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What Every Woman Must Know About Eyelash Extensions

Many women who have eyelash extensions swear by these facts. First, these products will make your eyes look more dramatic even without mascara – in fact, no amount of mascara will make your natural lashes lusher than with eyelash extensions. Second, these are relatively high maintenance, high cost, and labor intensive.

But if you’re still dead set on getting eyelash extensions, you should choose reliable professionals who have the necessary training on their application. We highly recommend Amazing Lash Studio, a chain of salons that offer a wide range of eyelash extension services and deliver the best results.

Here are the things that you should keep in mind before, during and after getting your eyelash extensions.

Customized Extensions Are Best

The best eyelash extensions are customized so if you come into a salon and you’re offered one-size-fits all lash extensions, then you’re not getting the best, not to mention that you’re likely being shortchanged. You and the lash technician will discuss at length the best lash extensions for your eye shape, lash length, and preferences, even your lifestyle (i.e., maintenance issues), among other factors.

Keep in mind that what looked great on your friend will not exactly look great on you because of the individual differences in these factors. Most eyelash studios offer their clients a menu from which customized extensions can be made.

For example, if you have round eyes with outer corners that turn down slightly, your eyes will be more attractive with lash extensions that are longest in the center of your eyes. Cat-eye shapes aren’t exactly the best choice although these are more vamp since these can further open up your round eyes.

You may also be asked to choose from several types of materials, such as faux mink and silk; faux mink has a natural yet fluttery quality while silk tends to pop and shine more. Your lash technician will also determine the best curl type and the number of lashes that can be applied so that your lash extensions have a naturally wispy look.

The bottom line: Getting eyelash extensions isn’t exactly like getting manicures and pedicures. Be ready to spend a half-hour or so on the consultation process.

Tip: Avoid the cluster lashes, if possible, especially if you have sparse lashes. Cluster lashes, which are three hairs attached together resulting in more voluminous lashes, can weigh down and break your natural lashes.

Barefaced Is the Way to Go

You shouldn’t be wearing any type of makeup before your lash studio appointment – or in other words, showing your natural beauty is recommended if you want to enhance it with lash extensions. Even the no-makeup makeup look isn’t an exception so skip the mascara, oil-based skincare products, eye makeup and eye cream; these will interfere with the glue’s adhesive action so your lash extensions will not be surely attached to your natural lashes.

Don’t even curl your natural lashes on the day of your appointment! The reason: Curled lashes have creases at the root that makes it more difficult for a lash technician to properly apply the lash extensions.

Also, remember that lash extensions shouldn’t become wet at least 24 hours after these have been applied; the glue has to completely dry. Take a shower and wash your face before going to your appointment for this reason.

It Takes Time to Apply

If you’re thinking that your lash extension appointment will take just an hour, aside from the consultation time, then you’re mistaken. Most sessions can take up to two hours from start to finish so be sure to allot time for it.

In case of a refill, the time will be longer because the lash technician has to remove many of the old extensions, a time-intensive step. The lash technician also has to clean your lashes before the new set of extensions can be applied.

Tip: Avoid consuming caffeinated food and drinks that can cause nervousness a few hours before your appointment.  Otherwise, you may just be restless, perhaps even get twitchy eyes, during the appointment, which can become frustrating for your lash technician.

Weird Feeling Afterwards

Lash extensions may make your eyes pop, so to speak, but these feel weird when first applied for obvious reasons. You will likely take a couple of days before you can become accustomed to the feeling of wearing them but these are worth it, we promise.

But it isn’t just the weird feeling that can make your life seem just a tad different. You have to adjust the way you sleep as well as your skincare and makeup routines including:

  • Sleeping on your back; sleeping on your stomach and side can crush the lash extensions.
  • Using non-oily cosmetics, skincare and makeup products including makeup removers.
  • Avoiding the use of mascara and waterproof eye makeup including glittery eye shadows and loose powder completely.
  • Changing the way you wash your face such that your lash extensions don’t become wet in the first 24 hours.

And you have to pay extra attention to your lashes, too. You have to thoroughly clean the bottom of your eyes and top lids with distilled water and tear-free baby shampoo to remove the buildup of dust, as well as combing your lashes daily with a spoolie.

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