7 Salon Rules Everybody Should Follow

The rules when it comes to many customer-service situations are not too confusing: bellboys get a tip of a dollar per bag while a twenty percent tip on a bistro bill is standard. Of course, it is always good karma when you leave some change in a barista tip jar. There’s not much to worry about when things were considered less than stellar and there’s room for more in case you’re especially thrilled.

However, it can be more complicated to have an unsatisfactory beauty experience. You’ll be living with bad skin or hair for an extended period. Not only that, you will start getting worried that voicing out your personal opinion would make your favorite stylist hate you. What would happen after that? You would have to find a new beautician or simply be freaked out thinking that your hair strands will be “accidentally” sabotaged the next time you get into the salon.

From vague tipping situations to unintentionally smudged nails, beauty etiquette remains to be a huge gray area. Think about it this way, supposing you were unhappy when you leave a salon, what can you do about it? In case you would like to ask for a fix, how will you be able to do it without insinuating a diva-like attitude?

1. Look Great Whenever You Walk into a Salon

This would also mean setting a bar for the services that you’d like to obtain. If you exude a great sense of elegance and beauty the minute you step inside the salon, then the stylist will be thinking twice before giving you a substandard type of service.

2. Call Ahead for an Appointment

This is important no matter what type of salon services you’d like to avail. So, even if it is only a 10-minute job, it’s best to set an appointment. This will also give the impression that you’re a busy person and it’s important that you get the right service.

3. Don’t Argue

This is one of the most important rules. Never contradict your stylist. For instance, if she talks about politics or sports, it’s best that you agree empathetically. Don’t correct a high-flown talk with reason; otherwise, you will only be risking a good haircut…

4. Explain the Services You Want

If you’re going to Cost Cutters give the stylist a general idea of the services that you want. Afterwards, end your request by saying “You’re the expert in this; hence, I’ll leave you the rest.” Give her a broad, warm smile. Of course, this would show trust and it’s already considered the best flattery.

5. Salon Stylists are There to Help

You can relax since there’s definitely a slim chance that a beauty expert will be going out of their way just to make clients unhappy. These professionals are here to help and they want their customers to look great. Just make sure that you remain fairly straightforward when it comes to your preferences.

6. Be Respectful and Polite

Although customers are always right, it is recommended that you maintain an excellent level of respect and politeness. This is important if you have a special request that only the best hair stylist can provide. If you are uncertain about anything, you could simply ask in a polite way.

7. Giving a Tip

It wouldn’t hurt if you give your favorite hair stylist at Cost Cutters a tip before you leave the salon. This would boost the employee’s morale and you’re sure to be remembered the next time you step inside the salon. But how much tip would be considered more appropriate?

Just think of giving 15 to 20 percent of the cost of the service to your stylist. Take note that salon tasks are pretty complex and a lot of care should be exerted so as to avoid any mistake. In addition, trickier things such as keratin straightening would definitely take longer. Feel free to bump this up whenever you see fit.

In case, the owner was the one who provided the services, and you’d still want to give a tip, you may do so, although this would be unnecessary. When you feel uncomfortable over handing cash, there are still other ways by which you could show gratitude. Send a gift such as chocolates, flowers or wine.

What you Asked For Versus What you Got

Should you speak up when you realize that your hair cut or the color of your hair is not what you wanted? Absolutely! But it’s important to do this within a few days and not after a month when your cut has already grown out. Always explain in a calm way. Most likely, the stylist will be asking you to come back for a gratis fix.

Chipped Nail Polish

First off, you should not start digging into your bag after a manicure. The best thing to do is to act courteous and forget all about that bratty attitude. Simply apologize for the accident and ask for a do-over. It would also be nice to give an extra tip for the do-over.

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