Permanent Waves: What to Think About First

Getting permanent waves for your new hairstyle is a big leap into the unknown, so to speak, especially when you have naturally straight hair or you have been rocking straight tresses for several years. You have to carefully consider your decision since it can be challenging to maintain permanent waves in their full glory, not to mention that going from straight to wavy to straight in a short span of time is inadvisable because of the risks of hair damage. Here are a few things that you must know and think about first before making the plunge.

Consider Your Options

With waves and curls, you have dozens of options from loose curls with a beach vibe to tight curls with an Afro-American look, as well as plenty of cuts and colors to choose from. You have to carefully consider all of your options instead of falling in love with the first hairstyle that you see in a Hollywood glamour magazine. You must keep in mind always that what may work well for a Hollywood celebrity with an army of stylists will not automatically work for you with an army of one – yourself.

You can also choose from two main types of permanent wave – the real perm that can last for up to 12 months depending on your hair type and the semi-perm that lasts for 2 months or so. You have to discuss which one is best with your stylist since you may either want to enjoy a permanent wave or to experiment with a semi-perm.

If you don’t like to change hairstyles often, your best bet is a real perm. If you change hairstyles once every two months, then a semi-perm will be the better choice since it will grow out soon enough. With the latter, you have to be prepared for the less-than-pretty straight hair growth showing through the semi-permed curls, too.

Discuss the Chemicals

Unfortunately, getting permanent waves requires the use of various chemicals and tools to achieve the desired effect. You should always discuss the costs and benefits of each type of chemicals that will be used on your tresses with your hairstylist, especially as it is your right and responsibility to take good care of your hair. You don’t want to have tresses that look like a blow-torched chicken particularly with the acids used on your hair.

Tip: Ask about the training and experience of your hairstylist in permanent waves. You should have the assurance that, indeed, he has the right knowledge and skills lest your hair becomes an experiment for newbies.  You have the right to walk away from a salon whose hairstylists have shady references, certifications, and work experiences. You can always find an easy remedy for a bad haircut but not so for a bad perm.

Get Used to It

If you have naturally straight hair, your first few days with your permed hair will require a big adjustment in your mindset and maintenance routines. You may even be shocked with the transformation in your appearance so it is always best to set realistic expectations from the first get-go.

If you are unsatisfied with the perm, you can always ask for a second job for little to no additional costs. You may also ask for additional treatments, such as a shorter cut or more layers, to make your perm more to your preference.

Hair Care for It

Furthermore, you have to carefully think about the maintenance measures to keep wavy or curly hair looking beautiful – no frizz, no fuzz, and little to no fuss. Even mist, damp weather, and sprays of water can easily turn your perfectly coiffed curly hair into a mess within seconds!

You should also remember that it will take forever, in a manner of speaking, to straighten.  Not only will it require more heat but it will also take more hours to achieve a straighter look, not to mention that too much straightening of curly hair can increase the risks of damage. Keep your hair straightening schedule to once a month to avoid it.

The hair care products for wavy or curly hair are different for straight hair for obvious reasons. You have to replace your products in the bathroom to keep your wavy tresses beautiful despite the heat and humidity. You must look for a light shampoo and conditioner although the bottom part of your tresses require a heavier conditioner.

You must not also use a blow-dryer on your permed hair since air-drying is the best way to avoid fluff and fuzz. While blow-drying may be faster, you will likely end up with a lion’s mane that will do nothing for your feminine beauty.

If possible, you may want to wear a wig with the permed hairstyle that you want for yourself. Think of it as a test-run, which can either push you toward or pull you away from a perm but without the long-lasting consequences.

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