Paul Mitchell Salon Revolutionizes Hair Care

Paul Mitchell tried his hand at silversmithing but later decided to shift to hairdressing. At 18, Paul already won various international hairdressing competitions before joining Vidal Sassoon. In 1967, Paul decided to be part of the Crimpers Salon. Vidal introduced modern haircutting but it was Paul who started the fashionable wash-and-wear haircut.

Paul introduced other innovations such as the “shag” look which hit the 70s like wildfire. This hairstyle embraced the hippie movement as it addressed lots of lifestyle changes. In 1976, Paul travelled to Hawaii and discovered the importance of Awapuhi. It has a special plant with moisturizing and cleansing properties as well as a distinctive smell.

Together with his partner, John Paul DeJoria, Paul created the Awapuhi solar-powered Farm in Hawaii to produce all precious ingredients in the most natural weather condition. The setup reflected the local origin of the plant and helped in safeguarding the environment.

Revolutionizing the Art of Hairdressing

Paul Mitchell effectively revolutionized hairdressing using his unparalleled talent and creative eye. This expert was the visionary behind hair sculpting and played a vital role in liberating women from using hair rollers. He simply took this industry by storm when he introduced hair products that feature Hawaiian awapuhi ginger.

At the height of Paul’s career, his styles appeared on the covers of various leading magazines and used by famous models, actresses and editors. His works are still celebrated to this date and his legend continues to live on throughout the company and the works of John Paul DeJoria, his business partner and Angus, his son.

Corporate Values

For this saloon, producing top notch, professional hair care services isn’t enough. Paul Mitchell will always be dedicated to making men and women all over the world look their best. It’s the very first professional beauty business to stand up against using animals for testing purposes. Paul Mitchell’s charitable efforts are aimed to setting the right standards in the industry. The commitment to care for people as well as the planet remains to be the driving force in all things that the company does.

Leaders in the Industry

Some things never change. Co-founder Paul Mitchell, Co-owner Angus Mitchell and Board Chairman John Paul DeJoria steer the business in accordance with its original vision. In spite of several offers from different public corporations to sell the company, they refused because of the initial vow to remain in the professional beauty industry. This company’s founders remain to be one of the most respected and recognized names in the business.

The Ultimate Color Repair

This is a special three-part system which includes shampoo, conditioner plus treatment. It harnesses or improves the reparative powers of quinoa so as to keep your hair color vibrant even up to nine weeks. It can also work miracles especially for color-treated hair. You hair can be kept healthy in many ways.

Ultimate color repair prevents breakage by 88 percent, prevents thermal damage by 86 percent and increases shine by 59 percent. With this particular hair-care system, the longevity of your hair color is minimized by 3 leading factors: ultraviolet exposure, thermal styling and frequent shampooing. It was created to safeguard one’s hair through the use of quinoa and its rich amino acids.

In addition, there are several scientifically proven ingredients which penetrate deeply into the follicles. The amino acid bonds like magnet, locking in hair color and at the same time creating a protective shield which safeguards your locks from inside out.

The New Neuro Style

This special beauty tool is akin to a magic wand. It creates curls, waves and volume as well as smoothes out styles. This style is a must-have for one who’s both beauty and hair obsessed. Unlike the normal smoothing iron, Neuro Style’s contoured shape makes it possible to create waves, beautiful curls and volume without crimps or odd kinks. With numerous styling alternatives available, it’s important for a client to visit a saloon that can provide the latest in hair fashion.

Why Customers Love Paul Mitchell Salons

Everyone in the salon exerted effort to help one another so as to provide the right effect that the client wants. You come in as a woman; you leave the salon as a queen. This is how amazing Paul Mitchell salon is. They can also turn a very bad hair day into one that’s good for a magazine cover.

When a customer walks in, the hair experts were able to handle the job well. One thing that most clients appreciate about Paul Mitchell is the honesty of its stylists. Various options were suggested and they courteously asked the client which style is preferred.

For those who haven’t had a real haircut in a very long time, you should visit this salon. You can have your bangs trimmed or redone by an absolute and phenomenal hair pro. Rest assured that all the hair stylists at Paul Mitchell are both professional and cordial. You’ll be in safe hands every time you enter the salon.

Some salons that use Paul Mitchell products include Salon Lofts, Sport Clips, and Supercuts. To locate more salons near you that use Paul Mitchell products, use their salon locator tool.

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