Questions and Answers When Booking Your Salon Appointment

When you are booking your salon appointment, you will be asked plenty of questions by the receptionist. You should answer these questions even when these seem to be one too many since your answers will have an impact on the type, quality and cost of services rendered on your visit. You have to ask a few questions of your own, too, such as the training of the hairstylists and nail technicians, the cancellation policy, and the customer services practices, among others.

Such a two-way question-and-answer interaction between you and the receptionist will contribute to an enjoyable salon visit, especially when it is your first time in the place. You should always adopt a courteous attitude when asking and answering questions since it promotes effective communication even before you set foot inside the salon.  Here are a few questions that the salon receptionist will ask when setting your appointment.

1. When Do You Want to Come In?

Aside from your name, this is typically the first question since the receptionist wants to look at the salon’s schedule and determine the availability of hairstylists during your preferred date and time. You have to be as specific as possible particularly in a popular salon since there will be customers before and after your set appointment. You should consider several factors in choosing the best date and time for your appointment including:

  • Your schedule at home and at work is your primary consideration particularly when your desired service will take an hour or two to perform. You may want to book an appointment near your lunch time or break time, for example, or on a weekend when you have plenty of spare time.
  • Your distance from the salon since you have to factor in travel time and traffic conditions in the equation. You don’t want to be late for your appointment, too, although you can call in advance in case you are running late.

Basically, your preferred date and time will be respected by the salon, if and when a slot is available. You should be prepared to compromise as well.

2. What Types of Services Do You Want?

Just as with the date and time for your appointment, you have to be specific about the types of services that you want for several reasons. First, you will be charged for every type of service that you will receive from your hairstylist. You should never assume that just because your hairstylist offered it that it will be free, such as a deep conditioning mask with your haircut. You must never be too complacent and too shy to ask about the costs of each type of service so as to avoid unpleasant surprises at payment.

Second, you may not get the expected quality of service, such as when your hairstylist rushes through an additional service requested on the spot (i.e., not included in the appointment sheet). For example, you only specified a haircut when setting your appointment but during your salon session, you requested for a Brazilian blowout. Your hairstylist may rush through the second service so as to be able to meet his succeeding appointment.

Third, you may be unable to get your preferred slot depending on the types of services that you want. You may want, for example, to avail of a Brazilian blowout and a manicure and pedicure set in a single visit, which will take longer than a trim. The receptionist has to find the right time for a stylist and a nail technician to work on your hair and nails.

You can also ask the receptionist about the salon’s beauty packages, which usually means more savings. Your questions should also extend to the training of the hairstylists and nail technicians, especially when they will be handling your hair and nails for the first time; the salon’s policies on hygiene, cancellations, and customer service; and the costs of follow-ups in case the first job failed to meet expectations.

3. What Is the Condition of Your Hair?

You have to be honest about the color, length, and physical condition of your hair as it will have a significant impact on the types of products used, the number of hours spent on the service, and the cost of the service itself. The receptionist and hairstylist will have a detailed idea about these matters and, thus, you will likely get the best service and results possible.  This is especially true when it’s your first time in the salon or you went to another salon prior to your appointment or in between appointments.

For example, your request for caramel highlights on full foil will take 4 hours in case you have black hair but only 2 hours when you have natural light brown hair. This is also true for thick and thin hair, normal and damaged hair, naturally straight and wavy/curly hair, and short and long hair.

In the end, your honest answers and relevant questions will form a good foundation for a successful professional relationship with the salon owner, manager, and hairstylist and nail technician.

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