How to Tame Your Thick Hair Like Selena Gomez

Long, smooth and silky locks are something many women desire to have. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with this. A good number of women are born with naturally thick hair. While this can be a good thing since there is no need to worry about thinning and hair loss, it can also be a problem.

Managing thick hair can be difficult because it tends to be frizzy. Styling can be difficult as well because of the weight and bushiness. If you’ve got hair like Selena Gomez, here’s how you can manage thick hair more effectively.

1. Start with The Basic

Before you start worrying about tools and techniques to use to manage thick hair, it’s important that you get down to the basics. The shampoo and conditioner which you use can play a big role in how manageable your hair is. Generally, you want to have enough moisture in your hair, because this can help smoothen out hair. Dry hair tends to be frizzy and even thicker.

If your hair does not tend to get oily easily consider shampooing it every other day. In case washing daily is a must for you, then look for a shampoo that is hydrating or moisturizing. Glycerin based shampoos are usually a good choice since these can hydrate from the roots.

2. Don’t Skip The Conditioner

Thick hair tends to be heavy and many women skip conditioning because they feel like this weighs the hair down more. Conditioner can be very important for thick hair because it adds to moisture, smooths it out and makes it more manageable in general.

To avoid having heavy and weighed down hair make sure that you apply conditioner properly. This should be put on the tips and strands of the hair, away from the roots. Weighing down happens when conditioner gets built up on the roots and scalp. Also, do make sure that you rinse it off properly to avoid any product residue.

3. Hold The Heat

Although heat is often used for styling hair, it may not be the best option if you have thick hair. Exposure to heat can cause dehydration which will lead to frizzing and only add to the volume. Also, drying and styling with heat can give hair extra lift and bounce making it appear even thicker.

As much as possible to try air drying your hair so that it does not get any added volume. If you do not have the time to let it air dry and must use a dryer, make sure that you adjust your heat settings to low or use a cold setting. In case you want to use heat, a diffuser should help tame your mane down. Don’t forget to use a heat protecting product to prevent any damage.

4. Work While It’s Wet

Since moisture is essential in being able to handle thick hair properly working while it is wet can be beneficial. Comb through your hair gently while it is wet to get tangles and frizz out. If you are planning on styling it, allow it to dry partially and put your look together while it is damp. This way you don’t need to deal with unruly strands.

5. Trim It

Regular salon visits to salons such as Ulta Salon or Kimble Hair Studio will not just keep your hair healthy, but also prevent split ends from setting in. This can also make thick hair a lot more manageable. For those who would rather skip the hassle of air drying, styling and more, a regular trim will help greatly. Ask your hair dresser to thin down your locks so that it becomes instantly sleeker. Don’t worry, even if your strands are thinned out, this will not necessarily affect the length of your hair.

6. Use a Taming Serum or Cream

Thick hair can still become unruly even with the use of the right techniques for handling it. This usually happens when hair becomes exposed to heat from sunlight or even winter weather. A taming serum or cream can help keep hair from acting up. These can be applied after styling and just before stepping out.

Be careful how much you use because a little will go a long way. Too much of these products will make your hair look and feel oily. Add a few drops or a small dollop and rub these between your hands before patting your hair down with it.

7. Embrace The Volume

If you’ve ever paid close attention to Selena Gomez’s hairstyles you’ll notice that she doesn’t always go all out on getting sleek hair. In fact, many times she just works with the volume and thickness her hair has. This is a great option if you are on the go or want something low maintenance. If your thick hair has natural waves or curls, just run a comb through it and apply some taming serum while letting it air dry.

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