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Updated: February 21, 2024

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You can get your tan at the beach but there’s just something that can’t be beat when your tan comes from an island trip. That’s exactly what you get with Island Sun Tanning’s state-of-the-art tanning booths and beds that use high pressure bronzing techniques with 10 times UVA but less than 2% of UVB rays, meaning you don’t get burned or acquire sun spots while you reap the benefits of conventional tanning.

The following Island Sun Tanning prices are estimates only.


Beach Club

Use any bed or booth including Versa Spa Spray Tan Booth. Bills on the 1st of each month.
3 Months Beach Club$75.99
6 Months Beach Club$69.99

VIP Membership

Unlimited VHR, High Pressure or Spray Tan visits. 3 month contract required with a monthly fee of $16.99.
Red Light Therapy (VIP Per Visit Pricing)$2.99
VHR and Super VHR Visits (VIP Per Visit Pricing)$4.99
High Pressure Visits (VIP Per Visit Pricing)$8.99
Spray Tanning Visits (VIP Per Visit Pricing)$14.99

HP Packages

1 Visit$19.99
4 Visits$72.99
8 Visits$129.99
15 Visits$219.99
33 Visits$424.99

VHR Packages

1 Visit VHR Packages$11.99
4 Visits VHR Packages$39.99
6 Visits VHR Packages$57.99
12 Visits VHR Packages$94.99
25 Visits VHR Packages$184.99
50 Visits VHR Packages$354.99

HP Unlimited

2 Weeks HP Unlimited$64.99
1 Month HP Unlimited$94.99
2 Months HP Unlimited$159.99
3 Months HP Unlimited$219.99
6 Months HP Unlimited$409.99
1 Year HP Unlimited$789.99

VHR Unlimited

2 Weeks VHR Unlimited$44.99
1 Month VHR Unlimited$64.99
2 Months VHR Unlimited$119.99
3 Months VHR Unlimited$165.99
6 Months VHR Unlimited$305.99
1 Year VHR Unlimited$569.99


Light, Medium or Dark$35.99
2 Visits Package$60.99
4 Visits Package$109.99
8 Visits Package$195.99
1 Month Versa$89.99
3 Months Versa$199.99
1 Year Membership$109.99
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Locally owned and operated, Island Sun Tanning was established in 1987 in South Jersey and has continued to be the leading tanning salon in the Garden State for more than two decades. Island Sun Tanning’s high pressure booths and beds cost so much less than the costs of its competitors but with the same top rate quality that you will find in high end tanning salons.


Island Sun Tanning has the Infrared Body Wraps that accelerate weight loss by skin detoxification while relieving muscle soreness and giving relief to arthritis. These wraps force your body to use all that fat mass it has stored as energy and burn between 1,200 and 1,400 calories per treatment. They help improve your skin’s texture and tone, reduce cellulite and pain in the joints and muscles.

Using a sudatonic infrared system, the Infrared Body Wraps have a “barrier” cream that makes sweating difficult and push perspiration through your body to increase your body’s resting metabolism even after your session has been completed to continue burning calories and fat. Moreover, they help improve the overall functions of your immune, cardiovascular, and circulatory systems.

The Red Light Therapy encourages the growth of collagen in your skin tissue to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, and other skin issues such as rosacea and acne. The collagen lamps used in this therapy emits red light that harmlessly and gently reduce aging signs. Free from UV light, this therapy involves no downtime or healing period unlike laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels.

Classic Tanning is for those who want to start building their base tan way ahead of summer with the use of Island Sun Tanning’s classic beds. Contrary to popular belief, controlled UV exposure can be beneficial since it helps the body produce vitamin D naturally that is essential for calcium absorption. Additionally, the Island Sun Tanning bed is considered a class 1 medical device.

Is sunless tanning possible? It is if you have it at any of the Island Sun Tanning salons. Suitable for all skin types, the Sunless Spray Tanning can give you natural-looking tan in 60 seconds or less. Completely free from UV light, this spray contains a formulated bronzing solution to keep your skin golden, soft, and smooth like a real tan for a week with adequate moisturizing.

Teeth whitening goes hand in hand with a great looking tan and Island Sun Tanning offers this through the use of BleachBright, a teeth whitening solution in gel form manufactured by technology that precisely calibrates the emission of blue light from LED lighting systems. The whitening process is completed in its entirety in merely 15 or 20 minutes.

The Norvell Auto Revolution uses the Island Sun Tanning-patented iNTELLiSPRAY™ that has been scientifically formulated with built-in xLaTan™ and a height-sensing, integrated technology using height sensors to determine the approximate time for a specific tanning session based on the client’s height. The Norvell Auto Revolution at Island Sun Tanning dries the tan almost instantaneously.

The heated environment activates your DHA with iNTELLiSPRAY™ to jump start your tanning process without the need for elaborate movements or dance instructions because the revolution continues to move even if you stay put. The equipment uses an auto voice command for a session using the two-position spray. The Norvell Revolution does more than give you a tan: it hydrates and firms your skin as well.


Island Sun Tanning salons have the Ergoline Prestige 1100 complete with turbo air conditioning feature, high pressure facial tanners, a sound system equipped with an MP3 player dock, high pressure shoulder tanners, and the Aqua Mist and Aroma to provide relaxation to the user. The Sun Angel has the same features of the Prestige 1100 with the addition of a sensor-controlled output for UV amount.

Another Ergoline model is the Open Sun 1050 that provides open air comfort while tanning, an advanced cooling system, a maximum tanning time of 12 minutes, and a 360˚open design. The Sun 1050’s cousin, the Affinity 800, has the same features as its Prestige 1100 cousin with the addition of a reflector tanner for the neck and a temptronic system for climate control.

Again, the Ergoline Passion has similar features to the other Ergoline products with the addition of the advanced cooling system, contoured acrylic, and stereo sound. The Ergoline Sunrise 480 has a maximum tanning time of 9 minutes, MP3 player docking station, stereo surround, and the addition of a ventilation system with silent cooling.

The Sun Dash Radius has a maximum tanning time of 12 minutes and stereo surround system while the Ergoline Ambition has a maximum tanning time of 5 minutes, high pressure facials, and turbo-powered cooling fans. Check out the Island Sun Tanning website to view more products and learn more about the services they offer as well as connect to them through Facebook or by joining the Island Sun Tanning E-Club.

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Island Sun Tanning FAQ

How much is spray tan session at Island Sun Tanning?

Spray Tan Session – $35.00 (per person)

How much is bed tanning session at Island Sun Tanning?

Bed Tanning Session – $35.00 (per person)

How much is monthly membership at Island Sun Tanning?

Monthly Bed Tanning Plan – $39.00 (per person) (per month)

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