Nails Shapes and How to Rock It Like A Star

Want a flawless style that screams ‘atten hut!’ from head to toe? Some could speak all about clothes and shoes but, to the meticulous and the sublime, the fingernails should not be taken for granted. Most women (and some men) think, chat, think again and worry about nails. Whether short or long, fierce or simple, nails are part and parcel of a woman’s beauty regimen. So, if you are thinking of recreating a new you this fall, here are some great shapes to adore. From rockstar Pink nails to Alice in Wonderland nails, find one that suits your overall personality and rock it like it’s hot.

The Classic Round

Some women love things simple and say, outdated. Like furniture, this vintage shape is never outdated. Yes, it may sound old fashioned or perhaps, archaic to the young and the restless but this style definitely has its own benefits. Smooth rounded tips may be a thing of the past but this shape is a stronghold to behold. It is not easy to chip as it is ergonomically cut to have that “flow” with whatever you do. Durability is its middle name. If you have weak nails or you prefer keeping them short, this one is right on the dot.

Boxy Square

French tips and super-square nails seem to be the “in” thing these days. From one occasion to the next, celebrities like the Kardashian tribe, Mila Kunis and Anne Hathaway are donning their Valentinos and Dela Rentas with extremely square on square nails. But well, this particular shape attracts attention directly to the hands. Some like it cut at medium length while others prefer it long. For longer nails, a UV gel or a strong acrylic will be needed as this could easily chip at the edges. If you have laundry plans, ditch this shape or consider having a trapezoid thereafter.

Square on Round

Or round on square, you be the judge. You can actually combine both classic round and boxy square to reap all the benefits. You can have the eccentricity of the square shape and the durability cum practicality of the classic round. Keeping a square shape with a rounded top is quite easy to do. Cut your nails sides straight to resemble a box but carefully file the edges to make it rounded. You will simply cut the angular sides. This will help prevent chipping yet, preserving the elegance you want.

The Stiletto

This is Morticia Addams dancing the tango. Some call this the “witch” cut as this over-the-top long and pointy nails feel like digging to your eye sockets. Lady Gaga can rock this shape any time of day. This is also trademark Rihanna nails. Well, at some point in her life when she was still trying to rinse off her demure persona for a fiercer one. But for mere mortals, this pointy stiletto shape can make living a normal life feel like Katniss doing a hula in front of President Snow. If you have little kids, this is definitely taboo. This is a great shape for Halloween though.

Soft Round

Some call this the ultimate motherhood nail. Soft and delicate, it represents the very essence of being a Mom. It is a practical cut as you can easily wear this style anyway you dress. It also makes your finger look thinner and longer. Kick-ass women who are working on the field prefer this style, too. Just top it off with an awesome French manicure and you are good to go.


What to do when you want a square and a classic round but you want the round to be softer and more relaxed? Get an elliptical look. Oval nails may sound boring to some and can turn a finger to look fudgy but, they are definitely practical and functional. Durable like the classic round, elegant with the boxed shape, and delicate with the almond shape, you can do this on either medium or longer length to deliver a more feminine appearance.

Flight of the Imagination

This is not a shape but definitely you have seen this among various divas and actresses. Some call it nail art while others simply treat it as an eccentric way of representing the celestial self. This is where style goes wherever the wearer wants it to go. Often worn with peculiarity, this is not an easy “cut” to imitate. You would need an expert manicurist cum nail artist to get its full effect. This is no longer just any shape combo but rather an entirely new dimension in nail styling. This is no longer your rock chic Pink nails but more of a Nicki Minaj gone bad nails. From 3d acrylic decorations to stones and beads, and glitters, this is fingernail styling to the beyond. You can even turn your nails into alien-like shapes for all you care. Definitely a show-stopper but definitely not one you can wear on a daily basis.

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