Mistaken Assumptions About Eyelash Extensions and The Truth Behind Them

Semi-permanent lashes should be applied by a trained technician at Amazing Lash Studio for a good reason – these extensions require gluing by hand on top of your natural lashes, a relatively delicate procedure. This is unlike gluing temporary fake eyelashes on your lash line, a DIY procedure that can be done even by a newbie. 

While semi-permanent lashes are popular and information about them can be easily accessed, many newbies still have mistaken assumptions about them. Here are a few of them that we think we should bring attention to, as well as the truth behind them. 

Natural Lashes Can be Damaged By Eyelash Extensions 

Well, yes and no. 

There isn’t a sufficient number of evidence suggesting that eyelash extensions will actually have adverse effects on the length, thickness and overall health of natural lashes. With that being said, there’s a small risk of traction alopecia, a condition wherein the natural lashes fall out due to the weight of eyelash extensions. This is especially true for the constant or repeated applications of extensions, particularly when these aren’t suitable to the natural lashes; the best size and fit will be discussed later.  

But don’t freak out just yet. Keep in mind that because there’s a small risk that it will automatically happen in your case.

In most cases, it takes a few years of improper applications and/or aftercare of eyelash extensions for long-term damage to the natural lashes to happen. There are several mistakes that even non-newbies make with fake eyelashes, such as applying unsuitable faux lashes, using oil-based eye makeup products, and playing with the eyelash extensions (e.g., rubbing, pulling and tinting), among others. These not only result in premature wear and tear, if not damage, to the eyelash extensions but these also result in damage to the natural lashes.

To avoid such damage, you should only have semi-permanent lash extensions applied at reputable salons like Amazing Lash Studio. You must also check that the lash technician washes his/her hands between clients and wears a mask, as well as uses sanitary pillow covers, sterilized tweezers and disposable eyelash brushes. You have the right to ask and confirm these things as a client since these steps reduces the risk of disease transmission from previous clients.  

Eyelash Extensions Come in a One-size-fits-all 

Kim Kardashian-level eyelashes are great but not everybody can actually carry them, so to speak. Your natural lashes in particular and your eye structure in general may not be able to handle the eyelash extensions you want. You and your lash technician have to discuss the best type of eyelash extensions for your specific needs and wants, and it’s usually best to listen to his/her suggestion.  

Keep in mind that the type of lash extensions you can get largely depends on the strength and length of your natural lashes. Your technician will then take a look at your natural lashes and start the decision-making process from this point.

If you wear lash extensions that are too thick, too long or too heavy for your natural lashes, you’re doing your natural lashes more harm than good. You may look like Kim Kardashian, lashes-wise, but your natural lashes will likely become damaged in the long run. You should then discard the notion that lash extensions come in a single size or that you can get whatever lash extensions you fancy.

Your lash technician will consider a wide range of factors before making a suggestion about the best type of lash extensions. These factors include your bone structure and face shape as well as your natural lashes’ length, strength and type, which will be taken into consideration in the choice of lash extensions in terms of their density, length and curl. 

You should also take into account your budget. You may like mink extensions because these are softer and look more natural than synthetic ones; but the mink material means that these are also pricier.  You may, nonetheless, be able to find synthetic lash extensions that look and feel like natural lashes so ask about them.  

Makeup Is Okay During a Lash Extension Appointment 

No, and that’s a big no! You should show up to your appointment without eye makeup and with clean skin. You must wash your face with a mild cleanser before going to the clinic and let your skin breathe, especially around the eye area – no eyeliner, no eye shadow and no mascara. Absolutely none of these eye makeup products since their chemicals can interfere with the application of the lash extensions, especially where the adhesive’s efficacy is concerned.  

You can wash your face and, thus, expose your lash extensions to water within 12 to 24 hours after your appointment –and only then! Otherwise, your lash extension can literally become unglued from your natural lashes. As for heat exposure, such as in a sauna or steam room, you should wait for at least 48 hours after application to even enter one; the heat will also dissolve the adhesive.

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