Sunless Spray Tan Virgin No More!

Spray tanning is a safe and effective alternative to baking under the sun to get the bronzed goddess look. But you may be apprehensive about getting your first spray tan because unknowns have a way of doing that.

Here’s the good news: Being a spray tan virgin isn’t a sin, so to speak, and it’s so easy to stop being one. Spray tanning, after all, isn’t painful and it’s available at Island Sun Tanning, a chain of salons that offer a wide range of beauty-related services including Sunless Spray Tan, Red Light Therapy, and Slimming Body Wrap.

And to further ease your anxiety about your first spray tanning session, here are the things that you can expect when you’re inside the salon.  We also included a few preparatory steps to get the best results from your tanning session.

Smooth Skin Is Best

You must prepare your skin so that it can absorb the tanning solution better, as well as allow it to settle on your skin better. You should exfoliate and shower well at least eight hours before your appointment. You should arrive at the salon without foundation, makeup and deodorant as well as lotion.

You may remove these face and body products at the salon – the tanning technician will provide wipes for their removal – but it can eat away at your time. Besides, wet wipes may not be as effective as a shower combined with an exfoliant in removing dead, dry skin that can otherwise increase blotchy, uneven results.

If you want better results, you may want to think about shaving your skin at least 24 hours before your appointment. Shaving, of course, is the least painful hair removal method but it isn’t as effective as waxing.

Buck Naked Is a Must

If you have never stood buck naked – as in nude – in front of anybody, then you may have reservations in doing so for your first spray tanning session. You may have to work up the courage to do so but you can make it easier by thinking that for the tanning technician, it’s just another day at work, not to mention that they have seen plenty of nude bodies before. Plus, you will be assigned a tanning technician of the same sex or you can ask for somebody with whom you feel comfortable with.

The tanning technician will wait outside of the room while you get completely undressed – and by that, we mean you have to discard your underwear. You should also remove every piece of jewelry and wipe off all body and face products, if any.

You should then wear the accessories provided before your session starts. You have to wear the disposable paper pants or the thong, which you can also wear when going home afterwards. Be sure to check that the thong is the right way round for comfort reasons.

You have to wear the hair net provided, too, regardless of the length and style of your hair. This will protect your hair from being stained with the tanning solution while also keeping your ears out for an even whole-body spray.

As for your feet, you will be asked to wear the sticky feet. These will prevent your soles from being stained with the fake tanning solution.

Listening to Instructions Is a Must, Too

When you’re ready, you can call the technician so that the session can start. You will likely be asked about “how deep” you want your tan to be, a phrase that refers to the lightness or darkness of the finished tan.

You can explain what you like, usually by telling the technician what your tan is for like a wedding day or a holiday. You may also show a picture of yourself in the tan you liked most or a photo of a tanned celebrity. Just be sure that the tan will suit your natural coloration, too, since you don’t want to end up like the human version of a carrot with blond hair.

You should listen to the technician’s instructions on how to stand including your body and hand positions. Don’t worry as these aren’t meant to embarrass you – there are no compromising positions, if you’re anxious about that – but to ensure that every patch of skin will be covered.

For example, you may be expected to raise your left arm up and your right arm forwards while bending your knees. You may even be asked to slightly bring your bum out. You should also expect two layers of the tanning solution to be applied so if you feel silly the first time, you may not feel so the second time.

Typically, the technician will start spraying the tanning solution on your face; the formula will be dispersed through a specially-designed spray gun. You will be advised to close your eyes and take a deep breath – and hold it – while the technician applies the formula, which will take a few seconds only.

While every technician has his or her own technique, the typical process starts with spraying from the face and then working down toward the body and finally the feet on the front. Then, the back will be sprayed.

When you’re dry, you can get dressed and your first session is over! Now that’s what we call looking like a bronzed goddess the easy way.

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