Easy Ways to Take Care of Permed Hair

Remember the courtroom scene in Legally Blonde where Reese Witherspoon’s character won the case because of her knowledge about post-perm care? Yes, we have to say that it’s among the best hair care-related film scenes we’ve seen! Plus, Elle’s knowledge about proper hair care will definitely see you in good stead when you’ve had your hair permed at Hair Cuttery. 

While the hair technicians at Hair Cuttery, a chain of hair salons in the United States known for its wide range of services and excellent customer service, know what they’re doing, you may not. Yes, you will also be informed about the dos and don’ts of post-perm hair care but it’s also important to know the basics. 

Here are the must-know post-perm care basics. You never know when these factoids can come to your rescue.

Avoid Getting Your Hair Wet 

In Legally Blonde, Elle caught her client’s stepdaughter lying about being in the shower when the latter said that she went for her regular perm. Why? Because as anybody who’s had, say, 38 perms in her life should know that getting your hair wet 48 hours after a perm treatment is a big no-no! 

Getting in the shower less than 48 hours after a perm will effectively dissipate the chemicals in the perm solution resulting in limp hair. The water will weigh down on your crown area resulting in relaxed curls and so there goes your perm. 

In fact, you should avoid showering and shampooing your hair for 48 to 72 hours after a perm. You can wet your hair, of course, but do so with a spray bottle and only sparingly. 

But that’s not all! You should also avoid getting into hot tubs and swimming pools for seven days after a perm.  Don’t even think about going in with your hair covered by a shower cap, not even when you don’t intend to get your hair wet. The chemicals in pools and the heat from hot tubs will adversely affect your perm, even relaxing the curls.  

Avoid the Use of Hair Styling Products and Tools, Too 

Your hair has been subjected to the chemicals in the perm solutions as it is. You shouldn’t subject it to more chemicals and tools since these will likely damage it, and burnt hair isn’t something that you want on your head. 

  • Don’t pull on your hair or brush it for 24 to 48 hours after a perm. You can untangle the knots and kinks using a wide-toothed comb or pick instead but avoid pulling on your hair.  
  • Don’t use any hair care tools, such as a curling iron, a flat iron and a blow dryer for the next 48 hours. Otherwise, your curls will relax since the heat opens up your hair’s cuticles. If you want to dry your hair for any reason, you should instead use the towel scrunching method.  
  • Don’t color your hair for 2 to 4 weeks. You should tell your hair technician, too, about your perm – when and where you had it done – before requesting for a coloring treatment. Your hair has already been exposed to chemicals during a perm so it makes sense to let it rest.  

Your hair technician should tell you these things. But if he didn’t tell you, then you know now. 

Tips on Post-perm Hair Care 

After the required time for a hands-off approach on your newly-permed hair, here are the easy tips you should remember to maintain your curls. 

  • Untangle your hair when it’s still wet after a shower with the use of either a wide-toothed comb or a pick. 
  • Avoid frequent brushing or running your fingers through your curls unless you want to create bigger hair. Frequent brushing can separate the curls resulting in fluffy hair reminiscent of the 80s. 
  • Apply either a curl fixative or a texture spray on your hair to keep your curls as defined and tight for a longer period. 
  • Always use a conditioner so that your curls stay shiny and bouncy. You may also use a leave-in conditioner for all-day moisturization.  

What about styling your permed hair? You can treat your curls the way you would if you have naturally curly hair! You can use a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment to achieve a frizz-free finish, if you have long or thick hair. 

You should use a small, round brush when drying your hair if you have finer or shorter hair. This way, your hair has more volume since the brush aid in lifting up your hair from its roots.  

You can also put up your curls and you don’t have to worry about misshapen curls. This is because a perm treatment has permanent effects – unless you have it chemically straightened – so your curls are firmly locked in place. 

In a world where women have the right to decide their hairstyles, you should take advantage of it! While straight hair has its merits, you may want to consider the beauty of curls, too.

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