Keep Your New Eyelashes Gorgeous with Proper Aftercare

Getting eyelash extensions at Amazing Lash Studio is among the best beauty-related decisions you will make, mainly because eyelash extensions will draw attention to your eyes. After all, the eyes are the windows to the soul! There’s also the fact that you don’t have to spend more than necessary to make your lashes beautiful everyday – and it can take as much as 10 minutes to do so, from combing and curling to applying mascara; with eyelash extensions, there’s usually no need to apply mascara. 

But eyelash extensions also require maintenance for them to last longer and look better even without mascara applications. Don’t worry about the aftercare maintenance, nonetheless, because it’s quite easy and inexpensive. You will even be surprised that eyelash extension aftercare is similar to natural lashes care

Wait Before Water Exposure 

The most common concern among first-timers in eyelash extensions is water exposure. What will happen if these are exposed to water, especially in the shower or when washing your face?

There’s great news: Your new eyelash extensions will be just fine! But you have to give the adhesive sufficient time for the adhesive to become dry and, thus, allow the extensions to properly bind to your natural lashes. Water itself will not completely dissolve the adhesive but it’s still important to wait at least 12 hours before exposing your eyelash extensions to it (i.e., getting your new lashes wet).

After 12 hours, you can wash your face or take a bath without worrying about your new eyelash extensions falling off. But – and here’s a big but that many newbies make a mistake on – you should being in a sauna or a steam room for the first 48 hours after application.  You should then schedule your sauna or steam room session at least three days after the treatment; otherwise, your eyelash extensions will likely fall off.

Why? The adhesive used in the application of eyelash extensions doesn’t respond well to heat. Your eyelash extensions may have survived a bath or a shower but not a sauna session.

This means that you should avoid taking a shower or washing your face with warm or hot water, too. You don’t want to risk your eyelash extensions falling off just because you feel like having a warm shower or bath.  

Try to Avoid Touching

Yes, your new eyelashes are so beautiful that you can’t help but admire them from all angles, perhaps even bat your eyelashes more than you ever did before just because you can. But here’s the thing about eyelash extensions: You may be sorely tempted to touch them, even play with them, because they just look irresistible. You may even want to check whether they feel like natural hair.

Well, you should avoid touching them! You may have to change your habit of touching or rubbing your eyelashes with your fingertips, if you have such a habit. You should also be careful when drying the area around your eyes – gentle pats around the eyes are recommended but don’t dry your eyelash extensions with a towel, not even a soft one.

Never use a hairdryer, too, when drying your eyelash extensions, even when you’re in a hurry to dry them and apply a coat of mascara for extra shine and volume. Just let them dry naturally, an easy process considering that both natural and artificial lashes dry faster than hair. Plus, the heat from a hairdryer can loosen the adhesive – as previously mentioned, it’s sensitive to heat – so keep the nozzle away from your eyes.

Clean Is the Way to Go

Let your eyelash extensions breathe, so to speak, by skipping the mascara on some days. Besides, you won’t need mascara as much as before since your eyelash extensions are already lush in appearance; mascara’s main purpose is to make natural lashes look thicker and longer and, thus, lusher. 

This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t wear eye makeup. Of course, you can but the trick is choosing the right products since it’s also easy for your eyes to become infected.

Let’s start with mascara since it’s the most common eyelash makeup. You may still want more volume with your eyelash extensions and we can’t blame you either. Just be sure to use a mascara especially designed for use on eyelash extensions; standard mascara can also be used but it may not deliver the same result as a specialty mascara.

As for eye shadow and eyeliner, you should stick to water-based products only. You should also use a water-based cleanser to prolong the life of your new eyelash extension.

Most important, you should avoid interfering with your eyelash extensions and just let them be. This means no perming and curling since both will likely damage the lashes, if not cause them to fall out.  You should even let the colors be so no tinting either.

With proper aftercare, your eyelash extensions should have an extended life. But when they look limper than they should be, don’t hesitate to go back to Amazing Lash Studio for another treatment.

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