The Good and Bad of Hair Rebonding

Hair rebonding can beautifully transform your hair. If you want your mane to be straight, sleek and shiny, you may be considering of getting this treatment. But before you do so, it’s important to be aware of the pros and cons of this procedure. Most salons, including Great Clips and Regis Salons don’t offer this treatment. However, you can buy hair rebonding products on Amazon.

What Is Hair Rebonding?

Hair rebonding is basically a chemical procedure that changes the natural texture of your hair. It involves the breaking of the hair’s natural bonds chemically to give your hair a new appearance turning frizzy hair into a straight one.

Our hair is made up of proteins connected by disulphide bonds which determine the structure of the hair – straight, coily, curly or wavy. With hair rebonding, the bonds are relaxed in order to be restructured.

What Products and Tools are Used in Rebonding the Hair?

The following will be needed:

  • Blow dryer
  • Mild shampoo
  • Hair iron
  • Straightening brush
  • Steamer
  • Relaxant
  • Neutralizer
  • Keratin
  • Hair serum

Hair Rebonding Procedure

The first step is to shampoo the hair and scalp to remove any oils and particles. Shampooing prepares the hair for the 3-8 hours of treatment that will take place. After, towel-dry the hair and then blow-dry.

The hair will then be divided into several sections and then coated with a relaxant. When applying the product, it’s important that the hair is kept straight at all times. Using plastic boards will come in handy for this step.

The cream needs to be absorbed by the strands so leave it on your hair for half an hour. If hair is extremely frizzy or curly, it may need to stay a bit longer.

The hair then needs to be steamed for 30 minutes and then rinsed. Afterwards, it will be dried using a hairdryer.

Once dry, apply keratin lotion to the hair and then divided it again in sections. Apply the neutralizer to each section to stabilize the newly structured bonds. Leave the product on the hair for half an hour and then rinse thoroughly.

Once dry (using a hair dryer), apply keratin serum and then start ironing the hair using the hair iron. After this step is done, your hair should appear silky straight.

Hair Rebonding Side Effects

Chemical hair treatments always have side effects, such as dryness, hair damage, and hair breakage. However, some products may have harsh chemicals which lead to more severe effects. When choosing a hair rebonding product, steer clear from those products that contain formaldehyde.

1. It could damage the hair.

Hair rebonding may cause breakage in the hair and the chemicals used for this procedure can also irritate the scalp.

2. You may need touch ups.

The roots of your hair will need to get touch ups every 4-6 months so that it won’t have any frizz.

3. It’s high maintenance.

You will have to spend on expensive products to protect your hair from dryness and breakage.

Caring for Rebonded Hair

  1. Always follow the 72-hour rule which means you can’t wet your hair for 3 days. You also can’t use hair ties or hair pins.
  2. Condition your hair after washing. You should also use shampoo designed to keep hair straight.
  3. Oil your hair regularly to nourish it and keep it from drying.
  4. Avoid heat. This means staying away from direct sunlight and also setting your hair dryer to cool mode.
  5. Wash your hair every other day to retain its moisture.
  6. Lastly trim your hair every 8 weeks to prevent damage in the hair tips.


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