What Different Hairstyles Can Do to Your Hair if You Wear Them Too Often

When it comes to a person’s crowning glory, you either love it or hate it. Some folks are blessed with luscious locks that are easy to fall in love with, while others have to struggle with less than stellar tresses. Whatever the case, though, styling can always save the day.

If you’re the creative kind and you have a lot of time and patience, you most likely know how to do your hair in different ways. However, there are also some people who like to create their signature look with a specific hairstyle. Think uniform dressing but with the same ‘do everyday. Just like Ariana Grande and hair high ponytail, Blake Lively and her beach waves, and Anna Wintour and her impeccable bob, some people are known for how they style their locks.

But did you know that certain hairstyles actually has certain effects on your locks if you wear  them too often? As all things in excess is always a bad thing, you can expect the same thing for your hairstyle. Here are some styles you shouldn’t overdo:

The Sleek, High, and Tight Ponytails

Ponytails are possibly the easiest ways to style your long locks. You can dress it up and down, depending on how well done it looks. But if you’re the kind who loves a high, sleek ponytail that you sometimes hurt yourself from all the pulling you do to flatten your hair, then you should remove that elastic right now and let your hair loose.

This hairstyle is highly damaging to your follicles with how restricting the style is for your hair. It also pulls the roots too much, which can lead to receding hair lines and even alopecia in the long run. Your hair will also be more prone to breakage, leading to uneven length. So if you like sporting this hairstyle most days of the week, better start looking for a new low maintenance hairstyle to use as an alternate.


While extensions are the best way to give you instant volume and length, it’s also bad for the hair. As it adds a lot of extra weight to your locks, your hair will most likely be pulled down from its roots and cause receding hairlines over time. As it damages the roots and not the ends of your hair, it is a lot harder to remedy, so if you don’t want to be bothered with damaged hair that might last for a year or two, just skip the extensions and opt for a different volumizing technique instead.

Wet Updos

Some people are not fond of drying their hair in any way and just opts to start styling while they’re still sopping wet. This might sound like a great way to save time, especially if you’re going to use a heating tool anyway, but do not be fooled. Any kind of styling done when your hair is still wet is bad for your locks. Using heat on them, like curling or straightening is even worse, as it can fry your strands and make it dry and brittle.

Your locks are weakest when they’re damp, so your hair will be prone to breakage if you mess with it while it’s still wet. Make sure to dry your locks before you do any heavy styling to it. And if you’re going to use heating tools, make sure to apply protectant while your tresses are still damp for better absorption and less hair damage.

Pin Straight Hair

Those who have frizzy manes are most likely guilty of using flat iron on their tresses on a daily basis. Who can blame them when this kind of heat is the best way to tame frizz? The bad thing here is doing this often can really damage your tresses, leaving you with brittle and fried strands.

Tight braids

Love a no-fuss romantic updo? Braids are always a good way to look dreamy and can even be perfect for folks who like to only worry about their hair in the morning and never touch it again during the day. Some like theirs tight, though, so they don’t have to worry about loose strands getting in their face.

What makes this hairstyle bad for your locks is that the tautness of the pleats will definitely pull at your roots and restrict your follicles. Doing this daily will surely damage the roots and cause your hair to thin. Give your hair a break from the cornrows and crowns every other day at the very least and opt for a different hairstyle to keep you going.

Constant Color Switch

Those who love changing up their looks are usually guilty of dyeing their hair regularly. While this is a fun way to spruce up your appearance, it is totally damaging for your hair. Not only will the dye strip your hair of its natural oils, but its chemicals will also alter the integrity of your hair strands to achieve its goal. This can leave you with brittle and dry hair.

And if you even love coloring your own hair, you might be doing more harm to it. You might be guilty of over bleaching or exposing your hair to chemicals, which can really damage your locks. This is why it’s best to work with a professional stylist from a reputable establishment like the Avid Salon when dyeing your hair, so you can be sure that the colorist knows what’s best for your locks.

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