Hair Color: How to Decide and Where to Have It Done

It is amazing how people can reinvent themselves over and over again in the course of a lifetime, not only in terms of personality, but actual physical changes that can project an entirely different person.

One of the major changes that you can effect is with regards to your crowning glory; your hair. Hair color which was formerly only determined by genetics and race can now be manipulated to any desired color and shades within the boundaries of artistic creativity.

Though there are no set rules in producing the best blends of personality and hair color, there are some common grounds which can help you decide on what hair color will fit you best.

Skin Tone

Skin tone plays a very important role in your decision for your next hair color.

Basically, your skin tone is the framework to your hair. So, you want to make sure they complement each other.

From a distance, all that can really be seen is this color blend. From a distance, your beauty will only be determined on how the color of your hair blends with the color of your skin.

Discover you Skin Tone

The first thing to do before choosing a hair color is to determine your skin tone.

To discover your skin tone, stand in a natural light, wearing neutral or white colored clothing. Use a hand mirror and look at the reflection of your face. You should not be wearing make-up so you can see your natural skin tone.

Observe the tone and hue of your skin. Does your skin have warm, yellow or reddish tones? Or, do you have cool, neutral or pinkish tones.

A person may have several skin tones in different parts of the body. Since the face is the closet to the hair, you have to focus on this area.

Hair Color and Skin Tone

The stronger the contrast between your hair color and skin tone, the more dramatic your overall look will appear.

As a general rule, hair color should be of a darker shade than the skin tone. A lighter colored hair over a dark skin tone will look unnatural so, fewer people go for this combination.

However, the concept of unnatural could be a preference that is why so many are going against this common concept.

Eye Color

Another factor to consider in choosing your new hair color is the color of your eyes.

Black eyes go very well with black hair no matter what’s your skin tone. Blue eyes don’t go very with black hair but will better off with any shades of blonde. Brown eyes go very well with a brunette and any dark shades. Green and violet eyes will go well with any color.


Another thing to consider is the color of your eyebrows.

The hair and the eyebrows usually go hand in hand like the curtains and drapes. But, don’t get the idea that you should dye your eyebrows along with your hair.

Blonde hair doesn’t go well with black eyebrows. Blondes usually have brown eyebrows or lighter shades of it. Black hair and black eyebrows are perfect whether on a man or a woman. Brunette can go with any eyebrow color.


You should always adjust your make-up when you make dramatic or subtle changes to your hair color.

If you make a big change in your hair color shade, you also may want to change your foundation color and eye makeup. If your change is subtle, you could adjust with a new blush or bronzer to complement your new hair color.

Home or Salon

While hair dyes are sold in most hair care shops for home use, it is still best to have your hair re-coloring done in a salon by a professional stylist so you can get exactly what you want.

The color that appears on the hair dye box is not the exact color which your hair will end up with.

While people with blonde hair can easily dye their hair into any darker shades, people with dark hair won’t have it as easy.

The dye will blend with your current hair color and the net effect will be the combination. It will be lighter than the original dark hair color but, darker than what appears on the hair dye box.

A professional hairstylist, such as one at Ulta Salon, will be in the best position to tell you the extent of what can be done to your hair and what procedure you will have to go through in order to achieve the desired results.

Professional hairstylists can also provide you with suggestions and show you some examples so that you can be sure of what you are asking for.

Re-inventing yourself through a change in hair color is entirely your business but, it is best to have it done by a professional so you’ll get exactly what you want.

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