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Updated: February 21, 2024

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Kimble Hair studio’s Founder and President is Miss Kim Kimble who is now a famous and respected beauty stylist because she considered her education and dedication as tools to achieve her dreams. She is also a successful entrepreneur of her own brand, Kim Kimble. She got her license from the Universal College of Beauty and she finished her studies in 1990. She considers being her mother’s shampoo girl as her first job. She tells people that the ones who inspired her to pursue this profession are her role models— her mother and grandmother. She always says that being a stylist is in her blood. She states that she is a third generation stylist with her grandmother and mother being the first and second generations before her.

The following Kimble Hair Studio prices are estimates only.



Price Of Hair Varies Based On Length & Texture

Service Fee (Full)$650.00
Service Fee (Half)$400.00


Sold Per Set, Cut & Style (8 Pieces Per Set)

18"-26" (Starting Price)$400.00
Service Fee (Cut & Style)$125.00

Clip-Ins Falls

Include Cut And Style

16"-28" (Starting Price)$400.01
Service Fee (Cut & Style Secured Underneath & Apply)$150.00


20 Pieces Per Set

16"-26" (Starting Price)$175.00
Service Fee (Per Piece)$10.00

Pony Tails

18"-28" (Starting Price)$265.00
Service Fee (Blow Dry & Style)$85.00

Micro-Loop Extensions

Set Of 100 Per Count

16"-24" (Starting Price)$250.00
Service Fee (One Piece)$5.00


Silk Base Closure (Small)$250.00
Silk Base Closure (Medium)$350.00
Silk Base Closure (Large)$450.00

In Stock Wigs

Full Lace Silk Top (Starting Price)$850.01
Natural Skin Top Lace Back (Starting Price)$750.00
Skin Top / Machine Wefted Back (Starting Price)$750.00
Hair Restoration Wig (Starting Price)$1,500.00
U Part (Starting Price)$500.01
Left Part (Starting Price)$500.01
Middle Part (Starting Price)$500.01
Right Part (Starting Price)$500.01
Customized Wigs (Starting Price)$150.00
Full Customized Wigs (Price Varies)$0.00


Indian Wavy (10"-32") (Starting Price)$170.00
Indian Curly (10"-34") (Starting Price)$155.00
Relaxed Textured Blend (10"-34") (Starting Price)$155.00
Jeri Curl (10"-34") (Starting Price)$155.00
Body Curl (10"-32") (Starting Price)$155.00
Malaysian (12"-30") (Starting Price)$155.00
Kinky Curl (10"-34") (Starting Price)$155.00
Relaxed Texture (10"-34") (Starting Price)$155.00
Kinky Straight (10"-34") (Starting Price)$155.00
Afro Curl (10"-30") (Starting Price)$155.00
Body Wave (10"-34") (Starting Price)$155.00
Straight Relaxed Texture (10"-34") (Starting Price)$155.00
Deep Curl (10"-34")$155.00
Brazilian Beach Wave (12"-34") (Starting Price)$175.00
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She is very proud of being able to attend and graduate from college. She is also proud of having her license, because in this profession, so many college graduates of Beauty Schools do not pursue having their licenses. She also lists having her own studio and becoming a celebrity stylist as her accomplishments. Aside from those, she thinks that being able to establish her own Kim Kimble brand of salons, hair products and hair extensions as her milestones in her career.

Kim Kimble’s big break came when she was chosen by Beyonce’s mother to be the stylist for her daughter. She was very humbled by this wonderful honor and many people now know her as a celebrity stylist.

She thinks of this advice as her guiding principle ” 20 percent of success is your skill; 80 percent is your attitude.” That is why she always tells her staff to “hone your skills, and always be open to learn.”

About the Company

Located at Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, California, Kimble Hair Studio is the salon of choice of many celebrities. It prides itself by having highly trained and licensed hair stylists and had a long time of service. They are well-verse with different techniques and different kinds of hairs. The company’s motto is “Great hair = Confidence.”

Unique Selling Point

Kimble Hair Studio is serious in running this business. Kimble Hair Studio makes sure that it will meet its clients’ expectations. Kimble Hair Studio is known to give clients what they deserve best. To be able to achieve this goal, the hair studio lets their clients call before hand to schedule a personalized and tailored consultation. This lets the client feel that they are well-thought off by their stylists and that the stylists are really doing their job of letting their beauty shine.

With a more personal service, the real needs of Kim Hair Studio’s clients are discussed and their needs are prioritized. Whether they are looking for a great haircut to suit their face’s shape or a weave that they will wear, Kim Hair studio is always up for the challenge.

For this type of consultation, the service is then added to the next service that the clients chooses.

Services Offered

Kimble Hair Studio offers various services for various hair styling needs. Whether you want to look classy, chic, romantic or carefree, Kim Hair Studio can give it to you with flying colors. You can choose from several styles. Wet sets range from Basic Sets to Spiral. It also offers Natural styling like Locs, Twists, Corn Rows and Bantu Knots. Kim Hair Studio also offers Hair Color ranging from lowlights, highlights, Brazilian Sunkiss and Corrective Color. Haircuts include basic ones to designer cuts. Hair Relaxer service maybe availed for retouching Keratin treatment.

Kimble Hair Studio also offers Hair Restoration Wigs. Hair Enhancements include braids, and weaves. Event Styling, VIP Treatment Package, Wedding, Consultation and Membership Package are also offered here in Kim Hair Studio.

Why Customers Love Them

Many fans reviewed Kim Hair Studio’s services on the website called Yelp so that their friends may also be encouraged to try this salon. Here are the customers’ reviews posted on the site.

Stacye B. proudly exclaimed “ I am a Fan!” She stated that it was how she felt from the moment she walked in. She further shared her story of having her weave done in the studio. Stacye B. even remarked that “I have never has such beautiful work done.” She was very happy of the compliments she received everywhere she went. She even stated that she would not go anywhere else.

Another customer whose name is Brooke H. also praised Kim Kimble Hair Studio. She said, “ I had a great experience at Kim Kimble hair studio!” She also had nice words to say about her receptionist named Pleasant. She said that Pleasant is a wonderful stylist and that her hair turned out “ FAAAAAAAAAB”. She was so pleased that she told her friends that Pleasant will do her weave all the time. She also said that the weaves have good quality and that you get your price for them.

From these reviews, it is clear that many customers like the services Kim Hair Studio provides, especially the staff’s skills, professionalism and friendliness.

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