Go Beyond The Usual Nail Polish

We all know nail polish as the colorless and colored lacquer applied on top of nails to beautify them, usually by adding color and shine to them. We know, too, of the solid-colored nail polish in the colors of the rainbow – and everything else in between – that allow for nail art, whether you prefer the white-tipped French manicure or the multicolored nail art at Regal Nails.

But did you know that we also have unusual nail polish types? Yes, indeed, we have! Many of these nail polish products are weird while others are wonderful, especially if you’re the nail-biting type. (We strongly advise against nail-biting, however, as it’s among the leading causes of nail damage.)

Here are a few unusual nail polish that we think will become a conversation starter, if not become your next favorite manicure products! 

Prosecco Nail Polish

And it isn’t just edible – it has a prosecco flavor, too! Created by Groupon UK, the Prosecco-flavored edible nail polish contains – wait for it – real Prosecco, an Italian wine made specifically from Glera grapes and available in sparkling wine (spumante), semi-sparkling wine (frizzante), and still wine (tranquillo). With its shimmery gold shade, the nail polish will definitely blend well with festive occasions and outfits of the day.

Since it contains real Prosecco, it actually smells and tastes like it, too. You can smell the crisp aromas of yellow apple, white peach, pear, and apricot as soon as you open the bottle, too. With your eyes closed, you may even think that you’re actually holding a glass of Prosecco although there’s definitely the underlying smell of conventional nail polish. 

The Prosecco-flavored nail polish can also be eaten – or at least, it’s a lick-able polish that has a fun flavor without the hangover. Plus, it contains zero calories, if you’re worried about your calorie intake when you become addicted to licking the nail polish off your nails.

But you better not! You should even have second thoughts about licking it because it still contains the usual ingredients in nail polish including sodium saccharin, propylene glycol, and potassium aluminum silicate. Furthermore, the manufacturer also warms that it’s extremely flammable and it shouldn’t be consumed as a beverage (i.e., DO NOT DRINK).

If you’re a nail-biter – hey, no judgment here! – you may find it a good option to the regular nail polish. At least, you will have something more palatable to nibble on. 

Sugar Caviar Nail Polish

Let’s face it. The smell of traditional nail polish can be a real turn-off. But with the Caviar Manicure nail polish set, you won’t have to endure it anymore!

There are three flavors in the set. First, the Lemon Fizz Caviar has a sweet soda aroma characterized by the lush yet acidic fragrance of lemon complemented by the brightness of fuchsia. Second, the Tuttie Frutti Caviar evokes childhood memories of being in an ice cream shop filled with sugar cones, delectable gelatos, and sweet toppings. Third, the Cotton Candy Caviar bringing back memories of fun in the fairground with its candy cane colors and pink-and-silver sprinkles.

Your multicolored nails will surely be the talk of the town, so to speak, and you will just want to make fab flourishes with your hands to draw attention to them. You will agree that there’s something fun and funny about having multicolored, polka-dotted nails on a sophisticated woman, too. You can even share it with your teenaged and tween daughters, if you have them. 

Plus, we love the beaded texture! It gives us something to play with when we’re bored. 

Kale-infused Nail Polish

Yet another edible nail polish is the NailKale, a kale-infused product. Nope, you can’t drink an entire bottle to justify that it’s made of a super-food vegetable – it is still nail polish. But you can have a little laugh over getting a manicure with a kale-infused nail polish to boot. 

Scented Nail Polish

Why settle for the chemical scent of regular nail polish when you can scented ones? Yes, you can ask the nail staff if the salon has Revlon’s Parfumerie nail polish and request for it. You will love that the line of nail enamel comes in a wide range of scents including tropical rain, lavender soap, and balsam fir; no, we don’t know what the tropical rain nail polish actually smells like but we can surmise that it evokes the smell of flowers after a tropical rain.

Mood-Changing Nail Polish

It’s often said that a woman’s nail color signifies her personality in general and her mood in particular. But what if the nail polish actually changes color based on your mood? Yes, it would be great and, yes, there’s actually a mood-changing nail polish now!

Actually, the nail enamel doesn’t change color based on your mood – it isn’t a psychic or something similar. Instead, it changes color depending on your body temperature.  Of course, the conventional nail polish is still a great choice. But if you’re looking for something new, then these products will be right up your alley.

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