type is, you can already choose products accordingly and try out specific techniques that are said to work well with your locks. This information will make your search for the right hair care tricks simpler so make sure not to skip this step.

Ditch the shampoo and hairbrush but stick with the conditioner and wide-toothed comb.

This might sound weird, but a lot of curly-haired beauties have already ditched the staples. Washing your hair without shampoo may seem weird and gross but a lot of people actually made it work. It’s also completely fine not to do this if you think your locks need something stronger to take off the dirt clinging to it but conditioning and moisturizing should always be in the equation since your locks are dry.

Trading your hairbrush for a wide-toothed comb is easy to do, though. Hairbrushes tend to get caught and stuck in curly locks anyway, so why bother? Finger combing is also an option, just as long as you get to detangle your locks to prevent it from getting pulled out.

Work your way up.

When applying products or combing your locks, it’s best to start at the tips of your hair and then work your way up. This will allow your tips to soak in the product for much longer so they can be better hydrated. This will also allow you to detangle your locks easily since the knots won’t be pushed down the shaft which can then cause them to break.

Use a diffuser.

A hair diffuser is a must-have grooming tool that every curly-haired beauty needs in their arsenal. These help better distribute air from the hair dryer, ensuring that they reach all of the areas in your hair. Most models promise to dry your curly locks more efficiently, prevent frizzing, and even define your curls. You just need to choose the perfect match for you, though, to get your desired results.

Turn to the experts that know your hair.

Having a reliable hair stylist who knows how to handle your curly hair is essential if you want to keep your curls luscious. Hair experts from the Kimble Hair Studio, The Weave Shop, and Sola Salon are just some of the best folks you can go for.

Don’t shy away from hair products.

While some hair products can weigh down your curls, others can prove to be more useful for you. It’s all about choosing the right ones that will work for you, though. As this might take a while to achieve, being patient and discerning with what to try is important.

Caring for Your Curly Locks

These are just a few of the simplest and most basic curly hair care techniques that every beginner should try. They have changed the curls of lots of people for the better, so they’re certainly worth a shot.

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