10 Hairstyles That Are Great for Frizzy Hair

When it comes to having frizzy hair, most experts advise on how to tame it. You’re most likely told to use smoothing shampoo and conditioner, apply an anti-frizz hair serum, flat iron your hair, and top it all up with hairspray to flatten all the loose strands. After two hours of high temperatures and unbearable humidity, you’ll find yourself with big hair once again, your entire morning routine thrown out of the window. You’ll most likely succumb to pulling your hair up in a ponytail or bun and call it a day.

But with the times changing, more and more women are now embracing their frizzy manes. So, instead of working hard to make your hair smooth and stick straight, why not try these hairstyles and embrace your frizzy locks?

The Tousled Bob

Want to cut your hair short but scared of the unwanted volume? Take some cues from Karlie Kloss’ bed head. Getting short, layered, with uneven fringes haircut is great for those with frizzy mane as it will frame your face nicely and play up the volume of your hair. Working with a good hairstylist from Fantastic Sams will help you get the perfect cut for your frizzy locks. With their experienced hair professionals’ knowledge and expertise in the field, you’re sure to get the right hairstyle in just a few snips.

Wrapped Low Ponytail

If you don’t want to part with your long locks, another great hairstyle without wrestling with frizz is a low ponytail finished with a wrap. You can either use a portion of your own hair or grab a sleek hair accessory to finish your hairstyle with some flair. It’s really easy to do and perfect for warm hectic days.

Messy Fishtail

Want an edgy look with hints of romance? Try sporting a messy fishtail hair do. Great for a girls’ night out or a nice dinner with friends, this is perfect for girls with longer hair. Make sure to pull out the braids a little loose after braiding, though, to achieve a fuller look. Also, don’t bother with the stray hair strands, just make sure to manage them to better frame your face.

The Top Knot

Great for days when you’re in between hair washes and you don’t want to touch up your hair too much, a top knot is generally a no-fuss hairstyle that anyone with long locks can pull off. You can even squeeze in some hair care time with this updo by applying some oil at the tips of your hair before pulling it up in a bun. Just make sure to skip the hairspray so your frizz can do their own thing.

The Side Braid

Gunning for a romantic look for a date night with your significant other? A loose side braid is the perfect hairstyle for the occasion. It looks sexy and ultra feminine, so you’re sure to sweep your guy off his feet with this look. Pair it with a dainty outfit and sweet makeup and you’re set for a lovely evening.

Oversized Cornrows

Busy day ahead? Pull up your hair in huge cornrows and call it a day. It’s fuss free and won’t let your hair fall to your face the entire day, so no need to fix and retouch by lunchtime.

Beach Waves

Who said frizzy haired gals can’t let their hair down? Beach waves are in fashion right now so don’t fear and just let your hair do it’s thing. You can also use some sea salt spray to better define your waves and add body to your hair.

Messy Ponytail

Possibly the easiest hairstyle in the bunch, all you need to do here is to spritz some sea salt spray on your hair, pull it up in a nice ponytail, take out some fringes, and you’re good to go. If you don’t have natural curls, you can use a curling iron to create loose waves.

Braided Crown

For an updo that you can sport on holiday parties and weddings, the braided crown is a great choice. Even if it gets windswept and messy or if your stray baby hairs start to stick out, it’ll still look nice and romantic.

Chunky Ponytail Braid

Also commonly referred to as a beach ponytail, this hairstyle will let you easily sport a braid without requiring any complicated skills to have your hair up. All you need to do is pull your locks up into a ponytail and then braid the loose strands together. This style is also pretty versatile, so you can wear it day in and day out.

When sporting any of these hairstyles, make sure to finish your look with makeup that’s on point so you’ll look and feel more put together. Of course, the right outfit is also key so your co-workers won’t think that you’ve just literally rolled out of bed. Defining your frizz is also essential, so make sure to use the right hair products to control the frizz and make its volume and body work to your advantage.

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