Questions Your Hair Technician Will Ask During Your Pre-Treatment Consultation

Every treatment at Fantastic Sams starts with a consultation between you and your hair technician for the requested service. You should be willing to spend a few minutes on the consultation, even when you’re in a bit of a hurry, for many reasons. You have to remember that your satisfaction in the hair treatment is vital to the success of Fantastic Sams, customer service-wise. 

Don’t worry as the questions posed by the hair technician will get too personal – all questions are related to your hair and your desired results for it. Do take the time to give honest answers and to work with your hair technician.  

What Is It That You Like and Dislike About Your Current Hairstyle? 

You may want to be as specific as possible about your likes and dislikes where your present hair is concerned. Perhaps, you like its loose curls, blonde highlights and bouncy appearance but you dislike its length. Perhaps, you dislike its frizzy ends and flyaways but you like its straight natural appearance and midnight black color. 

The hair technician asks this question because it provides him with a platform on which to work with your hair. Upon further discussions, you may decide on getting a texturizing treatment to loosen your tight curls or get a trimming service only. Keep in mind that it’s your hair so the final decision is yours to make but your hair technician can provide inputs. 

You must, nonetheless, have an open mind about the suggestions made by the hair technician. You will agree that his professional experience counts for something, particularly in deciding the best hairstyle for your current mood and lifestyle. 

What Was Your Least Favorite Hairstyle and Why? 

You can give any answer and the hair technician will understand. Not even the most glamorous hairstyles popularized by Hollywood celebrities will fit everybody’s personal preferences! Your dislike of certain hairstyles isn’t surprising because hair, from its color to its length and style, will always be a matter of personal choice.

The hair technician will respect your choice, of course! If you say that you don’t like bags because these get in the way of your eyes, then he will not recommend hairstyles with bangs, even if you will look good with them. You will most likely be dissatisfied with the bangs-based style and, thus, with the hair technician – and that’s not something the salon wants.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment with new hairstyles. You may want a completely different look for one reason or another, such as a new job or a new chapter in your life. You may want to experiment after having the same style for nearly a decade. 

Your hair technician will also accommodate your questions about whether a new style will suit the shape of your face and head, perhaps accentuate your neck. You shouldn’t hesitate about looking at the potential of new styles and be surprised about their attractiveness! Besides, hair will grow so you can try out a new style in three months or so. 

What Products and Tools Do You Use at Home? 

Your hair technician will ask this question in an attempt to determine the right hairstyle that you can maintain at home. If you use just the basics, such as shampoo, conditioner and serum sans the hairdryers, then your hairstyle may well be a sophisticated bob. But if you’re into the full range of hair products and tools, then a style with elaborate curls may be best. 

Again, you have the final say in your hairstyle! But it pays to think about the products and tools you already have at home as well as the time and effort you’re willing to make for at-home hair care.  

The hair salon may recommend certain products for your hairstyle after the service. This is a take it-or-leave it recommendation since you’re not under any obligation to buy the salon-promoted products. 

Whose Hairstyle Do You Want to Have? 

Often, we turn to the hairstyles of famous celebrities in Hollywood, arts and culture, and even sports when we’re thinking of getting hairstyling services. You may want Michelle William’s adorable pixie cut, or Kim Kardashian’s sultry hair, or Ellen DeGeneres’ easy-to-maintain style. 

Whatever your preference, your hair technician will take your opinion into consideration and design a style for you. You may have certain elements of your favorite celebrities’ hairstyles in your own hair, such as a pixie cut with blonde highlights. 

Tip: Bring a photo of the celebrity whose hair you want copied, partially or completely, in your hairstyle. Your hair technician will then not make guesses about which hairstyle you’re talking about, what with celebrities changing styles every so often. 

But don’t expect that your hair technician will be able to copy your desired hairstyle down to the last strand. Keep in mind that your hair is unique so a 100% copy isn’t possible, not even advisable considering that you may not have an army of hairstylists. 

After the consultation, your hair technician will get to work. Hopefully, you will be 100% satisfied with the results!

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